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By:  Susan MeeLing

After the head injury caused a coma while I learned how to deal with the headaches, migraines, cognitive disorders, memory problems, and other medical conditions I went from College Algebra with Trigonometry & Calculus down to 2nd grade math.  Here is how logic works for someone like me::

~  It took awhile for the doctor's recommendation to use sticky notes, to help remember.

~  It took several months to realize sticky notes moved, let alone to remember to speak with the doctor.

~  After I finally remembered to ask the doctor about the note problem, notebooks were recommended.

~  When I could remember to pick up a notebook, it took a long time to learn similar to sticky notes, notebooks are not always where they were placed.

~  After I was able to organize the notebooks over several months I still had not learned notebooks are not always readily available, at the necessary time.

~  When I remembered to speak with the doctor about the notebook problem the doctor had few other suggestions, to assist memories better.

~  After several events and adding up sticky note and notebook location problems, I realized my skin goes everywhere I do.

~  Wanting my tattoos to only be for me and not for public consumption I started the ink on my legs, able to hide easier.

~  It would not be until many tattoos and several years later I would realize my memory problems were usually not as bad when wearing shorts, capri pants, or a skirt.

~  Between 3-5 years after my first tattoo I had the first tattoo completed on my arms, and my memory has slowly progressed towards an easier memory jolt.



When I say "it should not take a head injury to figure this out" it is partially in humor from personal experiences, towards understanding.


If I can laugh at my mistakes after recognizing and dealing with them, so can you.


You have the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom I lack in order to put everything together to fix the problems seen with abilities I do not have. 


Utilize the information within the blog to find genuine repairs and instead of complaining of the "hurtful" commentary, prevent the issues from reoccurring.


Then again, it should not take a head injury to figure that one out.

I have been against the overall use of the Black Beret, and why I have for awhile

Picture from We Are The Mighty website

A few links in reference to the background of what my journal blog entry is in regards of today, 9 November 2020.

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A #WeAreTheMighty Article: Click Here

An #ArmyStudyGuide Article: Click Here

In 2001 or 2002 the news came out in reference to a uniform change being released in the #Army branch of the #UnitedStatesofAmerica's #ArmedForces which while I know the year is 2020, however the aspects of which even with the current newer uniform change in which the black beret was changed from the Rangers to the overall usage for the individuals throughout the Army had offended and upset me personally. I know and knew it should not have since I did not graduate Basic Training nor AIT, I also know when I joined the Army branch after fighting to be emancipated at the age of 17 years old to join in 2000 before my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury in Basic Training I was not allowed to be in the #Infantry, #Calvary, and/or #CombatArms; which in turn meant not being in the #SpecialForces different types of specialty fields.

Nonetheless when the news came out about the Black Beret being changed from the Rangers specific beret to the general overall beret in the Army, I was and am admittedly upset by such as the history behind the beret color choice and the purposes behind such were meant for certain purposes. Those who were able to earn the title of Ranger just as those who were able to earn the title of Delta Force and etcetera in regards of the Army branch, had the specific color of the beret chosen for certain purposes. One simply was not to put on any color beret and claim the title of without earning such a title and while I obviously appreciate each individual throughout the Armed Forces of the United States of America for what they do to keep America safe while defending, the black beret was intended for the Rangers.

Why would I be upset for the overall general Army branch wearing such other than the reason the black beret was originally made for the Rangers?

Realistically I am fairly certain most specialty groups could agree the original cap cover for the #BDU uniform could agree, the usages for the original cap cover with the visor were able to block out the light better when outside looking and/or preparing to take a shot against the enemy. Other than that fact I guesstimate, such would also assist when the winds kick up the dirt or sand or weather occurring would be blocked from getting into the eyes of the individual soldiers when doing what was needed. Also in weather situations the visor would allow the runoff from the rain to keep out of the soldiers' faces, while also preventing the camouflage paint from smearing into their eyes which in turn for those who do not know can sting when the ink runs into their eyes at inconvenient times usually. Additionally the fact the material for the cap cover is not only a lighter color which means less heat contained as those who #SCUBA Dive know the majority of heat is radiated through the top of the head, the lighter weight material allows the soldiers to remain cooler when the weather temperature is hotter in the region. Though the opposite in reference to the cooler weather, though if the cap cover is starched it still allows breathing while maintaining the heat when colder; while additionally usually when colder and/or at night, the kevlar helmet is worn which essentially negates such a statement for the cooler weather.

Thus just in reference to after the attacks from 11 September 2001 for the soldiers who were sent overseas, the cap cover being changed from that to the black beret did not make any sense whatsoever to me. Then taking into consideration the fact the black beret has been in tradition for decades for the Rangers before the switchover and no one dared to ever consider actually taking the Green beret from the Green Beret group which actually for looks purposes only would have made more sense in reference to the uniform colorations compared to the Black Beret with the BDU uniform pattern for the Army and to clarify I do not recommend nor would I agree to such similarly to the Black Beret taking of I do not and have not agreed with, it is much easier to put the original cap cover into a pocket in comparison to the beret despite the size differences simply because of the material used as well as the weight of. Another aspect is why would the Tan Beret be given to the Rangers when the Tan Beret could have been given to the general soldiers which would in turn maintain the traditions of the Black Beret, while also giving a color which would not have been as heat drawing to the location of the human body which has the most amount of heat kept and/or lost?

