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It should not take a head injury

*after personally sustaining a head injury & coma*

to figure this out...









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*(utilizing articles discussing facts)*

By:  Susan MeeLing

After the head injury caused a coma while I learned how to deal with the headaches, migraines, cognitive disorders, memory problems, and other medical conditions I went from College Algebra with Trigonometry & Calculus down to 2nd grade math.  Here is how logic works for someone like me::

~  It took awhile for the doctor's recommendation to use sticky notes, to help remember.

~  It took several months to realize sticky notes moved, let alone to remember to speak with the doctor.

~  After I finally remembered to ask the doctor about the note problem, notebooks were recommended.

~  When I could remember to pick up a notebook, it took a long time to learn similar to sticky notes, notebooks are not always where they were placed.

~  After I was able to organize the notebooks over several months I still had not learned notebooks are not always readily available, at the necessary time.

~  When I remembered to speak with the doctor about the notebook problem the doctor had few other suggestions, to assist memories better.

~  After several events and adding up sticky note and notebook location problems, I realized my skin goes everywhere I do.

~  Wanting my tattoos to only be for me and not for public consumption I started the ink on my legs, able to hide easier.

~  It would not be until many tattoos and several years later I would realize my memory problems were usually not as bad when wearing shorts, capri pants, or a skirt.

~  Between 3-5 years after my first tattoo I had the first tattoo completed on my arms, and my memory has slowly progressed towards an easier memory jolt.



When I say "it should not take a head injury to figure this out" it is partially in humor from personal experiences, towards understanding.


If I can laugh at my mistakes after recognizing and dealing with them, so can you.


You have the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom I lack in order to put everything together to fix the problems seen with abilities I do not have. 

Utilize the information within the blog to find genuine repairs and instead of complaining of the "hurtful" commentary, prevent the issues from reoccurring.

Then again, it should not take a head injury to figure that one out.

Do make sure to link my journal blog entry articles to yours if you refer to my works for any of your research in the slightest, for proper credit.  Thank you in advance, as I do as I request.

Post #5 of 7 Posts:The USS//USNS Vandenberg SCUBA Dive

The USS/USNS Vandenberg SCUBA Dive : Scheduled on 6 August 2009 but Digital Camera Date says 7 August 2009 : When I was ascending safely

When I arrived there was a line outside of the doors as the shop had not opened yet and almost everyone there had someone they were SCUBA Diving with, which I was envious of; but I knew I would be assigned a partner. When I checked in I gave them my NITROX SCUBA Dive card as well as my Advanced Open Water and my National Geographic SCUBA Diving certification cards. Once the payment was made I walked around the shop, before we were told as a group to go out to the docks. Everyone took their turns getting onto the charter boat called The Starfish Enterprise and after we were all seated the Dive Master informed me there was only one other NITROX SCUBA Diver, so we were partnered together.

That male and I spoke of our experiences and as he told me he had been SCUBA Diving for over ten years and had dove in Belize, Thialand, Japan, and other locations he then asked me how long I had been SCUBA Diving. I told him I earned my first certification in March of that year and he scoffed asking me "What type of SCUBA experience could you have for only having been SCUBA Diving for a little over 6 months?" I said "I have earned quite a few certifications and have done over 80 SCUBA Dives before going to Cozumel as I wouldn't allow myself to book the ocean trip without a specific number of SCUBA Dives, to ensure my safety." He scoffed at me telling me his dives were far nicer than where I had been to because of only SCUBA Diving in the state of Texas, Cozumel, and Boca Raton at the time; however when getting ready to discuss the dive plan, he had no idea what I meant and I had to explain it to him.

When discussing the dive plan to go down into the Vandenberg one of the Dive Masters was walking past us and he ran to the front of the ship saying "I need everyone's attention, right now! There is an important announcement I must make for all of you, to understand. This is going to be what we call a safe sex dive, which means no penetration." He looked at me and said loudly for everyone to hear "It doesn't matter what your SCUBA Diving training is and whether or not you have studied wreck diving, but this is a no penetration SCUBA Dive when we get out to be at the Vandenberg." I looked at my dive buddy and said "Oh, that sucks. I was really looking forward to being able to use my reel for once on a bigger wreck. Oh, well." The dive buddy I had been assigned shrugged his shoulders and said "What do you want to do instead?" I said "Well, since we can't go inside of the Vandenberg I guess we can just SCUBA Dive laps around the exterior." He nodded his head and the two of us began to prepare our SCUBA Dive gear for the decent and ascent.

