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It should not take a head injury

*after personally sustaining a head injury & coma*

to figure this out...









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*(utilizing articles discussing facts)*

By:  Susan MeeLing

After the head injury caused a coma while I learned how to deal with the headaches, migraines, cognitive disorders, memory problems, and other medical conditions I went from College Algebra with Trigonometry & Calculus down to 2nd grade math.  Here is how logic works for someone like me::

~  It took awhile for the doctor's recommendation to use sticky notes, to help remember.

~  It took several months to realize sticky notes moved, let alone to remember to speak with the doctor.

~  After I finally remembered to ask the doctor about the note problem, notebooks were recommended.

~  When I could remember to pick up a notebook, it took a long time to learn similar to sticky notes, notebooks are not always where they were placed.

~  After I was able to organize the notebooks over several months I still had not learned notebooks are not always readily available, at the necessary time.

~  When I remembered to speak with the doctor about the notebook problem the doctor had few other suggestions, to assist memories better.

~  After several events and adding up sticky note and notebook location problems, I realized my skin goes everywhere I do.

~  Wanting my tattoos to only be for me and not for public consumption I started the ink on my legs, able to hide easier.

~  It would not be until many tattoos and several years later I would realize my memory problems were usually not as bad when wearing shorts, capri pants, or a skirt.

~  Between 3-5 years after my first tattoo I had the first tattoo completed on my arms, and my memory has slowly progressed towards an easier memory jolt.



When I say "it should not take a head injury to figure this out" it is partially in humor from personal experiences, towards understanding.


If I can laugh at my mistakes after recognizing and dealing with them, so can you.


You have the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom I lack in order to put everything together to fix the problems seen with abilities I do not have. 

Utilize the information within the blog to find genuine repairs and instead of complaining of the "hurtful" commentary, prevent the issues from reoccurring.

Then again, it should not take a head injury to figure that one out.

Do make sure to link my journal blog entry articles to yours if you refer to my works for any of your research in the slightest, for proper credit.  Thank you in advance, as I do as I request.

Post #3 of 7 Posts : Cozumel Mexico SCUBA Dive & Training Through to Other SCUBA Diving Training

Advanced Open Water SCUBA Diver : 21 June 2009 Certification Graduation & Specialty SCUBA Diver: Deep Diver : 21 June 2009 Certification Graduation & Specialty SCUBA Diver: Multilevel Diver : 21 June 2009 Certification Graduation

At Travis Lake in Austin Texas for the Deep SCUBA Diver as well as the Multilevel SCUBA Diver certifications of which Patrick D. Lynch and Jeff Walters had been my instructors with Curtis Powell Jr, we had gone through various aspects in the classroom before going out to Lake Travis in Austin for the SCUBA Dives. There I learned about what Patrick did to help Boy Scouts as well as Curtis asking me if I only got into SCUBA Diving because of the death of my dead-ex-husband, of which I clarified the reality for him. Though I had learned of the benefits of SCUBA Diving for people with headaches after my dead-ex-husband's death, his death had not been the reason why I went into SCUBA Diving and I informed him "If you ever knew how bad that marriage was, you would comprehend why I never looked into attempting SCUBA Diving when he was alive."

So admitting yes only because of my dead-ex-husband's death did I feel comfortable enough to look into SCUBA Diving because of the type of marriage he and I had before the final separation, that had not been my only purpose for getting involved with SCUBA; though I had felt safe enough to look into such because of him not being around me. Curtis laughed and said "It couldn't have been that bad" and I said "If you only knew, you would not ever say that to me. If your daughter had ever gone through what I had, I doubt you would be so crass at this moment and if your daughter went through what I had I know you would have been a better parent than what I ended up with." He looked to the side and said "I don't think you know how easy you could have had it" and I said "I don't think you comprehend how atrocious that so-called marriage was and if you ever learn of how bad it was, I would guesstimate you wouldn't wish such upon your worst enemy." Patrick had looked to the side and said "I think we should change the subject right now, because I think this is getting into some waters which are a little too heavy for SCUBA Diving." I said "I do not deny I was in an extremely abusive marriage and I am glad I survived it, but make no mistake when you look at me thinking I just use the insurance money as Curtis claimed."

Jeff looked at the water and said "Susan, you don't know what you're talking about." I said "No, I do know what I am talking about, I lived through it. You three think you know what you're talking about in reference to me and just because some people might do what Curtis suggested, not I. I am actually doing what I can to be in less pain and I am doing what I can to educate myself in ways which I have not had anyone assist me, and I am insulted at the fact you would even suggest something so heinous. You look at me and all you see is an ex-wife whose husband died and then I got into SCUBA Diving which is only a partial truth but if I had found the Israeli Medical Journals before the time when I did, I would not have gotten involved with SCUBA Diving if he was alive. Yes because he is dead I am able to feel safe enough to SCUBA Dive, but no it is not because he died and the insurance money allows such. I make my own money from my VA and so do not insult me by trying to say or insinuate it is such which has afforded me to do so. Also do not insult me by saying I don't know what I am talking about when in reference to what I dealt with in my marriage to that piece of garbage, you don't have the slightest idea of what I endured." I walked off and away from the campfire to go smoke as the other SCUBA Divers stayed with each other talking about whatever they did, as I focused my energy elsewhere as to not break down and cry. When I returned to the group Patrick asked me "Are you okay?" and I said "I'm breathing, and I'm going to my tent." He asked "Do you want to talk about what just happened?" and I said "No, I just calmed myself down from that conversation which was better than with my ex-in-laws but still, I did not get involved with SCUBA Diving to have such discussions."