In reference to overseas stationing my next question is: is the color of sand usually black, or is the color of sand usually tan?

As the point of camouflage is to blend into the background walking and moving around within, then my question is: is it easier to spot a bunch of black dots moving around together in formation in a surrounding of sand or is it easier to spot a group of tan dots maneuvering around which look like sunlight beams on the sand?

Admittedly I am a smidgen protective of military guys despite knowing their job is to protect and defend the United States of America and the citizens of, however I am a Mom and it is simply my instinct at that point while also making sure what is and/or should be correctly done is done correctly while maintaining tradition. Maybe I am a bit overprotective in such in reference to those who were before in such when thinking of those who had been Rangers prior to the color of the beret color changing as well, though apparently someone had to pay a bit more attention to those details as well.

I can remember going to visit my then father-in-law who had earned a Black Beret before a few other specialties who had served during the Vietnam War to discuss the beret with him, during one visit out to the #FortWorth area of #Texas. He and I went outside to the front yard area to look at what was occurring while waiting for certain aspects in reference to my then mother-in-law, and I brought up the topic of the news in reference to. He sat down as I lectured him of my opinions as to why the Black Beret should have remained the Black Beret for the Rangers for the different purposes I wrote above in this journal blog entry, among a few other reasons. He laughed when I said "In the jungles it made sense for the deadly to have black berets when needed, though the kevlar cover was more important to wear in those times. Sending these soldiers out into a different terrain in battle in those Black Berets is literally putting a target on their heads, and overheating their body systems."

He laughed for a little before looking up at me from his chair in silence as I continued, "Those guys do not need any additional problems with what they are facing, they need to worry less about that and more about the long term aspects. War is not pretty and shiny, and when you care more about how pretty the uniform looks compared to getting the job taken care of then people needlessly suffer and die because of the choices made."

My then father-in-law asked me what I meant which I reminded him of the heat during the daytime in Vietnam and where he was stationed, though pointed out there was less greenery which made sense for the black coloration then. He nodded when I brought that point up before I pointed out the fact of in arid regions where minimal plant life can be sustained, the last thing soldiers need to be wearing are covers which point them out to the ones they are fighting against and need to hide from. He looked up at me with a smile briefly until the words I said, "How many are going to be the color of their beret because of how easily it will be to pluck each one of them off, from higher viewing ranges when in another territory?"

For those of you who do not know as a quick side note, I do not see physically other people the way it has been explained to me how others see people. I can see the skin tone color pigmentation differences of lighter and tanner, though when it comes to the coloration of skin being the literal color of black to me I see those as the non-living compared to the lighter and tanner skin tone colorations of the living. While some have called me racist for seeing the living as any color except the color of black as the type text in this journal blog entry, I suppose if seeing the living as the vibrant coloration of skin tones in comparison to the deeper color of the black text makes me come across as racist; I suppose that should translate to I am more caring and concerned about the living race than those who have passed on and are deceased which in turn would translate to the spirit world. While I still care about those individuals in a different way and different manner, the human race is far more important to me.

Thus the living being humanity or the human race, the deceased are of the spirit; of which there is a massively huge and distinctive difference between the two. If that makes me racist to care more about the living and the colors thereof comparatively to those of a different view point for what others say is black though to me is still living and what I see as black is not, then I guess so?

In turn the final portion of what I said to my then father-in-law had been "If the color of the Black Beret is significant in such, then a lot more are going to be black to me. I am not happy, with that. There will needlessly be flags draped, and while that is a part of war; that portion can be avoided, and is not necessary."

Unfortunately in my opinion the Black Beret has remained in such for and since that time, and while in reference to out in space such would make sense to a degree; that was not the intent of at the time, in 2001 or 2002 as explained. Thus in turn yes I can say Black Lives Matter #BLM in reference to my Medal of Honor Art Project and the different spirits who were in the locations of each, just as I can say Black Beret Lives Matter #BBLM in reference to those before as well as in the current time and future of the Rangers, just as I can say All Live Matter #ALM a lot to me.

Though admittedly when speaking at times I jumble words as others do as well, though the intentions are pure and of the best of intentions. There is a difference between good intentions, and the best of intentions; as that saying is true, good intentions open the highway to hell whereas the best of intentions bring forth those of the righteousness and truest of honor through compassion.

The ultimate measure of an individual is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where they stand at the time of challenge and controversy.

We must reject the idea that everytime a law is broken society is guity, rather than the law breaker. 

Freedom is never-more than one generation away, from exinction.  We do not pass freedom on through our blood stream because freedom must be fought for, protected, and handed on for the next generation to do the same.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

It should not take a head injury to figure this out, because you are smarter.

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