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I completed the pickups for my Medal of Honor Art Project for the state of Nevada in 2017, and the drop offs of the pieces were completed in 2018.       

      Watching and listening to the news coverage of many wildfires growing throughout the west coast in the United States of America, I chose to utilize one unforgotten skill after the head injury during my active duty service. Not having graduated to fully become a soldier in the United States of America's Armed Forces in the Army branch, I have always had an inner quirk to respect honorable actions.  The duty to this country completed by these wondrous men, are awe-inspiring.  I chose to begin with the state of Washington, because it is the location named after the first President of the United States. I hope to work through the rest of the fifty states to complete as many recipient memorials, as possible.  Below are the pictures, from the completed projects.

The Medal of Honor Recipient art pieces are available only to two groups, or types of individuals. The first group of individuals who are able to receive their family member's encasing, after providing proof of relations to them. I have sent out emails asking for the caretakers for each of the burial locations, to inform the family of the availability for a piece of their family history. Should the Medal of Honor recipient not have any living family members or the family does not want this, I will donate the works to era specific Veteran Museums and Memorials.


       The honor and valor within these recipients should not be forgotten, for they are a large inspiration for greatness. We need to remember to use prudence and wisdom in conjunction with temperance in moderation, while courage allows justice to prevail.  Unable to complete all prior to fire damage or due to the cemetery being locked the following pieces are in alphabetical order, as could be completed.  The pieces will be encased within two pieces of glass material to hang against the wall and change as sought for the moment, or within a window for sunlight to illuminate through.


         If you are interested in my work for a deceased loved one please visit the Commission Artwork of my contact page and request the information for the specifics, as the pricing varies.  Medal of Honor Recipients are individuals I will create art pieces for without charging the families or the memorial associations for my Medal of Honor Artwork pieces.  The Medal of Honor recipients are the original inspiration for my artwork and because of their admirable service to the United States of America as I believe, the service males and females already paid the ultimate price for this country.

My Medal of Honor Art Project Art pieces are not for sale, nor were intended for.


         May the valor of your ancestors be respected and honored, as they watch.  Brightest blessings, for the highest good of all.


        A special thanks to

for the information they made available, to help in the research to find the markers as well as the information about each Medal of Honor recipient for my Medal of Honor Art Project, as well as for the different stops to look at to take breaks during my trips.



           The following are the completed works of the encasements within  and in an the process with McLendon's Company from 2015 through 2018, as I have had the encasement through the Hobby Lobby Company beginning in 2020 of the individual encasement of the pieces for my Medal of Honor Artwork.


If you are interested in a public presentation of the individual pieces of my Medal of Honor Art Project artwork pieces and/or a signing of the glass exterior with pictures/videos taken please contact me as that portion, is different than the artwork itself for my Medal of Honor Art Project.  If you are interested in making donations to assist me with the financial aspects of my Medal of Honor Art Project as well as other endeavors please send through my PayPal account or if you would prefer to send a check, money order, and/or cash please contact me.

If I have given you my phone number and/or email, you are welcome to contact me through.

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