The majority of book and series written by the author Susan MeeLing will have a percentage of each profit sale donated to non-profit 501(c)3 organizations, to assist individuals in need of compassion.

With the culmination of books and types thereof in conjunction with my modeling, videos on my YouTube Channel Reverend MeeLing, life experiences, and more; the ability to metaphorically joke of the reference of myself being God only came to my realization in a passing thought in 2019 or 2020.  If others saw well before I did, I would guesstimate such could be considered as prophetic.

Those who are not necessarily involved in SCUBA Diving can refer to my SCUBA Diving book series as overcoming death, especially in reference to the fact of my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury during Basic Training in the United States of America's Armed Forces Army branch; though in specific the aspects of the point in regards of landing at the bottom of the Matthias Abyss where the USS/USNS Vandenberg was sunken after the training I put myself through to learn as much and as best as I could from my SCUBA Instructors.

The characters of Seraphina and Marshall give a perspective of a way to open discussions about various points of school, life, and interactions with others.  Some can see in the first book of ways to openly discuss various family aspects while in the second book, teaching ways to learn and research beyond only online and why.

The two books discuss various situations of which were survived of which in "Finding a Silver Lining By:  Susan MeeLing" give factual portions of existence and perserverance while "Finding the Silver Lining By:  Susan MeeLing" gives a satirical outlook for different situations which many can relate to in different ways, and see a different way to look at life for the betterment of humanity.  Some might see a metaphorical aspects of the Old Testament and New Testament in a specific conjunction including aspects of the Torah being lived and then rewritten for the modern era, for ways to survive and live in a greater way to overcome struggles and strife; with suggestions of various ways to see the world and how to interact with others in a more positive way for a self-help aspect of life.

This book series through the first book of the Fail-Safe series gives a beginning portion to a revised modernized version of the Book of Revelations, in the current times.  Combining science, fiction, religion, technology, and spirituality throughout this particular series begins.  In the first book of the series describing the main characters of Maggie, Luke, and Christopher within the starting point of their experiences together before venturing on forward and backwards through time and space with various names recognized throughout various cultures and historical references.

This book has the physical pictures of the first 131 images of my Medal of Honor Art Project and paintings in print, though more to come.

After certain experiences while on my Medal of Honor Art Project trips with the combination of events from the first two books of "Finding a Silver Lining By:  Susan MeeLing" and "Finding the Silver Lining By:  Susan MeeLing" this third book brings ideas for additional suggestions for legal references for the justice of various points if there were not already such definitions readily available previously.

This book series of a modernized version of the Song of Songs as Midras of the Hebrews can be see for understanding consensual adult relationships, in a different way for those who may not have necessarily been able to have such understanding for different life experiences.  The characters Nelumbo and Henry give a different view of various aspects throughout the BDSM, LGBTQP, and Swinger communities in a different way.  Maybe some might even see themselves, within the pages.

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