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Susan MeeLing

If interested in commissioning for personal artwork by Reverend Susan MeeLing please send a message immediately through the contact form, to arrange the details of.

Please use the To Contact form to submit requests to hire Reverend Susan MeeLing for personal appearances for book signings, book readings, discussions, and the like immediately.

All of the paintings I made in the two sections among a few others I was not allowed to retrieve because of the way the situation had occurred and thus those particular paintings are considered as stolen property of mine, as I did not authorize the sale of the individual pieces nor did I receive any of the money from which if there were any sales of.  Thus if these pieces are found I hope there is a prosecution to the fullest extent of the laws allowed, and my artwork is returned to me for my choice of what I wanted to do with the artwork pieces to begin with.

I did not have an agent nor did I have anyone I allowed to exhibit at any gallery without my permission, of which also hypothetically would be considered as a crime.  Thus it is my hope that such will be taken care of swiftly and promptly, as I did not allow anyone to sell my paintings; nor did I allow anyone to make a profit from my works, without my rightful compensations.

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