Medal of Honor Artwork Project
By Susan MeeLing
If you are interested in an official presentation of the
Medal of Honor Artwork completed by Reverend Susan MeeLing,
please use the messaging system through this website to talk about the details and requests of.

None of my Medal of Honor Artwork pieces are intended for sale, they never were, nor are they available to be sold.
No one has ever had my permission to sell my Medal of Honor Artwork pieces as they are only for charitable donations to those who have received to either give to the bloodline family, or  to display at the American Legion/Disabled American Veterans/Military Museum/Veterans Affairs/Veterans of Foreign Wars I had taken them to.

Brightest of Blessings to you, and yours.
Thank you for your time and please, enjoy your day.

air force, medal of honor, give us this day our daily bread, daily bread, forgive, forgive us of our tresspassess, tresspasses, debtors, debts, as we forgive those who, against us, lead us not to temptation, deliver us from eveil, for thine is the kingdom, for thine is the power, glory, forever, amen, so be it, prayer, by Susan MeeLing

        Over the course of time I have chosen to utilize one unforgotten skill after the head injury during my active duty service. Long before not having graduated to fully become a soldier after a head injury in basic training, I have always had an inner quirk to respect honorable actions.  The duty to this country completed by these wondrous men and one female Medal of Honor recipient, are awe-inspiring.  It is my hope to work through the rest of the fifty states to complete as many recipient memorials, as possible.  Below are the pictures, from the completed projects.


       The Medal of Honor Recipient art pieces are available only to two groups, or types of individuals. The first group of individuals who are able to receive their family member's encasing, after providing proof of relations to them. I have sent out emails asking for the caretakers for each of the burial locations, to inform the family of the availability for a piece of their family history. Should the Medal of Honor recipient not have any living family members or the family does not want this, I will donate the works to era specific Veteran Museums and Memorials.

​         Medal of Honor Recipients are individuals I will create art pieces for without charging the families, or the memorial associations.  Within the artwork of each piece contains the citations which earned each Medal of Honor recipient without change to the words in order to preserve history for if we cannot learn from the past, we are destined to repeat history in a different fashion.  More importantly it shows throughout governmental descriptions how far we have come as an American society while keeping in mind the imperfections of the past, to continue to learn from. 

          The MoH recipients are the original inspiration for my artwork and because of their admirable service to the United States of America as I believe, the service males and females already paid the ultimate price for this country.  The honor and valor within these recipients should not be forgotten, for they are a large inspiration for greatness. We need to remember to use prudence and wisdom in conjunction with temperance in moderation, while courage allows justice to prevail.


         May the valor of your ancestors be respected and honored, as they watch.  Brightest blessings, for the highest good of all.


        A special thanks to     and  among other websites with hopefully the correct information for the information, they made available for my Medal of Honor Art Project including the Congressional Medal of Honor website.




           The following Medal of Honor Artwork pages by state show the completed works beginning of the rubbing beginning the casework there at the store on 26 October 2014 and the encasements within glass began the process with McLendon's Company, and I stopped going there in for such in 2018 just before moving to a different location.  In 2020 I began have the company of Hobby Lobby doing the encasement procedure, after the first full process being completed.


If you received artwork completed by her and would like to speak with her in reference to you Medal of Honor recipient art piece, please use the message system on this website to send a message through the To Contact form.  From there a discussion can occur if you leave your phone number, for a callback.


If you received artwork from her and would like to hold a presentation ceremony, please contact her through such or if you were left her business card with her personal phone number you are welcome to contact her through that if you prefer for an arrangement immediately.

If you are interested in speaking arrangements and/or interview and/or conference and/or a larger signature on the artwork completed of the Medal of Honor recipient, please contact her immediately as she can show you where each Faery-sized signature she put into the artwork is as well for verification purposes and explain why she did so for each signature location of each artwork piece of her Medal of Honor Art Project.  If you would also like a picture of yourself with the Medal of Honor Art Project piece I created among a discussion in person, please contact for the details thereof for arrangements.

