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Susan MeeLing (SCUBA Diver Extraordinaire)

Also Known As

Lady Dori Belle

Also Known As

Reverend Susan MeeLing



If you are interested to commission me for the following, please contact me with the price and time details thereof and we can discuss in full:

Alphabetical Order of Religious and Spiritual Services:

Baby Name Blessing


Business Cleansing and Blessing (Different from Exorcism)
Chakra Energetic Healing Session

Energetic Healing Session

Exorcism (Different from Business/Home Cleansing and Blessing)

Fire Cupping Energetic Healing Session 

Funerary Rights on Land

Funerary Rights Underwater

Gemstone Energetic Healing Session

Handfasting Ceremony on Land

Handfasting Ceremony Underwater

Handfasting Ceremony on the Water in a Boat

Historical and Spiritual Marker Rubbing Artwork (not in reference to my Medal of Honor Art Project pieces)

Home Cleansing and Blessing (Different from Exorcism)


Marital Ceremony on Land

Martial Ceremony on the Water in a Boat

Marital Ceremony Underwater

Memorial Service on Land

Memorial Service on the Water in a Boat

Memorial Service Underwater

Modeling for Digital and/or Print

Political/Public Affairs/Security/Technology Guide Consultant/Strategist

Religious Spiritual Counseling (Single, Couple, and Group available options)

...SCUBA Diving Consultant...

If there is something else of which to discuss, please put the reason in the subject line for me to read and send the actual message as to such aspects of if you want a response from me in what would be considered as etiquette standards as to outside of the United States of America as to the additional aspects of within the United States of America as to the state location.  If there is something other than what is specifically listed as my contact aspects, the message area as well as the full form completed correctly would then get such information to me as to my decision regarding my work.

Thank you.

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If interested in arranging a speaking request with Reverend Susan MeeLing, after filling out the Contact Form for business arrangements.

By submitting this form and all future responses you assert all information as truth, to the best of the requesting person(s) knowledge.  It is understood by the requester(s) all verbal and written communication can be ended by Susan MeeLing, if she feels is appropriate. 
By sending this form it is accepted and understood the requirement for a non-refundable deposit prior to meeting in-person after the initial approval processes, depending upon requested services.  Sending this form states the understanding of all subsequent (follow-up) meetings and phone discussions are to be in truth, and honesty.  By submitting this form the requesting individual(s) understand and accept all financial responsibility for the necessary expenses and travel arrangements, as agreed to when contracts are completed. 
By sending this form confirms understand the responsibility of payment provided by the individual(s) requesting the commissioning of Reverend Susan MeeLing AKA Lady Dori Belle AKA Susan MeeLing SCUBA Diver Extraordinaire, for the associated expenses for the commissioned works completed by Susan MeeLing. 
By submitting this form and all future questions to request artwork to be completed by Susan MeeLing it is asserted the understanding and necessary patience, for the approval processes.  Sending this form the requester(s) understand initial approval requirements and deposits must be fulfilled prior to consultations, and work.  By sending this form it is understood all payments are due and must clear, prior to delivery of final artwork piece. 
Susan MeeLing reserves the right to refuse artwork commissioned service to anyone, if she feels the need for such and her safety as well as others' safety.

Website Business Phone Line:   (360)-713-4937

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