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It should not take a head injury

*after personally sustaining a head injury & coma*

to figure this out...









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By:  Susan MeeLing

After the head injury caused a coma while I learned how to deal with the headaches, migraines, cognitive disorders, memory problems, and other medical conditions I went from College Algebra with Trigonometry & Calculus down to 2nd grade math.  Here is how logic works for someone like me::

~  It took awhile for the doctor's recommendation to use sticky notes, to help remember.

~  It took several months to realize sticky notes moved, let alone to remember to speak with the doctor.

~  After I finally remembered to ask the doctor about the note problem, notebooks were recommended.

~  When I could remember to pick up a notebook, it took a long time to learn similar to sticky notes, notebooks are not always where they were placed.

~  After I was able to organize the notebooks over several months I still had not learned notebooks are not always readily available, at the necessary time.

~  When I remembered to speak with the doctor about the notebook problem the doctor had few other suggestions, to assist memories better.

~  After several events and adding up sticky note and notebook location problems, I realized my skin goes everywhere I do.

~  Wanting my tattoos to only be for me and not for public consumption I started the ink on my legs, able to hide easier.

~  It would not be until many tattoos and several years later I would realize my memory problems were usually not as bad when wearing shorts, capri pants, or a skirt.

~  Between 3-5 years after my first tattoo I had the first tattoo completed on my arms, and my memory has slowly progressed towards an easier memory jolt.



When I say "it should not take a head injury to figure this out" it is partially in humor from personal experiences, towards understanding.


If I can laugh at my mistakes after recognizing and dealing with them, so can you.


You have the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom I lack in order to put everything together to fix the problems seen with abilities I do not have. 


Utilize the information within the blog to find genuine repairs and instead of complaining of the "hurtful" commentary, prevent the issues from reoccurring.


Then again, it should not take a head injury to figure that one out.

Temple of Flesh experiences in reference to John AKA Celtic Cowboy

This particular journal blog entry is in reference to the aspects of #TempleofFlesh in #mysa #SanAntonio #Texas and just as with all of my prior journal blog entries, please share with others so the necessary #justice can occur for others but as well as myself. As I have stated before, as I have written before, and as I have posted on my website if law enforcement agencies and/or the various military branches and divisions of The #UnitedStatesofAmerica need to speak with me about the aspects which I have written about I am willing to help and assist where I can and as I have said for many years without ever writing from the first time I cut and dyed my hair to the shade of red it is now with the haircut style I have up until recently; I do not camouflage nor can I be hidden, when walking around.

My experiences which lead me to #ToFSA began because of a male named John Villarreal AKA CelticCowboy on #fetlife, as I had been involved with the #BDSM community and the #LGBTQP community since well before ever attending an event for the #Swinger community.

1). I met John Virreall AKA CelticCowboy in the #SanAntonioPagan community at #CandlelightCoffeeHouse when he was still married to his then wife Kim Villarreal, and it was before the first separation from my now dead-ex-husband. Though he flirted with me and angered my then husband to the point because of him alone at the #PaganNightOut in San Antonio, I dealt with conversations upon returning to the house in Pheasant Creek subdivision. Though I had always gotten along with Kim much quicker and easier than I had John, the aspects of what he would do when out caused my then husband and now dead-ex-husband to become so enraged with me at the time when returning to the house after the few events; the beatings I dealt with were not ever consensual and never ended where I was not on the floor bloodied because of what occurred during the conversations.

If John Villarreal was not an event for the San Antonio Pagan community, I never had to deal with that however it was only the nights he was there; which I had to defend myself and not be able to enjoy, anything. Maybe that was a subconscious reason as to why whenever the later events took place, I always rejected him and never wanted to have anything to do with him hypothetically. Though I got along quite swimmingly with Kim (John’s now ex-wife), I did not accept the advances from John after the first nor the second and final separation when he spoke with me either in person or on the phone. I was not interested in messing up the friendship with Kim, and I liked her energies far more than I ever liked his.

