The Ornery P.S.A.
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It should not take a head injury
*after personally sustaining a head injury & coma*
to figure this out...
A Semi-Satirical Blog though Based in Factual Situations which have occurred and/or have been seen in whichever ways thereof.
*(utilizing articles discussing facts)*
By:  (Reverend) Susan MeeLing
also known as
Lady Dori Belle


Please share the link to my website and feel free to comment in the section below however know that I am not informed as to any comments made within the area of each journal blog I post, though the ability to express yourselves as to such comments of such are able to be seen of such portions if you so choose.

I encourage others to share the links and to speak about such topics honestly as to such aspects and situations as my saying as to it should not take a head injury to figure out is the main satirical portion as to my journal blog, as to the facts as to sometimes when wording hits a certain way all one can do is chuckle a bit as to reviewing such portions of information thereof.

If interested in using my journal blog for articles and/or legal aspects please just remember to put the link to the specific journal blog article area to assist the fuller aspects as to the clarifications for others to also be able to read through for such additional details, as well as if there are those who are interested in further discussions and/or commentary and/or interviews and/or speaking arrangements and/or invitational aspects of such journal blog entries I have written please do contact me through my contact form with such details at 

Please also know the reasons for having such available hopefully assists the more open discussions as to the various details thereof to which I have been honest and truthful about, which additionally to such as to posting on social media in various areas is welcome as the ability to discuss such topics honestly is of importance as it brings a different form of discussions though also assists more to be involved with such viewpoints.  I know there are those who either have not had a social media account and/or have had to wait to be online more often in such aspects depending upon the employment thereof to which the reference to the details in such references per journal blog entry might assist in different ways while additionally giving the ability to still engage online in various forums to which while some may prefer not to have their social media accounts associated with responses on my website which is acceptable; it does give a forum for such discussions as well for those who may not have the ability to go into further details in certain other areas online, as to a different cover though the reality of such transparency on my part as to having been open and honest as to my community area involvements additionally hopefully open the doors and open the lines for more genuine and honest communication within the age appropriate guidelines thereof for the betterment and clarity among more.



Admittedly only recently in the year of 2020 had I realized I may physically look similar to different characters in different aspects of pop culture however I did not grow up being allowed to watch such aspects and since after waking up from my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury coma, I do not usually watch such pop culture because of the after effects from my Psalm Sunday in the year of 2000 head injury as to knowing the personal aspects of what is best for myself.  However I did not and do not know of the pop culture references many of the times because of not being allowed to watch anything other than G-rated movies/television throughout my childhood and teenager years in the 1980s to the 1990s as the rating systems may have been different for such times, as I also was not allowed to watch PG or PG13 or any other type of PG until I was a certain age which again similarly to such times in the 1980s and the 1990s the rating system may have been different to such aspects; of which once I was the age of 18 years old biologically I have been able to watch anything and everything I personally prefer or want to watch.



Additionally I do not play games despite possibly looking physically as what characters might be as to such, as again that is something within pop culture which I have not usually known nor understood a reference to such in pop culture however I encourage people to know the difference between a pop culture reference as to knowing the difference to the human being spoken with as I have picked up there are several individuals who may not have known there is a difference between what images and/or videos as to being seen compared to the interactions with others when in real life in person as well as when speaking with others through various forms of online communication of which the care and the concern as to such aspects in my opinion is of importance to review for such realities. 



While I understand others have the choice to play games for whichever aspects thereof, please comprehend I am not one who will play games as I personally do not find such appealing to me nor to the after effects of as well as from my Psalm Sunday year of 2000 head injury just as others with and/or without a head injury may have a different viewpoint to such aspects as to games as some just have a life which such is considered as a luxury to play games comparatively though cannot do.



Please be respectful as to such as well as if you meet me and/or see me in public and speak with me, please be honest as to such as I have not ever assumed anyone had ever known of my website or my work as to the fact I have known there are many websites throughout the internet of which if there have been hints to such at any point in time there has not been the ways of which I would view such aspects as to the reference without the actual bringing of such information up first by who I have spoken with because of the ways as though I write as I do when I speak it is not always the same way as such comes across online possibly as there are differences as I would guesstimate others would know as per their own online aspects as to how such discussions have been with others and/or writings thereof as to when corresponding with others.



Though I know there are more than just the two social media areas of which Facebook and Twitter have been available, because of certain topics of my journal blog entries as well as the multiple social media platforms I lease such areas at the discretion of the reader to posting such aspects because of the knowledge certain topics are for certain age ranges as to the details thereof though because of certain aspects as to the intellectual levels for the reasons as to the choices thereof for what I have known some companies have assisted with in reference to the rating system as to guidelines as to the clicking of certain links for such software references as to controls.  I have done the best I could to ensure the ability for if in reference to biologically under the age of 18 years old for such choices up to the parent(s)/legal guardian(s)/grandparents to the topic points I have/do written/write about as well as kept such details more modest for the ability for such aspects of choice to the appropriate levels of discussions, of which hopefully with the additional aspects as to the genres assist with such abilities for the clarifications thereof.  

If newsworthy, please do send to the news organizations if there are topics of which are interesting that should be broadcast upon the various news media stations as to the specifics within the posts I have put together.