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The background looks as similar as possible to the area when I was looking upward from the area of the mast American Flag on the USS/USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, as the ways the colorations are as to the closest representation I could find to put in the area of for the view I had when in the (where I consider) at the Matthias Abyss, within the area of the Bermuda Triangle, within the Atlantic area of the Oceanic waters.

The most beautiful and intriguing mysterious areas, I have ever been lucky to be capable to see with my own eyes and be serenely within the aspects of the sights around where I went and where I was for the time yet eternal.

To see such glory and beauty within such a small sight and yet such a vastness, the glory of being allowed such a privilege as to being a part of such majesty is something I cherish greatly.

Just imagine the areas of illumination as the USS/USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg itself as the mountains as to the vastness, as the areas throughout as the perfection of such grace as to being engulfed within such to see in real life in person in real life as the water circulated and flowed as natural as the current as the American Flag lifted.

My life  =  My personal life

My life experiences  =  My personal life experiences that some might have something alike or something similar to though theirs is not the exact as to My personal life experiences

My opinion  =  Susan MeeLing's personal opinion that some or many might agree with

My needs  =  My personal needs for me personally though some distinguishing factors as to the aspects where there are different facets of My personal life and thus as to the distinguishing factors as to the different areas of my life, thus for Me personally is going to be for Me personally as to such differences as to the aspects whereas of others as to the factors to the considerations.

The FACT books I authored/wrote/compiled that I published through Amazon for My profits and what I chose/choose for the financial aspects per book:
*  Finding A Silver Lining  (published in print book format in in the year of 2015)
*  Finding The Silver Lining  (published in print book format in the year of 2014)
*  The Modern Day Book  (published in print format book in the year of 2020)
*  The Adventures of Susan MeeLing, SCUBA Diver Extraordinaire  (3 volumes published in print format books in the year of 2020)

Fiction Based books I published through Amazon that can have metaphors or proverbial only as some books allow the financial aspects as to donations whereas the newer books do not have such same factors whatsoever as to the financial resources for Susan MeeLing also known as Lady Dori Belle also known as Lady L*** Belle as make sure to not assume that all books will ever be the exact same:
*  "The Curious Children Book Series:  (2 volumes published in the year of 2014/2015)
*  "Fail-Safe:  The Kenedy curse fused with Science Fiction Fantasy  (The New World Order)"  (1 book published in the year of in print format book form 2015/201