The first time I had spent time with Kim outside of the Pagan community had been at the last year the #ExcalibueRennassanceFaire was happening in #BastropCounty in #Smithville Texas, and we spent a little over an hour talking and hanging out after the multiple males jumping out of the tress with weaponry attacked me as well as after I defended her against the claimed #PETA supporter who yelled at Kim for wearing a fur corset while that blond female was wearing suede shoes; she did not see the hypocrisy nor did she want to accept the fact I had always been correct and accurate. There was no need for her to argue as I was absolutely correct, and ironically when discussing later with who is now my dead-ex-husband; even he made fun of her for that, whoever she was. Though he and his lab partner Eric when I talked about it with Eric, discussed the problems from people who were major PETA supporters in reference to the lab work and research.

I asked Eric “Is it because of the genetic alterations to the lab animals which is the problem when PETA gets involved to supposedly free the animals, when they have never seen life in the wild before?”

His face paled when he said, “Actually, they are really expensive to replace. I wonder, if you are correct with that.” Later after he spoke with Dr. Sun, Eric confirmed that.

As a side not I had the biggest crush on Eric but because of the relationship scenario at the time, I knew better than to attempt something like that. However I have not seen him since he and my now dead-ex-husband got into an argument after my now dead-ex-husband had told Eric of leaving me unconscious in the backyard after (my term) bull-rushing me, because of a comment during the time of the first separation. He hit me in my hips pushing upward to send me flying upward and when I landed on the concrete path, I landed with my head hitting first followed by my back and butt, then my feet. Later just before his return to the house he spoke with my biological parents telling them what he did and why while complaining about Eric making him return to the house, which my biological mother said ‘she deserved worse’ and my biological father said ‘I would have thrown her out of a window’. When my now dead-ex-husband woke me up, he was sitting on my chest until my eyes opened and all I could see were stars with birds running around in a circle above me and anywhere I looked.

If I am accurate, it was around the summer-time when he left me on the concrete in the direct sunlight for hours. I had only been involved with the Pagan community for around 2 or 3 months, by that point in time. A few months later is when the first separation from my now dead-ex-husband occurred and then a few years after that the second and final separation from my now dead-ex-husband occurred; but it would be another year before the death of my now dead-ex-husband happened and when that occurred I had not seen him in 2 days nor had I spoken with him for that length of time.

Those who over the years wondered why I continuously repeated I had not seen him in 2 days and had not spoken with him in that time, as well as being in a different part of the city of San Antonio; I guesstimate at this point, now understand why I said as such. It might be annoying for others to hear me say that, but how annoying do you think it has been to have to say that? While I admit to being happy to be able to say my dead-ex-husband or saying my now dead-ex-husband; having to give those last few sentences are not something of which I actually enjoy having nor having had to say.

3). Later but in reference to Temple of Flesh the event of the first #UniformFetishBall I attended, had been around the year of 2008 or 2009 I think. Whatever the year was of when the performance for the play portion was of their parody of Springtime for Hitler and the announcer had worn a KKK outfit, would be the year I had been at the event for the first time because of being invited by John Villarreal who told me of a female he was supposed to meet at the event but knew Steve and Krysta would enjoy it if I went to the event. I asked who Steve and Krysta were, but did not get introduced to them at that event.

After meeting at the ballroom for the Uniform Fetish Ball, I had checked into the location front entrance area and started walking around meeting the go-go dancers as well as the DJ before being shown the different #BDSM setups. There is when I had yelled at a younger male for wearing a current at that time BDU set with a Colonel and had ripped into him for wearing what he said was his grandfather’s uniform, and I warned him of the trouble he could get into for wearing his grandfather’s uniform which he had earned the rank and not the male who was wearing it. I told him of the issues which the #UnitedStatesofAmerica’s government goes through to ensure the insignia if used by a production company for the public to see makes the company change the look of the uniform to ensure no one thinks the branch of whatever division of the #ArmedForces had allowed such unless the proper approval went through. In some ways at this point I have wondered and mumbled in my apartment of the similarities of my ex-boyfriend (who I did not want to date) ‘#CactusJack’ AKA Jeffrey Kuykendall Jr had known of such for the uniforms which went missing after my now dead-ex-husband had from various countries; especially if he dared to wear those uniforms and take pictures in them ignorantly thinking no one would see them, and what anger that would cause to the people of those countries beyond the aspects of #CactusJack AKA Jeffrey Kuykendall Jr being happy about playing on the #German side of the #WorldWarII reenactments.