After the charter boat drove out around an hour and a half to get to the Vandenberg, the Dive Master told my dive buddy and I "Since you two have NITROX, you will be a part of the first group which drops down." I nodded signaling I was okay with that and my dive buddy continued getting his gear ready. Once we were given the signal, he went into the water and then I rolled into the ocean. As I checked to make sure he was okay before descending, he signaled with his hand the okay sign and I started my free descent as I watched him go downward as well. After getting to the point where I saw the railing on the bow of the Vandenberg I looked up and saw my dive buddy was still descending, though he looked like he was crawling down a line. Confused I tried to maintain my depth level to keep an eye on him and waiting for him to get closer; but then more SCUBA Divers started getting in the water as more ships started arriving around the Starfish Enterprise and shortly after that, I lost sight of him in the water of the ocean to be able to distinguish him from the other SCUBA Divers.

When looking at my SCUBA Diving depth gauge on my SCUBA Dive watch I only saw a few number nines but I thought at the time I had only seen two or three nines, however now I realize even if I had seen the number 999 such was in Atmospheric Measurements and I was unable to do the arithmatic in my head and only remembered feet; when if it were 999ATMs that would be 32,967 feet or 10,999 meters. When looking at my SCUBA Dive depth gauge with the navigation compass and the oxygen tank sensor I saw 9,999,999 ATMs which is 329,999,967 feet or 109,999,989 meters. As some might have as much of an issue accepting those numbers as realistic for the depth of the ocean there are several points to take into account, of which I will point out here.

* 1). The Vandenberg is a Naval Aircraft carrier which also held several tanks along with the ammunition of the Nimitz class and the tallest tower is well above the tallest point of the biggest satellite for communication and the United States of America's government does not normally disclose the actual measurements of Naval ships to keep the systems safe from other countries intelligence, thus giving them artificial intelligence about the fleet of ships; just as is done to us in The United States of America. If you would like to know what a Naval ship for The United States of America's Navy looks like in size; I recommend you find a Naval Shipyard such as the one in Bremerton Washington to see the USS/USNS Nimitz, The USS/USNS Lexington in the Corpus Chirsti area of Texas, The USS/USNS New Jersey off the coast of New Jersey, or any other Naval Station of The United States of America if you can get close enough or if it is a museum.

If you are in middle America there is a place in Arco Idaho of which the USS/USNS Hawkbill submarine has a part of a hull on land near a military museum of which that hull is smaller than the satellites on the USS/USNS Vandenberg. Those who are near the Great Lakes for the Navy Basic Training area, can reference those naval vessels for a guide of the size in height though above the water and not including what is below the surface. For those who are near wind farms, the tallest point of the top of the fan blade is shorter than the tower on top of the naval vessel, for comparison. For those of you who have been on a commercial cruise, you have an idea of the overall combined height for the Horizon class of ships for the size from the water line to the topmost point of the commercial cruise ship; for the height of the deck to the top of the tower for The USS/USNS Vandenberg.

However, I found an underwater naval graveyard as my pictures show as there are different flags on the staff of one made of wood in comparison to the American Flag on the USS/USNS Vandenberg.

* 2). When sinking the Vandenberg the US Coast Guard had to be involved despite the area being in the area of the ocean of the Bermuda Triangle which is in the International area of the Atlantic area of the ocean, which translates to the need to take into consideration the hydro-logic pressure from the draught of the largest submarine vessels currently in production as well as additional measurements for the chance of growth in size and power of the submarine for the next 25 years passing over the Vandenberg. Also needing consideration for the mathematics for the depth of needing to add the information of commercial cruise ships passing over the area of the Vandenberg and their hydro-logic pressures in the combination of the current production of commercial cruise ships in development, for the next 35 years of already registered patent ideas. Also adding the possibility of one of those future submarines passing in one direction and the future cruise ships passing in the opposite direction and the hydro-logical pressures at the maximum projected speed for each as well as the draught created by both individually as well as combined, and then multiplying for a space of cushion times three; one could configure a rough estimate of the depths of which the BB&T Bank would need to work with The US Coast Guard as well as other Naval agencies from around the world for the sinking of The USS/USNS Vandenberg.

