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If you want a signed copy of one or all of the books please send a message through the website, and you will be informed of what is necessary for the purchasing options.

Remember only biological aged children per the legal biological age per the book series for facts, and only proverbial per the fiction factors per fiction biological aged legal adults above the age of 21 years old biologically legally per homo-sapien-sapiens per human beings.




The Curious Children Book Series
By:  Susan MeeLing
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This early reader to adolescent book series initially was to help the author’s two children as well as all children throughout The United States of America and the world who have similar circumstances of wondering, through different parts of life. The Curious Children Book Series is open communication to assist the youth of today to learn through various means, over a range of discussion points.  Through the stories, the ability to assist through lessons can open many minds.  Hopefully this will assist to create lines of communication, to speak with children in their points of view.

Please contact through the message system on this website or through the phone number (360)-713-4937, if you are interested inviting her for a book signing and/or book reading and/or interview and/or discussion and/or conference for this book series and/or any other books she has written. 


However, if she has given you her personal phone number please contact her through that if you prefer whether or not business related.

Please use your mouse to hover over the picture of the cover of the book to follow the link to Amazon to purchase these books, and all books authored by her.

Please use the To Contact form to submit requests to hire Reverend Susan MeeLing for personal appearances for book signings, book readings, discussions, and the like immediately.

Fiction Books

To use a fictional storyline for the aspects of teaching

All Rights Reserved

This first book “Curious Children Book Series: Volume One: What is Family?” begins the storyline for Seraphina and Marshall. On their quest for understanding various challenges, the children are shown different methods while growing up.

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