After yelling at the male I went outside and spoke with a female, who taught me how to walk in the thigh high stiletto heel boots I was wearing. Dancing was not a problem but for whatever reason walking, was a bit of an issue when having nothing to hold onto when walking. We talked on and off throughout the night, while the event took place and I enjoyed the talks we had in the various discussion points.

As the evening went on and I danced randomly there had been a point which the announcer had called a few people on the stage to speak with them and later after this, John Villarreal admitted to telling the Temple of Flesh group I would not know of being singled out nor would I realize I had won anything unless I was brought forward without the knowledge of. When the announcer had stated “The winner of the best new dancer for the Uniform Fetish Ball is the short redhead in the sexy #Marine outfit”, there were two males who walked up to where I stood with the go-go dancers. One male picked me up on each side grabbing one arm each carrying me up to the stage, without the ability for my feet to touch the ground. All of a sudden I was on the stage in front of the announcer with the lights on and the announcer put the microphone in front of me asking me “What is your favorite fetish?” I doubt he knew the pain which came from the microphone zapping my face at the time, as well as I doubt he knew of the Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury after effects up to that point. I could not speak, and I did not know what to do. After a moment passed by, he took the microphone away from my face and the zapping took a bit before it stopped from the residual effects of. Later I found him to apologize as well as attempt to answer the question, though a bit late admittedly for the stage aspect when he asked.

After that occurred I went walking around the BDSM areas and there was a female who was dressed as #SailorMoon who was doing electrical play with a violet wand, and I asked questions about what she was doing. She explained the points she could and I told her about my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury. We discussed safety words and she told me she would only do one stroke up my arm on the lightest setting but the second the violet wand touched my hand, my entire body froze and the pain surged throughout every inch of my body. I tried to speak but my mouth would not open as everything clenched tightly, and the pain levels were so much I could barely breathe. By the time I could scream “Red”, she put her hand on my back to let me know she had stopped over 10-15 minutes prior and was confused why I had not moved or said anything. Later when I could, I got up and meandered to the smoking section to try to calm down. Later I tried an area where a male was doing sensory deprivation with sights in a virtual reality mask with earphones which played music or other sounds and as soon as it started, I ripped everything off and said “I can’t do that, that’s too much for me.” Genuinely concerned he asked me questions, and I explained the Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury and I walked away because I needed to re-calm myself down.

Later when John Villarreal came up to me to show me the female he met at the event, he asked ‘How did you like being pulled on stage?’ I asked “Did you see that, or did you set that up?” He said ‘I set that up, because I knew you wouldn’t go on the stage without being pushed. Aredn’t you happy, I did that?’ I said, “No, I did not appreciate that at all. I did not like having two people I did not know come out of nowhere to grab my arms and drag me on the stage without any warning, I did not like the pain which came from the microphone zapping my face, I did not like the fact I was left alone when I thought would at minimum know where to look for someone I knew, and I did not like the fact there have been so many issues since just that one moment.” He tried laughing as I said “I do not like what you did, and I am so angry at you for it.” He said, ‘One day, you’ll forget about this and forgive me.’ I said, “I hope not, because I don’t ever want to go through this ever again. I am so mad at you, I cannot stand the sight of you.” I left shortly thereafter and though I did forget quite a bit for awhile, I obviously remembered recently.

I did ask my biological mother about the aspects of being in front of people while not remembering the aspects to ask about the zapping which she told me ‘You did not like being in front of a crowd, but if you had to you were able to do so with grace.’ She explained to me about what occurred in reference to how I had earned the lead part in the play at #CrystalLakeSouthHighSchool #CLSHS in #CrystalLake #Illinois for the role of #MaidenMarion in #RobinHood; while also telling me of the various leads I always earned in the church plays for Easter and Christmas in #OldTennantChurch.

