The Kennedy Curse fused with Science Fiction


By:  Susan MeeLing

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The fictional horror story written and published in 2016 was created to have people reevaluate themselves in a different view combining aspects of historical references with sipritual undertones, while giving a different perspective to the world lived in today.  Though like many historical fiction series there is a way for some people to find connection links between to look at life in a different manner, however "Fail-Safe:  The Kennedy Curse fused with Science-Fiction By: Susan MeeLing" was created to give each individual reader, an eye opening perspective into the modern world.  Due to her son reading and watching an array of different comic books, streaming media, and books to show her son she was paying attention and cared about him; Susan MeeLing also known as Reverend Susan MeeLing also known as Lady Dori Belle also known as Susan MeeLing, SCUBA Diver Extraordinaire decided to write a scary book.  Since her son's initial response was "Mom, you couldn't write anything scary if you tried"; some could say after reading this book she may have excelled and succeeded well beyond any expectations for a science-fiction horror story.


Please contact her through the messaging system if interested inviting her for a book reading and/or book signing and/or open discussion and/or interview and/or conference, or through contacting her through (360)-713-4937. 


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