* 3). As it is known the earth is made of 75-80% water and the landmass of the earth is only between 20-25% of the earth's surface as well as the fact scientists have only been able to explore so much of the ocean and the constant change of which the currents erode the land, while also keeping in mind climate changes from natural weather patterns; we know far more about space and the galaxy than we do as humans about the ocean of the earth. I said this well before beginning my SCUBA Diving, as I said this when attempting to apply to MAST (Marine and Science Technology School) in New Jersey.

Thus despite the information on the internet for some sources not being accurate and the amount of fake news and fake information is peddled by some I ask you take this of me into consideration, before judging me falsely as another person. I had a head injury on Psalm Sunday in 2000 of which there was a subarachnoid hemmorage in the frontal left temporal lobe of my brain and though it might be difficult for some to believe, before my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury; I could not tell a lie. I could not lie because I had too many tells because of how guilty I felt as a child, but also because I got into trouble so much when growing up. When I was blamed for what my biological sister did I got into more trouble because I would "just accept the punishment" because I knew it was not my fault.

When I have been caught as a child doing something I was not supposed to and asked about it, I instantly confessed because I thought if I got into trouble for standing up for the truth of what I did not do was bad; I figured if I lied the trouble I would get into would be far worse. Adding the reality of the Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury, the subarachnoid hemmorage, the damage also from the coma on top of the injury, the headaches, the migraines, the memory deficits, the cognitive disorders, and having gone from College Algebra with Trigonometry and Calculus to 2nd Grade Math; it is impossible for me to attempt lie.

In reference to confessing, I confessed I drank alcohol to a Master Sergeant in The United States of America's Army Medical Hold Unit at Fort Sam Houston after the first weekend there because Specialist Jolliff and Specialist Webker took me to Hooters and told me alcohol and beer are the same thing, but what I asked in reference to Meade, they could not answer. I was asked by the Master Seargeant if I knew what alcohol was and I told him it was explained to me before the weekend with Jolliff and Webker, though I was told later Jolliff's dad was in Congress which meant what he did was not as important as what occurred and part of why I was issued an Article 15 along with the rave I went to; because he and his friends invited me to go and he had given me what I though was Flinstone's Vitamins after the female he called a friend named Princess Jasmine gave me what I thought was Advil. That is a quick example of how I cannot tell a lie, immediately after waking up from the coma and being in Medical Hold Unit after what I was told having been on Convalesent Leave.

I shall explain for easier understanding, but go backwards for the ease.

~ In reference to having gone from College Algebra with Trigonometry and Calculus to 2nd Grade Math I ask these questions: How many people have seen a 2nd Grader who can successfully lie, and keep it up? How many people can honestly say they have met a 2nd Grader who has told a lie and never got caught lying about it, at any point in time of a three to five week period? How many 2nd Graders who try to lie are caught within the first few hours? The first few days? Or the first week?

~ In reference to the migraines: has anyone ever seen someone with a migraine try to explain anything? Can anyone say who has the issues of dealing with migraines, they could formulate a lie when dealing with the pain?

~ In reference to the cognitive disorders: since I have difficulties putting things together, how can I tell a lie if I have a difficult time describing the truth?

~ In reference to memory deficits: how could I tell a lie since I have a difficult time remembering what I did in a day or ate for the day? How much memory does it take to remember a lie? Through my guesstimation one would need to remember at all times who exactly was in the area of when telling the lie as well as if there were any recording devices as well as where there locations were beyond just an overall statement of the recording devices being in the area as well as what portion of what was said as well as when it was told as well as the questions and statements which lead to such; without a milli-second of hesitation. It is one thing in my opinion to try to remember such for proving one's innocence but another thing to keep a lie going, and not ever giving anymore information ever.

~ In reference to the headaches of which I always deal with a minimum of a 3 on a 1 to 10 scale of pain of which my haircut is an example of how much the weight of my hair causes additional pain to my headaches, and thus how many people when they are in pain in their head which is where the thought processes occur can say they can tell a lie? I cannot, it is difficult for me to think when the pain levels rise above the three level.

~ In reference to the coma I had been in I do not know how long I was in a coma, because I was in a coma. The medical documentation from Fort Sill in Lawton Oklahoma has multiple start dates starting on Psalm Sunday in 2000 though there are points of which the notations say I was sort of conscious and there are multiple end dates, when looking at the documentation from Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio Texas. However I am not the only person who has been in a coma before or since (I apologize for all those who have endured such) and there multitude of after effects differs from person to person, I guesstimate. However that may be the case a specific type of honesty is something I guesstimate occurs with those who have been in longer coma, and thus I cannot tell a lie.