4). The following year because of learning I once was good enough and could do better than I did, I had asked if I could be a part of the Uniform Fetish Ball and when Steve allowed me to; I had completed a dance for the opening of the #NationalAnthem of a swing dance #bigband version of the song #TheStarSpangledBanner which I had worn different versions of military uniforms while singing along with the song, and I put my own makeup on and came up with the choreography for the dance routine, as well as the outfit changes as well. When I had gotten Steve’s permission to be a part of that event, I was engaged to someone at the time and he was wondering what my plans were for the event when I told him. I said “It’s a surprise, but I think you might like what I have planned.” I thought he and I were going to be together and married or getting ready to be married by that point, but instead I was dealing with an ex-boyfriend who did not want to get out of the house until I drove him back to #Dallas for him to get the memo it was over.

After my performance routine, the announcer came to speak on the stage as I gathered my stuff and walked off of the stage. He spoke with the female with long brown hair and an amazing outfit as I went on my way, to change into different clothing. It was not until later on I was told, I was supposed to talk with the announcer. I apologized to him, letting him know no one had informed me I was supposed to speak with anyone as I had not been in a performance before that I remembered what occurred after the part I was in. However that year had been the last year of the Uniform Fetish Ball through Temple of Flesh, though no one informed me as to why that event closed down. I was quite upset as that was a favorite, of mine.

5). As the next year was #ExoticEaster I had asked Steve if I could be the poster girl, not knowing there was a performance associated with being the poster girl required. I also did not know the tattoos that were showing would be photoshopped out of the pictures until the male who did the photoshopping, told me of the amount of time it took for him to remove all of my tattoos from the pictures. When I asked Steve about the photoshopping he said he and ‘Krysta did not think anyone would show up if all of my tattoos were in the pictures and it would reduce the amount of people who showed up’; but when I asked “What about the people who only know about me because of the tattoos I have?” There was no answer, to my question.

The black and white corset was made by Sam Lewis

I did practice the different dancing aspects for the event which I was the central piece of the group as well as the leader of the winning revolt to save everyone of the others, and I stated the “moral of the story” for the show Steve made called Pervs in Toyland. People who knew me from Austin had said they were surprised I was in the show because the Poster picture did not remind them of what I look like, and they were pleasantly surprised; but knew others who would have attended had they known I was going to be in the play who had asked for them to introduce me to them. I did post the picture of the flyer in my fetlife account, but it was weeks later when the male who did the photoshopping had informed me of the images being altered. At that event Patrick Kennedy went to my performance and threw a temper tantrum because of him choosing to wear a bunny-ear hat which he then went to pick up the dog hood I warned him would not be a good idea for him to wear, and when he did wear it he complained someone did not understand the rules; which I warned him of. When I refused to go find the female who grabbed him because he could not give me a description of who it was, he threw another temper tantrum about that before I went to get on stage for the final performance; as he missed the first two portions of the performance. Albeit it was not the first time the person who showed up to an event with me had not been there to watch my performance as during the first event, that male did not see my performance, my second performance that male did not see either performance, and this event written about only the final portion of the performance had been see and thus missed out of all the other portions of what the performance was about.

As a side note: Obviously far from being the exact same and in no way can I honestly compare myself to #POTUS45, his wife Ms. Melania, the #FFOTUS with Donald Trump Jr or Ms. Ivanka, Eric Trump, Ms. Tiffany, or Barron Trump as they are them and I am me; but I saw how few stood by them when the 2016 election was taking place and the primary and general elections of that time as well as the afterwards, and though I do not know how their personal relations went obviously as they do, I do know I never once had any shame standing up for them and what they were doing to assist so many with #VPOTUS Mike Pence and his wife Ms. Karen and their family. I also know I never once waivered as a #Republican despite how I had been treated over the years in the state of Texas and the same for #lawenforcement and the different branches of the #ArmedForces of the #UnitedStatesofAmerica’s #ArmedForces (of the #Army, the #AirForce, the #CoastGuard, the #MarineCorps, and the #Navy among the other varying levels of) which despite what others opinions may have been and may be; I had always been a #proudamerican knowing the reality which if it were not for all of those varying degrees and aspects, the rights I have would never have been.

