Medal of Honor Artwork & Paintings 

By: Reverend Susan MeeLing

This book of all the artwork and paintings Reverend Susan MeeLing also known as Susan MeeLing also known as Lady Dori Belle also known as Susan MeeLing, SCUBA Diver Extraordinaire will be made available soon.  Though like the other books she has authored and published you are able to purchase your copy through Amazon however this particular book, she will offer the availability of a signed copy with an inscription mailed directly to you.  Though still awaiting the final portions of Amazon to finish the publications once completed it will be your choice whether to purchase the copy through Amazon or to purchase a signed copy, through her website.

If you are interested inviting her for an interview and/or speaking arrangement and/or book signing and/or conference for this book and/or the other books she has authored and created, please contact her through the messaging system on this website or through the phone number (360)-713-4937. 


However, if she gave you her personal cellphone number please contact her through that immediately whether or not business related.

If you want a signed copy of one or all of the books please send a message through the website, and you will be informed of what is necessary for the purchasing options.

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