Year of 2009

After my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury before the end of the year I was pregnant with my son James Michael and the following year in 2001, I delivered him into the world.  Later that year I was pregnant with my daughter Lidia Louise, and I delivered my daughter the following year in 2002. I do not have all of the pictures I took of my children over the years as not all of the pictures I took or had taken were digital nor digitalized, as much as I wish I thought to do so sooner.  The pictures below are the ones I do have of my children at different places, some with other family members, a few locations we went to together, and a few where I am in the picture as usually I was taking the pictures.  I miss you James Michael and Lidia Louise, so very much.  I love you and I always have, and I always will. #letters4James #letters4Lidia

Loving you always and forever,

Love always and forever,


2009 Christmas Family Portraits

Pictures I took of my biological sister Patricia Ann Hom-Miller

with my son and my daughter

at my house in Carrollton Texas 

When it snowed in Carrollton Texas my son and my daughter playing outside in the snow at my house

At Cape Canaveral NASA in Florida

At the Coral Castle in

Homestead Florida

Medieval Times in Dallas Texas 

Time at the Boca Raton Florida Beach

At the Florida Keys for a Dolphin Excursion and some beach time

At the Miami Zoo in Florida