When #POTUS45 was running and I listened and saw how others treated the campaign, I was unable to understand why or how there were so many who did not agree but they benefitted in the short and the long term. I did send my first two books to the Trump family as I wrote about on my website with a personalized notation in the books and though some might not believe as such; I cannot tell a lie. Though I did not realize #POTUS45 was going to run for election when I sent him and his family the books, I am thankful they did and much has been moving towards the betterment of the overall of society throughout the United States of America as well as throughout the world. I can honestly and truthfully say if #POTUS45 and/or Ms. Melania and/or Donald Trump Jr and/or Ms. Kimberly and/or Ms. Ivanka and/or Jared Kushner and/or Eric Trump and/or Ms. Lara and/or Ms. Tiffany and/or Barron Trump and/or VPOTUS Mike Pence and/or Ms. Karen and/or their daughters and/or the #GOP contacted me to ask me to stand next to them for what has occurred to profess varying benefits which has occurred; I would not hesitate. Then again, I have been writing quite feverishly professing such, though I comprehend such is not the exact same as standing next to and with those individuals. Then again, I never hid my beliefs nor hid who I am.

6). As a different point outside of the Temple of Flesh event and after Kim John Villarreal’s ex-wife and I had discussed how she did not believe he would do well in the Army as she felt he would use his rank to cause problems for females, which I could see what she referred to; I admit when the 2009 #FortHoodattack occurred I had contacted him to make sure he was okay. I had not been able to contact who was once my fiancé to ensure he was okay, but I had hoped he was kept safe when that occurred. When the news came across my feed contacting John Villarreal was my only way to ensure others were safe as possible and after speaking with him, I said an extra little prayer to add to what I had once seeing that news for him. I remember the feelings which left my back to ricochet if he was in the area of, just in case. I could not remember whether he went to Fort Sill or Fort Hood, but I was worried about all of the soldiers either way; though ironically my daughter had wanted me to marry the one I was engaged to so very much, though because of what occurred I explained to her before and after that “If I am meant to get married, the time will allow such with the most perfect of circumstances. I want you to know marriage is not the only thing, there is so much more. If there is a time when I do I want you to know it was for the right reasons, and of truest of love; and each person must be strong enough in knowing themselves and being true to themselves, while being truthful to the other.” She continued saying she wanted me to marry him, but I told her after the last time I saw him when we were engaged in 2011; “If he and I get married, then we do. There is much that goes into a wedding, not simply just saying the vows. Meaning, is of extreme importance.” She smiled, almost knowingly.

7). Back to the referencing of the aspects to Temple of Flesh in the following year for the 2012 Exotic Easter, John Villarreal had been allowed to spend the night at the apartment as he was traveling from #FortHood to San Antonio and the person he was going to see did not have any time for him when he arrived; which when he showed up and we talked, he misunderstood and made advances which were unwanted and unwarranted. When he did not take no for an answer, he learned I meant no through a conversation. The next day he left quickly, and I had already contacted Krysta to inform her of what occurred. She said I could still volunteer and I would be kept away from John Villarreal which that event, there were multiple issues. After in the dungeon area I saw people taking pictures with their cellphones, I was not allowed to be a monitor because of preventing others from taking pictures in the dungeon; then I was moved to the security area where I stayed with the security guards. There I had gotten to know a Marine at the time and when he and I did a walk around of the property, there was an incident where a male and female started an argument with him. I put my hand on his shoulder when I got closer to the situation as I saw he was ready to throw down with those two as the male was getting in the Marine’s face and sending the Marine’s anger off, and admittedly those who know certain aspects of situations like that; realistically putting my hand on the Marine’s shoulder was not the smartest thing to do at the time, but it was the way I had done so which made the difference.

After putting my hand on his shoulder I looked at him and made eye contact with the Marine, and calmed him down as best as I could to then step between those two ‘people’ and the Marine making them leave. I spoke with the Marine and he and I walked back to the front, but when doing a walk around again later there was a fire in the dumpster. I ran back to the front to get Krysta’s attention to get someone to help, and Steve ran out to the back with a fire extinguisher; not going into the ways I did what I could to prevent the fire from transferring to the tarp material around the smoking fenced section of the event as the Marine stayed in the area looking for those two ‘people’.

