Adventures of

Susan MeeLing SCUBA Diver, Extraordinaire

By: Reverend Susan MeeLing

Volumes One, Two, & Three

…available soon...

This three-part book series written by Susan about the training she put herself through and the experiences she survived, including fish species she found when at the bottom of the ocean at depths previously unimaginable for most people.  These three books will outline much information which can assist those who are interested in oceanic marine life all the way through to professional SCUBA Divers.


If you are interested inviting Susan for an interview and/or book readings and/or conferences and/or speaking arrangements and/or book signings, please use the messaging system through this website or call (360)-713-4937. 


However, if she gave you her personal contact information please use such immediately to talk to discuss these aspects and/or whatever preferences for talking points whether or not business related.

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