~ In reference to the subarachnoid hemmorrage of which I have been told I am lucky to be alive because of the location of and they type as I could have been a vegetable if the doctors had drilled into my brain with a 50/50 percentage, but instead the doctors chose to see what would occur and whether or not the subarachnoid hemmorrage would dissipate. After four and half half years the MRI I had completed a minimum of once every six months from after being in Medical Hold Unit at Fort Sam Houston all the way through to the time of being on TDRL (Temporary Retirement Duty Leave) until I was fully medically retired from The United States of Americ'a Armed Forces Army Branch, the subarachnoid hemmorrage had fully cleared out of my brain. However the after effects of as the doctors explained to me, are permanent. Though from 2004 through to even last year in 2018 I did not believe I actually had as many problems as the doctors had explained to me despite feeling the pain and despite the other factors, I just did not want to believe it personally. With that statement that also did not give anyone the right to test me because of my injuries outside of the medical professional field as last I thought and believed, one had to have a medical license to do such and I did not sign any waivers for anyone other than medical doctors to do so in professional settings. Though I can and have tested myself, that is my choice. No one else had or has been given that right to do so to me and I truly hope anyone who has not had that right (aside from my son and my daughter as children tend to test their parents as anyone knows, though within reason); is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. For example Erika AKA Discordia (the one who was arrested and went to jail for three days because she stole garden gnomes out of people's yards in the city of San Antonio Texas, and those similar to her such as my ex-sisters -in-law who each acknowledged they had tested my head injury after effects, for their own amusement for years. Though I understand and am lenient for those who initially question in a way to see if my memory has been as bad as it is, there is a point where it is beyond a reasonable doubt; same in reference to my cognitive disorders, my headaches and migraines (look at my haircut and the fact I get Lindsey to wax the side of my head each week to relieve the weight from my hair for the pain levels for an example).

...However, I digress, from such and back to the SCUBA Dive at The USS/USNS Vandenberg; though I guesstimate there is an aspect of my writings which could prove other factors thereof in regards to my medical conditions...

When at the bottom of the ocean and looking upward attempting to find my SCUBA Diving assigned partner, I made the choice to swim around what I thought was the Vandenberg. Now, I realize, I was swimming around one of many sunken naval vessels from various ers in time. I knew I only had three minutes through PADI regulation standards, though I also knew how to keep myself safe when doing so. Albeit I also did not comprehend at the time of the depth level I was at, though that at this point is inconsequential. I swam around one of the naval vessels and the images I took I will explain as well as label the marine life I had found, when I was in the depths of the Matthias Abyss which is in the area of the Bermuda Triangle. I have written to NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration), PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors), DAN (Divers Alert Network) also its associate DAN AWARE, The United States Coast Guard Headquarters, The United States Navy Headquarters, The United States Marine Corps Headquarters, The United States Army Headquarters, The United States Air Force Headquarters, The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) Headquarters, The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) Headquarters, The House of Congressional Representatives, The House of Senatorial Representatives, The White House, President Donald J. Trump and his First Lady Mrs. Melania Trump and his First Family of the United States of America, The Vice President Mike Pence and his Second Lady (though in his heart his First Lady) Mrs. Karen Pence and his Family, Former POTUS Barrack H. Obama and Former FLOTUS Michelle Obama and their family, Former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden and their family, Former POTUS George W. Bush Jr and Former FLOTUS Laura Bush and their family, Former POTUS William J. Clinton and Former FLOTUS/Secretary of State/Senator of New York Hillary Clinton and their daughter Chelsea, Former POTUS Jimmy E. Carter Jr. and Former FLOTUS Rosalynn Smith and their family, as well as the former Vice Presidents still living and in reference to the SCUBA Dive as well as changing the measurements and the regulations to assist with the safety of the various SCUBA Divers for both the professional as well as the recreational route; among several other reasons which others were added to the list of whom I have contacted especially since November 2018 but well before then as well.

However I do have several ideas of which to define and also including The Underwater Travel System I came up with, of which can be a reality to travel as an educational as well as vacation system; while also a transportation aspects from continent and certain islands to continent. For an idea think of a cruise ship experience as well as being able to see the cruise ships go overhead, but under the water in the ocean with safety measures pre-installed.