I remember the male was around five or six inches taller than me, mushroom hairstyle, dark colored hair brown almost black, brown eyes, greyish t-shirt, medium blue jeans, tan skin, and a tattoo on his left firearm. The female was a dirty blond, wavy hair, around my height, glasses, stockier build, chubby cheeks, lighter color eyes, frumpy t-shirt, baggy jeans, and sneakers. Both of them had a design on the front of their t-shirts as the male’s t-shit had a design in the upper left corner and a bigger design on the back and the female had a bigger design on the front of her t-shirt, with another design on the back of her t-shirt. The dumpster fire was on the side of the building which the hotel across the street would have seen if there was anyone in the stairwell and/or the rooms on that side of that hotel building; though I am unsure what the name of the hotel was and I am unsure what the building was which the event was held that year. However I do remember there was a small parking lot behind the event building, as well as a public parking lot on a different side of the event building. I did not see that Marine at the event after that though I thought I had recognized seeing him years or at least months later, when at a TA travel station.

8). Throughout the event multiple people came up to me asking about what occurred with John Villarreal which I told them, I did not want to talk about what had happened unless it was mandatory. They said they were just wanting to know because of what they heard, but did not tell me what they heard. That same event a male had grabbed me underneath my tutu skirt and I stood up for myself against him, which he informed me he was friends with Steve and Krysta which meant he could do what he wanted; and I informed him otherwise. When he complained to Krysta, she explained to that male he could not and was not allowed to touch me without my permission. However after the event the threats I received online continued happening more often, and then shortly afterwards the last aspects of what occurred in reference to my daughter and the legalities of had happened; before the targeting at #CowboysDancehall and then ending up in the state of #Washington after being in the state of #Arizona.

What occurred at Cowboys had been I had looked online for a country music concert nearby in San Antonio Texas, but the only one I found online was a #StoneyLaRue concert. The evening before the event I went to go learn how to #TexasTwoStep through the lessons, and the following evening I went to attend the event. I had walked through the location to see where the exits were as well as the smoking section but the following evening the night of the concert after a male with an M on each hand had approached me and tried to impress me was rejected and making the bouncers laugh at the feeble attempts from that underage male; I learned there was a second floor to the building behind the riding mechanical bull. I went up the stairs to look around and found the area where there were other doors, and I found a room which there was a male playing the guitar, who was startled when I opened the door. As I looked around the room he asked me what I was doing, and I told him I wanted to know where all of the entrances and exits were because of what happened at concerts when I was growing up in New Jersey that occurred in New York. He asked me what I had found and I told him, before he asked me about liking country music.

I told him about my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury and where it happened in the Army, which he asked about the different locations I found in Cowboys Dancehall; which I did inform him of. Later after the concert began when I was walking through the downstairs dance floor area, the spotlight shined in the area I was standing in looking up and who looked like the male in the room playing the guitar said a thank you to the service members of the area of the military; and because of the light and the startling, I ran outside to the smoking section. There a group approached me which a male came over to me while I was on my phone asking me ‘Are you waiting for someone who isn’t going to show up, and texting them?’ I told him “No, I’m on the internet.” He jumped up and down clapping his hands saying he got a new phone and when I continued stepping further away from him and him not getting the point I was not interested, he said he had gone from a flip phone to a Galaxy Note phone. He then told me he was not hitting on me and pointed to his wife and her friends saying he was married and his wife waved, mouthing the words ‘I’m sorry’.

I was annoyed quite a bit and when I said something like “squared away” that male asked if I was an Army brat, which I informed him I had signed the dotted line myself. He then invited two males over to the area which I was not comfortable though saying he was in the Army which annoyed me we supposedly had something in common, and introduced me to the first male saying he was in the Navy and from California. I waved saying “Hey, squid.” That male took a step back surprised, as the male who initiated the conversation pointed to who is now my ex-boyfriend saying that he was in the Air Force and from San Antonio. I said “Hey, zoomie” which he laughed and when the other two looked confused the zoomie and I said “A term, before your time”. When I said something else the male asked where I was from and when I said the word “New” the other two males took steps backwards, as I said “Jer” they took a few more steps backwards, and when I said “sey” the Navy male was against the fence and the Air Force male had his back against the wall. The male who initiated the conversation took steps forward saying ’I’ve never met anyone from New Jersey before, I’m a cajun from #Louisiana.’