One can make a joke though my Medal of Honor Art Project is not a joke however nonetheless a joke can be made in reference of the raising of the dead in the biblical way, as at a point somewhere in either 2019 or 2020 I realized the culmination of my books and my journal blog entries along with my YouTube Channel Reverend MeeLing videos in conjunction with my modeling pictures which show my tattoos and progressions of along with my hairstyle all after my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury all of which links can be found throughout my personal website; the joke not being a joke though a joke could be of myself being God, specifically in reference of life experiences in full and having rewritten the entirety of all Holy Scriptures in the modern era for the ability for the revival of truth and genuine ways to survive to overcome and live for prosperity in sincere respect.

Though I compiled the artwork I created on my website as well as in a book,  the individual artwork pieces were not intended for sale as according to the  18 U.S. Code § 704 as well as DoD 1348.33 no one can purchase such pieces of United States of America's Military Awards and anyone who is caught selling such, can be penalized.  Hence though I did not know of the specific law at the time of beginning my Medal of Honor Art Project, why I had not sold any of the artwork pieces.  According to the law HR084.PS which discusses the penalties of Stolen Valor never at any time have I said to anyone of my own earning of a Medal of Honor as when beginning my Medal of Honor Art Project in August 2014 through to the current time of 11 September 2020, I have not been notified of earning such. 


Since I have repeatedly explained I did not graduate Basic Training thus far I have not been informed of ever being nominated for earning a Medal of Honor nor earning one, I have not ever said that I had earned a Medal of Honor.  There is only one Medal of Honor recipient Dr. Mary Edwards Walker who had not completed military Basic Training for the United States of America's Armed Forces though completed her studies for job assignment to earn a Medal of Honor during the Civil War who is also the only female Medal of Honor recipient, thus far.

As I was taught how to complete a historical and spiritual rubbing of the markers and to ensure the safety and sanctity of my artwork pieces for my Medal of Honor Art Project, I was also taught how to retract the spiritual portions of the artwork if the pieces were not sent where they should have been.  Thus if the pieces were not kept at the location intended and/or given to the family members of the particular individual family member of, the spiritual aspect of the rubbing would be voided out and that spiritual aspect would go where it needed to which would not be anywhere near the Medal of Honor Artwork piece itself.  If the piece was destroyed by those who had no right to do so, then a different aspect would occur in comparison to if the pieces were taken elsewhere.  What aspects would be involved in reference to the energetic replacement aspects is a failsafe to ensure the honesty and integrity of the spirit of the Medal of Honor award original intent was maintained in tact and in full, would affect as needed by the choices made by each individual involved.  If the pieces were sold wrongly and if taken elsewhere than where intended, then the aspects of the spiritual portion of the rubbing would be removed entirely and no portion of the spiritual aspects of would be the second upon which was decided without approval of who needed to give such approval.  The only individual with that approval portion, is me.

I have not taught anyone how to do what I do in reference of the historical and spiritual rubbings of any markers and though I have reached out to certain branches of the United States of America's government and spiritual groups in the United States of America, I have not ever taught the portions of what it would take to complete the aspects of the historical rubbing which is separate from the spiritual rubbing portion of each of my Medal of Honor Art Project pieces.  Thus no one has the capability to complete a historical and spiritual rubbing of any marker, except me.  If such were to be attempted by an untrained and inadept individual and/or group, the spiritual ramifications on earth would be of biblical proportions.  While those who have read stories about what a forgiving individual Jesus Christ had been, that is not the exact same as God.  Those who have read the Torah as well as the Old Testament know that difference, and understand the bigger aspects thereof.  Hence, prophecy I suppose.

In reference to my additional artwork as to my Dr. Mary Edwards Walker Collection there is a massive difference between the pieces of artwork as to such comparisons, as to the aspects thereof.  The intention of which is similar as to the situations regarding the work the individuals females and groups of females named as to such explanations of work as to bringing such forward as an inspiration for betterment, though are not the same as to any such portion as to the official aspects as to my Medal of Honor Art Project Artwork as to such factors of the ways as to the work thereof in such references. 

Though you can learn more, on the page for the Dr. Mary Edwards Walker Collection as to this link by clicking here:  

However if you would like to make a donation to assist my artwork for my Medal of Honor Art Project, please contact me about such.

Thank you for your time and please, enjoy your day.

Brightest of Blessings.

Password:  EndStolenValor

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