When I had not been able to find my SCUBA Diving assigned buddy and after I swam around the naval vessel, I still had a few minutes as I chose to wait until my watch had gotten to nine minutes under the water. Once the ninth minute hit and I saw the fish swimming upward from behind me and told that fish to close its mouth and return downward and stay, I then started my safe ascent to the surface. I completed two safety stops for five minutes at each point before surfacing to the the top of the ocean. I signaled for the nearby ship to help, and they sent a male out to get me with a portable bouey. As the shipmates reeled us in I told him of what I did and asked if my SCUBA Dive buddy was okay, but he did not know anything. When he and I were on that ship, I told the crew of what occurred and they radioed to The Starfish Enterpise to come get me. They asked and checked if I was okay, which I was though worries about my SCUBA Dive buddy. As I stood on their ship with my SCUBA gear waiting we talked and when one of the Dive Masters from The Starfish Enterprise came out with a a different portable bouey, I told him of what occurred while asking if my SCUBA Dive buddy was safe and okay. He said he didn't know and once on The Starfish Enterprise I explained to those Dive Masters and the Captain of that ship, before my stomach started feeling queesy. I was extremely nervous about the safety of my buddy and could not calm myself down. They offered me a juice box and of the three, I took the grape juice as it had the least amount of acidity compared to the apple and the orange juice. When my stomach still would not calm down, I was told to go snorkeling and I did trying to find my buddy.

I looked at each SCUBA Diver but did not see who I needed to find though I felt my wings surging at the same time which was extremely odd for me as they usually were out only on land and not when in the water. Though my wings have come out after getting out of the water when SCUBA Diving, they were never out when actually in any body of water; not when swimming, not when snorkeling, and not when SCUBA Diving. I never felt that sensation before and not since that day of what was supposed to be 6 August 2009 but my camera recorded 7 Agusut 2009. I never felt my wings get so big with the exception of on one day before then, and looking at the time it was around when The Pentagon was struck. If you are spiritual or religious or you are not, I know what I felt at that time on 11 September 2001 as well as on that day when on top of the ocean after the first SCUBA Dive at The USS/USNS Vandenberg. I admit unlike on 11 September 2001 I felt burning at the tips, though I am unsure of what occurred at that time with absolute certainty. I have a feeling of a guesstimation, but I have no proof thereof. I did have a dream later on in 2010 of which when I tried to write about there were problems with my e cigarette which was charging later in 2019 in Tacoma Washington, but I do not think I have met him in person; though I feel though I saw him one time looking back when in Seattle as I told another volunteer "I just want to speak with that one, but I can't explain why" at that time.

Later after snorkeling for awhile people started to surface and the SCUBA Diving buddy I had been assigned to surfaced to get onto The Starfish Enterprise last, and after everyone sat down I started yelling at him. I screamed "And where the f*** were you?" He looked at me with wide eyes and asked me "What? What did I do wrong?" I yelled "Where did you go?" He said "I couldn't see you so I joined the tour group", pointing to a male and female with their tour guide. I yelled "How dare you put those people at risk!" He asked "what do you mean?" I screamed "What the f*** do you think would have happened if you ran out of air, while with them? Would you have just reached for their spare regulator? What do you think would have happened, if you did that?" He stood there silent looking at me as I screamed "You put that female, that male, and that tour guide at risk you stupid f***! You also put all of the SCUBA Divers on this boat at risk, as well as the Dive Masters, and the Captain of the boat!"

He looked at me blankly as I yelled, "You also put everyone on everyone of those ships that are out here right now, at risk!? He bucked up and said "Yeah, okay." I said "What the f*** do you think would have happened if something occurred out here? do you think the Coast Guard would have just been okay letting everyone go, without a single question? No, dumba**! They would have had to question every single person and what about the people here, who have a schedule to keep; you inconsiderate bastard!" He said "Hey, now" and I interrupted him "I did not give you permission to speak and when I give you permission to speak, you will know it. You put everyone out here at risk, not forgetting yourself. I can't comprehend how stupid you are to not even notice." I continued as he stared at a few people hoping and wishing they would speak up but they turned their looks away from him "Don't be irresponsible! How did you not surface at any point in time until after the end of the SCUBA Dive for the first descent?"