I said “I’ve never met a white cajun. Before. You don’t sound like you’re a cajun, and you damn sure don’t look like a cajun.” He laughed and throughout the rest of the evening, that male and that group would not leave me alone. I was unable to calm down enough to go back inside with the exception of using the bathroom to go back outside because they would not leave me alone and while I could have spoken with the Navy male, the fact the cajun from Louisiana would not stop; I grew more and more annoyed. Then when the male yelled at me from the top of the ramp to get my attention saying he had not seen me dance inside to the country music but the booty dancing music was on I thought if I had done a white boy dance, that would get them to leave me alone so I could try to enjoy what was left of the concert. After the music stopped and the announcement came on Stoney LaRue was going to be back on stage in awhile, I thought if I went to the smoking section to calm down I would be able to go back inside to enjoy the show. Instead that male Kevin came back out, started more drama, and when he said a comment about my ‘corset holding back my fat rolls’; his wife told him he better bring her a beer in each hand and present it to her on his knees before she walked passed me saying ‘go ahead’ and then hobbled up the ramp because of the boot on her leg from getting hurt.

I took off my leather coat handing it to a female I met the night before, and I started unlacing my light pink with butterflies under-bust corset. As Kevin continued rambling on and talking, I finished untying my corset, lifted up my white long sleeve t-shirt, and said “I don’t think there are any fat rolls here are there? But you on the other hand I can see a keg on top of a keg on top of another keg, sitting on top of what you thought was a six pack. I can see who wears the strap-on in your household as your wife was humping your head while a big old bubba came up behind you and started humping your head, I guess you’re used to that right?” As Kevin started trying to back his way out of the situation there were some San Antonio Police officers who started walking over as I continued putting Kevin in his place and when I saw a couple walk over the the Navy male he told them I was from New Jersey, and they started joining the San Antonio Police Officers who were walking up behind me. Then Kevin yelled out ‘Look! It’s the po-po! I smell bacon!’

I said “You stupid piece of s***! They’re here to save you from me, but you want to talk s*** about the mother f*****g Police? I don’t f*****g think so, because I won’t let you.” As I continued going off on Kevin, he finally took the hint I was not going to back down and ran inside of the club with his proverbial tail tucked between his legs. Later the Air Force male came up to me as I was putting my corset back on, to tell me that was the first time any female had ever put Kevin in his place as he had watched Kevin do that to multiple females throughout the years and had never had one female do anything except either run away, cry, and only one female threw a drink in his face. Later I learned the Navy male was supposed to supposedly end up with me, but he did not speak with me that evening. Later after what was supposed to be a one night stand had turned into dating, my now ex-boyfriend the Air Force one had told me Kevin was telling the class about how he had told me off. Jesse and the Navy male were annoyed because they knew the truth but because Kevin was such a whiny baby who always needed attention, I was invited to a lunch during a break in their class.

I took that opportunity despite what was going on in my life at the time to drive over to that #BBQ place and when Jesse met me at the parking lot, I walked over to the picnic table where the class was sitting. The other people were introduced as Kevin seemingly shrunk in size seeing me before I sat down on the bench next to him sliding close. I asked Kevin “What was it you have been telling your classmates, about me?” The taller broader shoulder male on the other side of the table asked “What’s going on, here?” I said “Apparently Kevin boy here has told you he had put a female into her place at the Stoney LaRue concert, and unlike what he has been lying to you about; I am here to clarify. So, Kevin. What was it you told me that supposedly put me, into my place. Please do tell me the story, you told all of them.”

The classmates looked at one another confused as Jesse stood smiling, waiting for Kevin to try to respond; but instead he scooted closer to the wall behind him and I scooted closer waiting for his response. All he could muster to say was ‘I did’ and then I explained to the group what occurred, and the male across the table laughed hysterically. I took a French fry out of Kevin’s plate, dipped it into the ketchup and ate it after explaining the situatio0n to then say, “Kevin, don’t you ever lie about me again; or you will regret it. Do you comprehend the words, I just said?” He nodded, I got up, and walked back to my car to leave. Later I was told the class did not stop making fun of Kevin for lying about putting me into my place, though it was quite annoying I had to go to defend myself when Kevin and his wife should have known better than to single a female out at a dance club to pick on just because I was alone. Same thing for any other female who attends a dance club by themselves, or any male for that matter. That just shows the sad aspects of those two, in my opinion.

