The Modern Day Book  By: Reverend Susan MeeLing

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After many experiences Reverend Susan MeeLing (also known as Lady Dori Belle also known as Susan MeeLing, SCUBA Diver Extraordinaire) had experienced throughout her lifetime both before as well as after the head injury on Psalm Sunday in 2000 during Basic Training at Fort Sill Oklahoma to survive, in January 2020 this new publication she authored to create as unbiased as possible view utilizing facts of her experiences with as minimal personal feelings involved despite the pain of which she has endured through; The Modern Day Book By: Reverend Susan MeeLing was compiled in hopes of assisting The United States of America's Congress and Senate and other judiciary committees to literally and legally define acts of terrorism while giving recommendations for both criminal and civil penalties.

Knowing there are various measures of which The United States of America's Congress and Senate already have worked diligently to create viable laws of which the citizens of The United States of America to follow, this book is for even the most elementary person to understand the points of which to label various actions to define to assist Homeland Security as to what actual "domestic terrorism" could be explained through various situations and scenarios as; not to discredit their vigorous work to try to label as such in an overall form and fashion, but to attempt to assist.  

In this modern era of which was changed after the attacks of 11 September 2001, this book Reverend Susan MeeLing compiled is not to cause problems for The United States of America's Congress, Senate, CIA, FBI, Pentagon, various branches and divisions of law enforcement and military, Supreme Court, or White House; but to give them as well as the various civilians of The United States of America as well as the countries with treaties around the world; a specific and definitive outlook from an array of circumstances which could assist in the defining moments of terrorism beyond looking at the bombings and plane attacks on a larger and grander scale.  Though such attacks to anyone's homeland are considered as horrific, this book lays out various measures of which events go on behind the scenes and fairly under the radar in comparison to such styles of attacks.


It is Reverend Susan MeeLing's hope to assist albeit in an unconventional way as not having legal schooling nor having been to college schooling after the Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury but having classes through SCUBA Diving and earning several accreditations both in SCUBA as well as spiritual among others in her training throughout the years, it is her hope to be able to stand along side of the various law makers when in the courts to assist with the explanations for her findings and reasonings.  Though admittedly the attempts to be as unbiased as possible were difficult when writing this book, the ability to disassociate her feelings when putting the thoughts into black and white was something she attempted and strove to accomplish for the legalities.


If The United States of America's House of Congress and/or House of Senate and/or Supreme Court and/or White House officials want to speak with Reverend Susan MeeLing for further discussions, questions, and/or further explanations; Reverend Susan MeeLing welcomes the opportunity across any political party to assist.  If any news media organizations would like to discuss through an interview of this book and/or any other books she authored as well as opinions and/or experiences, she welcomes the opportunity.  If the company owner she went through would like to meet with her to discuss options, she welcomes such an opportunity as well; including other business owners of other companies.  If other treaty nations and countries with The United States of America would like to speak with her, she welcomes the opportunity; including such branches and divisions as The United Nations and The European Union and the like.  If the various branches of The United States of America's Armed Forces would like to meet with her, she welcomes such an opportunity to discuss further ideas also.  Though such invitations are not limited to such as if a Governor and/or other elected officials and/or those who are seeing election would like to meet to discuss, Reverend Susan MeeLing welcomes the opportunities as well; whether or not she is in the district you currently are in, or seeking election.  If you would like to arrange for Susan to come and speak at a conference and/or book signing and/or reading, please contact her with your requests and arrangements.

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Brightest, of Blessings.

The Modern Day Book  By: Reverend Susan MeeLing

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