I looked at him while tapping my foot and then said "You have been given permission to speak, I didn't ask the question for my health." He stammered, "Well...well...well...I didn't want to waste my dive" I threw my hands in the air "Oh, you didn't want to waster your dive? What about me? You didn't look for me, did you?" He shook his head side to side signaling no as I then lit into him "What the f***? You had the nerve to give me s*** about only doing more than 80 SCUBA Dives before getting out here mainly in the area of lakes and quarries, but you have had more than ten years of SCUBA Diving experience? Psh! Are you kidding me? I may have only SCUBA Dove in the lakes and quarries before going into the ocean in Cozumel and then Boca Raton then here, but at least I'm a conscientious SCUBA Diver who tries to make sure everybody is safe. What's your excuse for being you?" He looked and then asked "do I have permission to speak?" I said "Go ahead, I would truly like to know why you treated me as you did and then put all of these SCUBA Divers and the caretakers of the ships at risk."

He looked around as though the Dive Masters or the Captain was going to help him before looking back in my direction to say "Well, I didn't think it was that big of a deal." I jumped up and yelled "You didn't think it was that big of a deal? You didn't think it was that big of a deal? You literally joined a tour group who didn't even know you were there and if you ran out of air, then you obviously were willing to put them at further risk by grabbing one of their regulators and then freaking them out. You obviously would have reached for the closest one to you and then the other one would be shocked and the tour guide would be irate, and you obviously didn't care. Or can you honestly correct me and tell me truthfully, you cared about their safety as well as your own?"

He looked at the water and I said "Hey! Eyes over here, to me. I am the one speaking to you, answer me now." He looked at me and said "I do care about my safety." As I waited for him to continue and after almost over a minute of silence I yelled "You care about your safety, and again I repeat my question in reference to them. What do you think would have happened if you reached for his regulator? do you think that would have gone well? don't answer because the answer is no, and what do you think would have happened to you if you reached for her regulator? The answer is he would have gone after you as well as the tour guide, and I am not even going to ask you about the tour guide because I know that mother f****r has several SCUBA knives on him, and he would have handled some mother f*****g business."

The male stammered around though had nothing coherent to say when I demanded "Get out of my sight, boy! I don't want to see you right now!" I looked at the Dive Masters and said "I want a different SCUBA Dive partner because obviously that one is dumber than a box of rocks." The Dive Master who said the SCUBA Dive at the Vandenberg was a safe sex dive softly said "If you can find someone who will trade partners with you to be his partner, but while I think and have no doubt everyone on this ship would prefer to be your SCUBA Dive partner, I don't think anyone is willing to be his." I threw my hands in the air "Great, f*****g great. Fine, I guess I'm stuck with you, but let me tell you how this SCUBA Dive is going to go." The male stood tall and said "You never asked me why it took me so long to descend." I said "Okay, what is your defnese?" He said "I couldn't get my ears to clear." I said "And..." He said "Well, that's it." I said "Why did you not blow your nose while holding it? Why did you shake your head side to side? Did you not learn that when you went SCUBA Diving through those lessons? And by the way, what the f*** were you doing holding onto the mooring line? Everyone who SCUBA Dives I thought, is taught how the f*** to do a free descent."

He looked at me and asked "What is a free descent?" I looked at the Dive Master and he looked to the Captain who looked to the ocean and I said "Are you f****g kidding me? What f*****g school did you go through to be so f*****g stupid? You have got to be kidding me, you never learned how to do a free descent." He said "I learned on a cruise ship, and I went through NAUI." I said "NAUI has to have better standards than what you have produced yourself to be, and if not; then they need to update their regulations and standards. I cannot believe there is a SCUBA School system which does not teach free descents." The people on the ship started speaking amongst themselves as I said "Okay, just be gone with you. When the Dive Masters say it is time to prepare to get back in the water, then you and I will speak. Until then, I don't want to see you at all, right now." He scurried to the bow of the ship, and curled into the fetal position murmering "Oh, my God. Oh, my God."

I went to where my SCUBA gear was, sat down, found my pack of cigarettes and lighter, and lit one up. I leaned back on the backseat railing area and murmered to myself "You were afraid of missing out on a SCUBA Dive and wasting it. Ha. I landed at the bottom of the mother f****g ocean and I wasted my SCUBA Dive because of you not giving a s***. Stupid, son of a bitch."

