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There has not ever been any point in time including in the years of 2009 through 2013 when I was modeling and performances (though a few performances in the year of 2019 and 2020 singing the National Anthem The Star Spangled Banner at several Republican and Democrat mixed rallies and 2021 at a few random locations publicly) when I have ever had any manager that I have assigned or hired, thus this form and/or the phone number associated to this website is the only method permitted to make a request for consultations for business purposes.  I clarified such in multiple journal blogs and in my YouTube Channel for the work I have been making attempts to take care of correctly for myself and others per the various factors, per the different situations.

No misinterpretations permitted, in reference of me.

Those whom I once knew in person face to face in person per such family/friendship factors have the phone number to contact me for non-business purposes, because of such clarifications required first through my To Contact Form per My considerations for myself.

I believe in Judeo-Christian ways in conjunction with homeopathic factors in conjunction with science per the factors of my opinion of multiple combinations of health factors, though there are many more important factors regarding life and healthcare since healthcare is supposed to be with actual real genuine care for the individual's best health and with such my personal belief and with the conjunction of the books I personally authored/wrote/compiled per such facts per the facts thereof to being an Ordained Reverend of my religion I put together by myself per the factors thereof Eclectic and having the knowledge real medical care for myself among the real medical care for others per such factors of my multiple attempts to get real medical care.

I partially wonder if any factors per individuals in the Armed Forces of the United States of America per their biological and/or legal factors of had any needless involvements per the Veteran numbers because of the facts per individuals getting the correct medical care instead of hypothetical family involvement where such would be considered biased and non-assistive per such in my personal opinion if I am accurate about such numbers referencing the Veteran population.

Respectfully Contact:

Susan MeeLing (SCUBA Diver Extraordinaire)

Also Known Being The Name Of

Lady Dori Belle

Also Known Being The Name Of

Ordained Reverend Susan MeeLing

Also Known Being The Name Of

Reverend MeeLing

My old email address that I no longer use and though all of the #GameStop #EndAllStolenValor #endallgameplaying GameStop games and game systems were not for Me personally as I do not play games as the two children I gave birth to were the only ones I purchased anything from GameStop for as I do not like playing games at all.

Due to what occurred as to the year of 2013 as I have explained repeatedly, because if there were real people in the world as to being online that actually have humanity as to the correct capacities as to what my personal considerations are, then as to the capacity to correctly do as my writings would be as to utilizing my To Contact Form correctly as I personally have deemed.

As a born and raised New Jersey-ian as the specific location I grew up in as the normalcy to schedule as best as possible for a visit, a meeting, and/or a request as per an invitation to attend before the event as per the manners as to such protocols as per the factors of if the respect is automatically within as per not knowing the aspects of the personal factors at the specific timeframes as per each New Jersey-ian usually has their own schedule for their work in the multitudes thereof and the longer that amount of time growing up as a foundation of New Jersey as the northeast area of New Jersey as the ways because of the amount of work on a constant basis and thus as to such factors of contacting me using my cellular phone first as the primary contact method and only after doing so correctly as per such if factors as to my To Contact Form here below.

If there is something to discuss as what a communication would actually be, please put the reason in the subject line for me to read and send the actual message as to such aspects of if you want a response from me in what would be considered as etiquette standards as to outside of the United States of America as to the additional aspects of within the United States of America as to the state location.  If there is something other than what is specifically listed as my contact aspects, the message area as well as the full form completed correctly would then get such information to me as to my decision regarding my work.


Success! Message received.

If interested in arranging a speaking request with Reverend Susan MeeLing, after filling out the Contact Form for business arrangements.

If I met you in person face to face in person before and you would like to reconnect please inform Me through the contact form, and your reason(s).

By submitting this form and all future responses you assert all information as truth, to the best of the requesting person(s) knowledge.  It is understood by the requester(s) all verbal and written communication can be ended by Susan MeeLing, if she feels is appropriate. 
By sending this form it is accepted and understood the requirement for a non-refundable deposit prior to meeting in-person after the initial approval processes, depending upon requested services.  Sending this form states the understanding of all subsequent (follow-up) meetings and phone discussions are to be in truth, and honesty.  By submitting this form the requesting individual(s) understand and accept all financial responsibility for the necessary expenses and travel arrangements, as agreed to when contracts are completed. 
By sending this form confirms understand the responsibility of payment provided by the individual(s) requesting the commissioning of Reverend Susan MeeLing AKA Lady Dori Belle AKA Susan MeeLing SCUBA Diver Extraordinaire AKA
Lady Liberty Belle, for the associated expenses for the commissioned works completed by Susan MeeLing. 

By submitting this form and all future questions to request artwork to be completed by Susan MeeLing it is asserted the understanding and necessary patience, for the approval processes.  Sending this form the requester(s) understand initial approval requirements and deposits must be fulfilled prior to consultations, and work.  By sending this form it is understood all payments are due and must clear, prior to delivery of final artwork piece. 
Susan MeeLing reserves the right to refuse artwork commissioned service to anyone, if she feels the need for such and her safety as well as others' safety as to the situations because of what was found as to "The Modern Day Book" as to the accuracy thereof as to the proof of such situations from others as to the references as proven because a Medal of Honor Art Project Artwork historical and spiritual rubbing art piece is nothing similar to any other artwork ever and was only intended for such specific factors as to the work to create such.

Thus as to the situations whereas to such factors as the Medal of Honor Art Project, the aspects of such requirements of protocol standards as to correctly doing so requires more than just seeing to ever be capable to accomplish the work required.

In the references as to the seriousness of the work as to such amounts of overall, the situations of if factors of appreciation for the work completed as to the To Contact Form as to arrangements if as to such as important referencing the work as to creating the Medal of Honor Art Project Artwork if that is something actually wanted in a positive manner.

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