Medal of Honor Artwork Project

By Susan MeeLing

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Medal of Honor Artwork completed by Reverend Susan MeeLing,

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        Over the course of time I have chosen to utilize one unforgotten skill after the head injury during my active duty service. Long before not having graduated to fully become a soldier after a head injury in basic training, I have always had an inner quirk to respect honorable actions.  The duty to this country completed by these wondrous men and one female Medal of Honor recipient, are awe-inspiring.  It is my hope to work through the rest of the fifty states to complete as many recipient memorials, as possible.  Below are the pictures, from the completed projects.


       The Medal of Honor Recipient art pieces are available only to two groups, or types of individuals. The first group of individuals who are able to receive their family member's encasing, after providing proof of relations to them. I have sent out emails asking for the caretakers for each of the burial locations, to inform the family of the availability for a piece of their family history. Should the Medal of Honor recipient not have any living family members or the family does not want this, I will donate the works to era specific Veteran Museums and Memorials.

​         Medal of Honor Recipients are individuals I will create art pieces for without charging the families, or the memorial associations.  Within the artwork of each piece contains the citations which earned each Medal of Honor recipient without change to the words in order to preserve history for if we cannot learn from the past, we are destined to repeat history in a different fashion.  More importantly it shows throughout governmental descriptions how far we have come as an American society while keeping in mind the imperfections of the past, to continue to learn from. 

          The MoH recipients are the original inspiration for my artwork and because of their admirable service to the United States of America as I believe, the service males and females already paid the ultimate price for this country.  The honor and valor within these recipients should not be forgotten, for they are a large inspiration for greatness. We need to remember to use prudence and wisdom in conjunction with temperance in moderation, while courage allows justice to prevail.


         May the valor of your ancestors be respected and honored, as they watch.  Brightest blessings, for the highest good of all.


        A special thanks to     and  for the information, they made available.




           The following Medal of Honor Artwork pages by state show the completed works beginning of the rubbing beginning 26 October 2014 and the encasements within glass began the process with McLendon's Company, in January 2016.


If you received artwork completed by her and would like to speak with her inreference to you Medal of Honor recipient art piece, please use the message system on this website to send her a message or (360)-713-4937 to call her. 


If you received artwork from her and would like to hold a presentation ceremony, please contact her through such or if you were left her business card with her personal phone number you are welcome to contact her through that if you prefer for an arrangement immediately.

If you are interested in speaking arrangements and/or interview and/or conference and/or a larger signature on the artwork completed of the Medal of Honor recipient, please contact her immediately as she can show you where each Faery-sized signature she put into the artwork is as well for verification purposes and explain why she did so for each signature location of each artwork piece of her Medal of Honor Art Project.


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