***SIDE NOTE*** I realize now the reason why he could not find me at the bottom of the ocean, but it does not change the fact he put all of those other people at risk.***

Everyone on the ship kept to themselves and spoke amongst themselves as I smoked and waited for their surface interval to be over so I could go SCUBA Dive, while changing out my tank. While I did so I noticed I only went through a little over half of the tank of NITROX which I was pissed off at myself then for going through so much, though I realize now in 2019 I did fairly decently (pun intended) on my intake as with the depth level I was at and the coverage when I went around whatever naval vessel at the lower level beneath the Vandenberg as well as surfacing and the safety stops, I had done okay when going through my tank. Thankfully the steel was strong enough not to collapse as well as my hoses were strong enough they did not collapse when I was at the depths I was, though the more important aspects are the tank when surfacing did not expand and rupture, nor did my hoses. Also the fact I did not get the bends nor have an air embolism is another good point. While I could complain about not getting the most out of that first SCUBA Dive as I had before, I guess now I truly cannot complain. I did find a few species of fish, I did tell the really big fish coming up behind me not to go any further and to close his mouth or I would be forced to punch him in the face to defend myself and instead he descended back downward, and I did find a bunch of ships at the bottom of the ocean well beneath where the USS/USNS Vandenberg is; so technically, I did not waste my SCUBA Dive, by some small technicalities.

When the Dive Master said everybody had around ten to fifteen minutes to get ready before we could get back into the water, my assigned SCUBA Dive buddy came over to where I was sitting and smoking another cigarette. I went through almost half of the brand new pack I brought with me, as I was so infuriated. However I don't think or believe there is a smoker who SCUBA Dives out there who would not be irate in that moment before realizing the levels (pun intended) of what actually occurred, nor do I believe a smoker who also SCUBA Dives would not be able to understand my anger at that moment in time. I also do not believe any smoker who SCUBA Dives can genuinely not see how they would probably go through as many cigarettes if they had that occur in the same scenario to them, though I don't think anyone else would want that to occur. I know I did not expect that, at all; obviously.

When the assigned partner came over to sit near me he asked "What id that dive plan thing, and how do you want to do this?" I said you are going to drop down with me and you are going to stay at my side no more than one arm distance away from me, and if you have a problem clearing your ears do as I said before. Hold your nose, and blow. Your ears will clear quickly and then when we get to where my depth gauge reads at 60 ATMs, we will go around the ship and look at the vessel. Got it?" He said "Whatever you say, Ma'am. You're the boss." I looked at him with the cigarette in between my lips and said "You're mother f*****g right, I am." Now I realize nor, 60 ATMs is 1,980 feet or 660 meters; however I did show him hand signals if he needed to surface if there was an emergency. However there was not an emergency, that dive went well, and the only time he signaled to me was when he was running low on air. We went around the perimeter of The USS/USNS Vandenberg one and a half times before surfacing with one safety stop for five minutes.

When we returned to the boat closer to being the last ones on the ship, he and I took care of our individual SCUBA gear. He told me "Thank you for teaching me that, but I didn't think you had to be so mean to me." I looked at him and said "I was very nice to you because what you need to understand before you continue is we are in the area of the ocean which is of the International waters area, which means I was very mother f*****g nice to you. Though we are on a United States of America's based vessel, you started the problem. You put people at risk, and you still don't seem to care. I have a part of me which wants to shank you for not realizing your mistake and causing problems, but I am going to let that slide. You still need to apologize to those two divers, and their tour guide." He looked at me and asked "Are you serious or, are you joking?" I looked at him and asked "What part of me makes you think, I am joking right now?" He got up, walked over to them, said "I'm sorry" and when he returned to sit down I said "Yeah you are, a sorry sack of s***. That was a weak a** apology. However I have a feeling, you're going to learn."

He asked me "Are you threatening me?" I said "No, but you don't know who they are just as I don't know. You could have just pissed off some of the most powerful people and not even realized it, but you still don't care do you?" He shook his head and shrugged his shoulders asking me "What do you care?" I said "I don't care who they are in that regard but what I do care about is other SCUBA Divers' safety, whomever they are, whatever their background. If those people are the most powerful people in the world or just someone like me who was simply looking to enjoy a small vacation, you put them and everyone else on this ship at risk. You don't know who they are but obviously you have judged me knowing by the way I look, I am just me. As you do so as you did, you also don't know who else is on this vessel. I don 't either but what I do know is you didn't care about me, you didn't care about those two, you didn't care about that tour guide, you didn't care about the Dive Masters, and you didn't care about the Captain; nor did you care about any of the others on all of those other ships. I feel that you still don't, but one day, you will."

