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Non-Fiction Books

Adventures of
Susan MeeLing SCUBA Diver, Extraordinaire
By: Reverend Susan MeeLing
Volumes One, Two, & Three
All Liberties Reserved to Susan MeeLing (legal SCUBA Diving/widow last name)

Those who are not necessarily involved in SCUBA Diving can refer to my SCUBA Diving book series as overcoming death, especially in reference to the fact of my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury during Basic Training in the United States of America's Armed Forces Army branch; though in specific the aspects of the point in regards of landing at the bottom of the Matthias Abyss where the USS/USNS Vandenberg was sunken after the training I put myself through to learn as much and as best as I could from my SCUBA Instructors.

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This three-part book series written by Susan about the training she put herself through and the experiences she survived, including fish species she found when at the bottom of the ocean at depths previously unimaginable for most people.  In the deepest area of SCUBA Diving achieved when landing at the bottom of the ocean near Cozumel, when landing at the bottom of the ocean about an hour outside from Boca Raton Florida, and when landing at the bottom of the ocean when at the area of the USS/USNS Vandenberg in the area of the Matthias Abyss to safely descend and safely ascend from each area; these three books will outline much information which can assist those who are interested in oceanic marine life,  SCUBA Divers, and non-SCUBA Divers alike.  The background image to this page is one of the pictures I took when surfacing from the bottom of the ocean from the area where the USS/USNS Vandenberg is in the Atlantic area of the ocean, within the outer limits of the Bermuda Triangle, of which the Vandenberg sits in the Matthias Abyss.


If you are interested inviting Susan for an interview and/or book readings and/or conferences and/or speaking arrangements and/or book signings, please use the messaging system through this website or through the phone number she gave you. 


However, if she gave you her personal contact information please use such immediately to talk to discuss these aspects and/or whatever preferences for talking points whether or not business related.

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