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I don't think it should take a head inju

It should not take a head injury

*after personally sustaining a head injury & coma*

to figure this out...









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*(utilizing articles discussing facts)*

By:  Susan MeeLing

Just a teeny tiny thought, in a metaphor

This month I will be driving from Texas to go to Washington state to pick up the last two artwork pieces from my Medal of Honor Art Project thus far, to take where I need to get them to. Due to the fact they are the largest artwork pieces I had completed during the times from 2014 through 2018, I know the size of the two pieces will need more room than the vehicle I have currently and thus I have squared away as necessary. I look forward to being able to go out to where I need to in order to pick them up, stop along the way where I choose to as I know where I want to go; and then I will return the vehicle where it needs to get taken back to, after everything is completed and done. I look forward to getting on the road and being able to be out and about as I had been at the time of my Medal of Honor art Project trips, and hopefully the ability to get the Medal of Honor Art Project to teach others how to do correctly will be able to take hold soon. As I have already contacted various branches and divisions of law enforcement and military throughout the United States of America in reference to several other aspects in regards of other points, in different reasoning for such; I hope that the trip will be safe both there and back, as well as the Artwork pieces be well recieved, as I had hoped when I began my Medal of Honor Art Project.

Though I had dropped off many of the Artwork pieces at night for the majority of them not because of shame but because of wanting the Artwork to be a good surprise for the individuals of the various locations of the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, and Veterans of Foreign Wars; there had been a few which I had given over during the daytime, well before the drop offs began in the evening. As the majority of the drop-offs were also during a pickup session for my Medal of Honor Art Project, had been the only reason as to why some of the pieces were taken where they needed to go, in the evening hours. While some may have had a misconception, I had never been ashamed of my Medal of Honor Art Project; however I also had not wanted to take away, from what each Medal of Honor recipient of the individuals in regards of the artwork made from the rubbings had accomplished. I chose not to have a big signature as a normal artist usually does, because of the same reason; thus, I put my signature in different locations within the artwork pieces, and with a well trained set of eyes, the ability to find my signatures where I put them can be found in person.

Possibly some could see both literally and figuratively the metaphor in my Medal of Honor Art Project in reference of my signatures in regards of though the artwork pieces are the sizes they are completed just by me, the signatures hidden metaphorically representing the amount of individuals who are or are not known for their particular sacrifices in a larger aspect of the United States of America's Armed Forces. While some individuals are known for their actions in certain situations, there are many situations even of the most well known individual of which only those who were there know of the fullest extents. For example in the reference of Audie Murphy since I am currently writing this journal blog in the state of Texas, there are many specifics which are known as to what he had done; however there are also many aspects of which, are not known in an overall sort of way.

Though individuals such as I refer to as cutie patootie Navy SEAL (Rob O'Niel) is known for killing Osama Bin Laden, I would guesstimate the majority of the various training and specific actions throughout various situations during military efforts for the United States of America are not as well known to a larger group of individuals. In the reference of who I refer to as cutie patootie dreamy Marine (Johnny Joey Jones apparently is his name), he is known for overcoming an explosive device which caused him physical harm as well as loss of some of his fellow members of the USMC. In such a similar reference I would guesstimate there are many actions of his that more do not necessarily know of in comparison, and thus such is available to see if looking in the correct places comparatively. In one final reference for such of Leroy Petry the Medal of Honor recipient I received a coin from when in Lakewood Washington, I would guesstimate he is mainly known for such a honorous valor medal; though many of the other aspects of which he had done during his time in the United States of America's Armed Forces Army branch, are not as well known in comparison.