I still do not regret standing up for the San Antonio Police Officers that night, despite the fact they were there to actually stop the situation and take me away from Kevin; not realizing until later it was Kevin and his wife who started the problems to begin with. I understand as I comprehend the oddity of someone who looks like me going to a country music concert not necessarily being the most normal at the time in 2013, but I still do not feel bad nor do I regret standing up for them against Kevin calling them names wrongly. I can still laugh as others can about Kevin’s head being humped by both his wife as well as the big bubba who was behind him on the dance floor in the club; and I feel I am accurate he might just be accustomed to that sensation, or maybe that is a subconscious desire of is to have happen to him and that’s why he felt so at ease. In my thoughts as I typed this I heard the song by #CardiB with the lyrics "Lil bitch you couldn't f*** with me even if you wanted to; these expensive the is red bottoms; these is bloody shoes"

I only add such in this journal blog entry as I feel, those individuals may have had associations with John Villarreal AKA CelticCowboy.

9). My final point of which in reference to John Villarreal AKA CelticCowboy on fetlife is in reference to the fact he had posted a picture I was shown by someone who actually earned his #Ranger tab, and I comprehended his and others’ anger in reference to John Villarreal who was in #Logistics wearing a Ranger t-shirt while holding firearms; giving the wrong perception of those who earn such. Though he might have had problems with Rangers who earned their tabs in comparison to him and while he might have been attached to a Ranger unit in any location, that does not mean in my opinion and I guesstimate others’ opinions; of a right to wear a t-shirt of a unit brigade and division which he did not earn the tab of. There are plenty of misconceptions as it is about the Rangers and other #SpecialForces which do not need to be misappropriated any further. Not forgetting those who actually earned those recognitions being annoyed by someone like John Villarreal AKA Celtic_Cowboy on fetlife making things more difficult for them needlessly and again, he never went to Ranger school so wearing a t-shirt and giving the misconception to others knowing he has a military background but not knowing a t-shirt does not mean he did not ever go to Ranger school or earn the Ranger tab; in my opinion is the equivalent of penis jealousy.

10). Despite having told John Villarreal I was not interested in him in any way or shape or form, he chose to send me a picture of his penis next to a can of #RedBull. I was already disgusted in certain regards of him not respecting my friendship with his ex-wife and being told I was not going to be involved with him ever; for whatever excuse he thought it was going to get me going, it got me going alright. It got me going, in the complete opposite direction of him.

11). A friend who is like family to me at some point had informed me of John Villarreal telling his then girlfriend of knowing me, and told me about name-dropping. Where we were at that moment I got my cellphone out and called John in front of the people in the smoking section, and telling him not to use my name ever; nor claim to be anything to me. I told him while we had some associations together, that did not mean I ever wanted him using my name as an approval mechanism as I would state who I approved of and who I did not approve of; and I did not approve of him at all. The people who listened and watched me chew into John Villarreal on the phone stood in silence, not expecting the words which came out of my mouth in his direction. Thus if John Villarreal AKA Celtic Cowboy has attempted to use me for a reference point; oh I have reference points for you of him. They are labeled in the above portions of this journal blog entry, of my reference points and my opinions of him. If he caused problems for my Medal of Honor Art Project , he was an Officer in the United States of America’s Armed Forces; and anyone who knows anything about the ranking structure knows, Officers are held to a higher standard and thus, the #UCMJ in that reference to those treasonous actions. If it were up to me I would make him watch everyone else he had brought into the aspects of to watch them fall one by one, and then knowing he would be next; he would have that mental aspect for the last moments.

Those who comprehend such for punishment aspects, very much understand the aspects of what that would do to a ‘person’ like that. If John Villarreal wanted to claim being a Ranger falsely, I guesstimate there are a few who would have no qualms about showing him what it actually means to be on the front lines.


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The ultimate measure of an individual is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where they stand at the time of challenge and controversy.

We must reject the idea that everytime a law is broken society is guity, rather than the law breaker. 

Freedom is never-more than one generation away, from exinction.  We do not pass freedom on through our blood stream because freedom must be fought for, protected, and handed on for the next generation to do the same.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

It should not take a head injury to figure this out, because you are smarter.

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