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Use this form to contact me with any requests for my appearances for speaking arrangements at events, artwork commissioning, interviews, modeling, and etcetera.  Please include the details and the options available, as well as the offer(s) intended.
By submitting this form and all future responses you assert all information as truth, to the best of the requesting
person's knowledge.  By submitting this form you acknowledge having read and accept the responsibility as stated in the information, below the Send Button. 
By sending this form it is understood all payments are due and must be clear prior to the delivery, of any commissioned artwork. 
Susan MeeLing reserves the right to refuse service, if she feels the need as necessary.
If interested in arranging a speaking request with Reverend Susan MeeLing, please call (360)-713-4937 (unless she has given you her personal cellphone number which you can use either phone number to contact her) after filling out the Contact Form for business arrangements.  If the request to meet is of a personal nature, please state as such in the Subject area; and please state your purpose as to why. 
By submitting this form and all future responses you assert all information as truth, to the best of the requesting person(s) knowledge.  It is understood by the requester(s) all verbal and written communication can be cancelled by Susan MeeLing, if she feels is appropriate.  By sending this form it is accepted and understood the requirement for a non-refundable deposit prior to meeting in-person, after the initial approval processes.  Sending this form states the understanding of all subsequent (follow-up) meetings and phone discussions are to be in truth, and honesty.  By submitting this form the requesting individual(s) understand and accept all financial responsibility for the necessary expenses and travel arrangements, as agreed to when contracts are completed.  Sending this form confirms understand the responsibility of payment provided by the individual(s) requesting the commissioning of Reverend Susan MeeLing AKA Lady Dori Belle AKA Susan MeeLing SCUBA Diver Extraordoinare, for the associated expenses for the commissioned works completed by Susan MeeLing.  By submitting this form and all future questions to request artwork to be completed by Susan MeeLing it is asserted the understanding and necessary patience, for the approval processes.  Sending this form the requester(s) understand initial approval requirements and deposits must be fulfilled prior to consultations, and work.  By sending this form it is understood all payments are due and must clear, prior to delivery of final artwork piece. 
Susan MeeLing reserves the right to refuse artwork commissioned service to anyone, if she feels the need for such and her safety as well as others' safety.
If you are interested to commission Susan MeeLing to create a private memorial for a deceased loved one, please fill out the contact form. 
Fill out the required information and please provide the additional necessary information within the message area:
*  Connection history to passed-over
*  Information for the deceased
*  Location of the cemetery
*  Location of the monument
*  Phone call time preference, after initial approval process
*  Preference for in-person meeting, after secondary approval process
*  Time Zone location of the requesting individual(s)
Medal of Honor Recipients are individuals I will create art pieces for without charging the families, and/or the memorial associations of The United States of America's Armed Forces Branches and Divisions; though includes Veteran and Military Museums.  The MoH recipients are the original inspiration for my artwork and because of their admirable service to the United States of America, I believe they and their survivors have already paid any and all tickets.
Please click on the Donate button to send contributions to Reverend Susan MeeLing and unless stated of a request for acknowledgement of receiving of your donation(s), such donations will be kept confidential as I will not write nor speak of individual contributions; to be respectful of privacy.  Also if requested to be acknowledged for contributing donations, such statements declaring as such will be stated/written by Reverend Susan MeeLing.  (For example though not limited to but will be respectful and sincere: "Thank you [Name] for donating [amount] to assist.")

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