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Lady Dori Belle

Modeling Images done At

Dallas Leather Masters & Fashion Show called Sin

Please send a request through the message system to directly contact for detail requirements to hire Reverend Susan MeeLing AKA The ONE & ONLY true and real Lady Dori Belle if interested to hire her for opportunities for her to sing, dance, model for pictures, speaking arrangements, business ideas, requested private prayer/healing session(s), Vapor Dancing, book signings, book readings, convention(s), classes, corset tying lessons, corset workout lessons, artistic viewing of her spiritual tattoos, and etcetera to arrange the details and requirements for payments with her thereof; if so agreed upon.

I do not officially endorse anyone I have modeled for just for clarification, I am simply being clear as to who I have modeled for per the images I have modeled for regarding the pictures of me on my website.

Below are a few examples of modeling pictures of for reference, of my modeling capabilities.

Thank you for your time and Brightest of Blessings.

Craig Naked Lens Photography

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                    Page:  Lady Dori Belle : The Real One & Only LDB

Page:  Finding A Silver Lining

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