He said "I think you're threatening me." I looked at him as I put the last bit of my gear into my SCUBA bag and said "No I am not threatening you do you know why you should know, I am not threatening you?" He shook his head side to side signaling no and I said "I don't make threats, I just f*****g do. If you think I am threatening you then that is your problem, you are thinking. If I was in any way, shape, or form actually making a threat believe me when I say you wouldn't think about whether or not I was threatening you. There is no thinking about that one, from me." I looked over my shoulder and pointed at the clouds starting to come in and said "You see that?" He looked and said "The clouds?" I said "There's your proof I don't make mother f*****g threats, I just mother f*****g do." I pointed to the people on the other ships and the ones on The Starfish Enterpise and said "Do you see those people? Those people will be nicer than me and actually threaten you, because that is their warning. I was nice by telling you to fix yourself, but if you still feel threatened, then go somewhere else away from me."

He said "You looked so nice before" and I said "I am nice, I am actually one of the nicest people you will ever meet. However if you cause harm needlessly or want me to be your enemy, I am not one to be reckoned with. I am not the one you have to worry about though because I am more concerned about legitimate safety for all and not just out for myself, whereas some of those people on this ship you put at risk; they might have different thoughts of what should occur to you." He asked "Do you think you're safe just because you landed at the bottom of the ocean?" I said "No, I know everyone has risks in life. I am no different, however I do what I can to survive without purposely pissing anyone off. You on the other hand, you don't see to care about anyone but yourself and even that, is questionable." He asked "What do you mean by that?"

I said "If you cared about yourself, you would have dove within your limits without putting anyone else at risk You would have known your limits and surfaced as soon as you realized you didn't know where I was after a few minutes as I did, and granted I waited 6 minutes past the three minute mark for regulations but I also know myself and I know my SCUBA Diving capabilities as well as I know the training I have put myself through; as well as I know what I was taught on top of that. You on the other hand, you are still trying to push the blame on me when you are the one who put everyone else at risk. I try to do and be better, whereas you still don't care. If you actually cared, you would have actually apologized to those people instead of what you did. He scoffed and said "Oh my God, what do you think you are? Do you think you're some kind of hero or saviour?" I shook my head side to side signaling no as I said "I am just me, and you put those people at risk. I never claimed to be anything or anyone other than myself. Your arrogance has put so many at risk today."

He grew upset and said "You said I don't know who they are, but you don't know who I am. I could be a wealthy powerful person, and you wouldn't know it." I asked "Could you land at the bottom of the ocean and surface safely, as I did?" He grew quiet before saying "No" and then I said "While you're right you could be someone powerful and whatever but I have a question, do you think you are the rickest and most powerful out of everyone on this ship who you put at risk?" He said "You don't know, I could be." I said "You could be, but if you were you wouldn't be saying that to me. Also if you were, you wouldn't have thought twice about surfacing and not putting that group at risk. But I will tell you one last thing that I know before you better stop speaking to me before I get angry." He said "What?" I said "I know you are an unsafe SCUBA Diver who doesn't care how many people you put at risk, and that's all I need to know about you. I hope I never have to deal with you again and if I do, I hope it has to do with putting you behind bars for putting all those people at risk and or for whatever other stupidity you did. I am so frustrated with you right now, get out of my face."

He got up and stomped over to the Dive Masters and complained about how I was being mean to him and I just ignored the rest of it, as he had put so many at risk. He tried to demand a refund and that was when I stopped listening, and paid attention to what I needed to do for myself so I could be squared away before we left the area of the Vandenberg to then get to shore. One of the other SCUBA Divers came over to me and said "That's guy is a prick." I chuckled and said to him "That's the only difference between a male and a female that is naturally good, so technically you just gave him a compliment." The male chuckled and said "I like you, you're different. Did you really land at the bottom?" I pulled my camera out of my bag and showed him the pictures and he said "Oh my God, you did really land at the bottom." I said "I can't lie. I had a head injury on Psalm Sunday in 2000 and its impossible for me to lie. I will say though it is better when I am in a good mood, rather than a bad mood. I do know that, so I am trying to calm down because I am so mad at that guy." He said "You know, I am kind of mad at him too. I thought about what you said while SCUBA Diving during the second dive and I realized you are right about everything you said. The amount of people who would have to be called out here if something happened, I can't even.

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