Thus in reference to my choice to have little Faery sized signatures hidden throughout the artwork pieces of my Medal of Honor Art Project metaphorically, might make a bit more sense beyond what I have explained previously in regards of making sure the Medal of Honor recipients had been the primary focus in regards of my artwork. In such taking the individual artwork pieces to the veteran locations a similar metaphor, as the aspects of which many of this generation have not necessarily known or paid attention to the individuals throughout the various aspects of veteran communities for the United States of America's Armed Forces. The importance of the groups as well as individuals which make up the groups, have not always been as pronounced as I felt they needed to be recognized more. For example in such while there are some well known individuals thorughout various media groups who are known for what they do daily, how many individuals have not necessarily been known for their time when in active duty/national guard/reserve status? "Whether by choice or because of other aspects in not the point, though for the metaphor in reference of such endeavors in regards of my Medal of Honor Art Project; you never know who you are speaking with who may have a closer connection to a military/law enforcement/fire department/emergency medical services branch than you know simply by looking at them or of what they are mainly known for.

The same can be said in reference to political party affiliation, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, spirituality, and etcetera. Though these two Medal of Honor Artwork pieces are not the ones I will be picking up, I feel at this moment in time the ideal aspect for the quote thereof.

After the head injury caused a coma while I learned how to deal with the headaches, migraines, cognitive disorders, memory problems, and other medical conditions I went from College Algebra with Trigonometry & Calculus down to 2nd grade math.  Here is how logic works for someone like me::

~  It took awhile for the doctor's recommendation to use sticky notes, to help remember.

~  It took several months to realize sticky notes moved, let alone to remember to speak with the doctor.

~  After I finally remembered to ask the doctor about the note problem, notebooks were recommended.

~  When I could remember to pick up a notebook, it took a long time to learn similar to sticky notes, notebooks are not always where they were placed.

~  After I was able to organize the notebooks over several months I still had not learned notebooks are not always readily available, at the necessary time.

~  When I remembered to speak with the doctor about the notebook problem the doctor had few other suggestions, to assist memories better.

~  After several events and adding up sticky note and notebook location problems, I realized my skin goes everywhere I do.

~  Wanting my tattoos to only be for me and not for public consumption I started the ink on my legs, able to hide easier.

~  It would not be until many tattoos and several years later I would realize my memory problems were usually not as bad when wearing shorts, capri pants, or a skirt.

~  Between 3-5 years after my first tattoo I had the first tattoo completed on my arms, and my memory has slowly progressed towards an easier memory jolt.



When I say "it should not take a head injury to figure this out" it is partially in humor from personal experiences, towards understanding.


If I can laugh at my mistakes after recognizing and dealing with them, so can you.


You have the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom I lack in order to put everything together to fix the problems seen with abilities I do not have. 

Utilize the information within the blog to find genuine repairs and instead of complaining of the "hurtful" commentary, prevent the issues from reoccurring.

Then again, it should not take a head injury to figure that one out.

Do make sure to link my journal blog entry articles to yours if you refer to my works for any of your research in the slightest, for proper credit.  Thank you in advance, as I do as I request.

It should not take a head injury to figure this out because I know, you are smarter.

If there are those who find such interesting enough to research further to bring forward more information in reference to the forefront for more detailed information, as usual I request the courtesy of the same which I do in reference to how I refer to articles for reference points when writing my journal blog entries; for each one used for reference starting points, to research.


That is common sense, good etiquette, and good karma; whilst lifting others upward, in positive ways.

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The ultimate measure of an individual is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where they stand at the time of challenge and controversy.

We must reject the idea that everytime a law is broken society is guilty, rather than the law breaker. 

Freedom is never-more than one generation away, from extinction.  We do not pass freedom on through our blood stream because freedom must be fought for, protected, and handed on for the next generation to do the same.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.  Though best to be able to share in person with who matters, until that time occurs being able to see what is possible through such is a feat to notice.  One must be happy within oneself prior to being happy with another, though such can be enjoyed if living in one's own truth is as such.

If in anyway I am inaccurate about anything I have written here in this journal blog entry and/or any prior journal blog entry and/or future journal blog entry and/or factual books I wrote and/or videos I have done through my OFFICIAL YouTube Channel Reverend MeeLing, please do contact me through the contact form for the ability to clarify such details in public view fully to fix and repair to rectify the situation(s).