Later on Patti came out to the lake to go over the Advanced Open Water on Saturday and the rest of the weekend went better than that discussion had the night before, though I did not bring up the topic as it was not of importance at the time. What was important was my focus upon the course as the classroom work had been much to keep in mind and think about in reference to my safety for each decent and each ascent instead of thinking about what I had dealt with. Though the rest of the class had gone well, the deep dives were at 105 ATMs or 3,564 feet or 1,188 meters in the Lake Travis area as we followed the chain downward. Due to the fact the weekend was longer for those SCUBA Dives, I was able to complete the coursework for each of my certifications quicker but accurately.

During this weekend course work I had spoken with Patrick about his upcoming SCUBA Dive to The USS Oriskany and I had informed him I was preparing myself for allowing myself to go into the ocean for the first time SCUBA Diving through going to Cozumel Mexico, though I was skeptical in certain regards. He asked me "How many dives do you have?" I said "I have 73 SCUBA Dives logged, though I forgot to write a few down." His eyes widened as he asked "Why have you waited so long to go into the ocean?" and I said "I need to make sure I know all of my gear before I go into the ocean as I would not allow myself to go to Florida without the training I deem to be of extreme importance for myself, before I go. I have a trip planned to Florida after Georgia and I refuse to allow myself to go SCUBA Diving in the ocean, without certain aspects taken care of properly." He asked "What do you mean, you're an Open Water SCUBA Diver, you're good to go."

I said "Sure, I technically could be considered good to go for such. However because of my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury I want to make sure I trust myself and my SCUBA gear to ascend and after my descent, both being as safe as possible. I don't want any problems and I can't afford to make a single mistake as surfacing to my children safely is extremely important." Patrick smiled "Of course it is." I said "You may feel or have felt comfortable to go into the ocean as you did, but for me to feel comfortable to go into the ocean with SCUBA gear; I needed to make sure I am absolutely 100 percent comfortable with myself and my gear. I am testing myself in the waters when I go to Cozumel because it is shallower waters of the ocean but when I go to Florida and in the Atlantic areas of the ocean, I need to be 100 percent on point." He smiled "Being a safe SCUBA Diver is important. Where are you planning on going SCUBA Diving?"

I said "When I am in Georgia my ex-sister-in-law Mary said she will allow me to go SCUBA Diving at the Georgetown Aquarium to go SCUBA Diving with the Whale Sharks, then I have a SCUBA Dive arranged for when I am in Boca Raton Florida, and following that I have planned to go SCUBA Diving at The USS Vandenberg." He said "I want to go to The Vandenberg, but I have been wanting to go to The USS Oriskany longer." I said "I would like to also go to The USS Oriskany, but that will be a bit much of traveling to get there and more than I already am going to be doing." He asked "Who is going with you?" I said "I am driving but my children are going with me as well as one of their cousins, so she can have some time to actually be a child." He asked what I meant by that, and I explained Marissa Marie's treatment by her mother Susie Marie Nichols-Lopez and how she had been made to be responsible for her brother Joseph and her older sister's son instead of being a kid. Patrick said "That's nice of you to take her along with you" and I said "She is going to enjoy herself as she has never been out of the state of Texas and has never seen what a beach looks like, so it will also be educational for her to enjoy. Her mom doesn't allow her any fun, and so I hope this experience will be a good one for her." He asked "What does her mom have to say about that?"

I said "Susie is mad at me because I will only take Marissa with me but as much as she spoils Joseph Anthony because of him being the only male and how Brieanna has other responsibilities of which she needs to learn to take care of herself instead of relying on everyone else as her mother taught her, I don't care what Susie Marie thinks. If she doesn't want Marissa to go, she can tell Marissa herself; but the plans are already set in motion." Patrick smiled and said "Despite what I think I get you have survived, that's really generous of you to take one of those family members with you." I said "I have always had a soft spot for Marissa Marie as I saw what she was going through the first time I met her, and she and I had a bond quickly. It was her mother who seemed to have an issue with the fact I was more accepting of her and saw the problems she faced initially and Brieanna Marie had issues with the fact I called her out for certain attitude adjustment issues, but has learned that I am fair with my judgments. She has had some issues, but she has come around much quicker than some would give her credit for; specifically her mother."

Cozumel, Mexico

Specialty SCUBA Diver: Drift Diver : 29 June 2009 Certification Graduation & Specialty SCUBA Diver: AWARE Fish Identification : 29 June 2009 Certification Graduation

Due to the fact I was unwilling to go into the ocean until I had completed at least fifty SCUBA Dives and when I made that point I felt I needed a few more training aspects before booking my trip which I had, and I am grateful I did. The first SCUBA Dive after a few hours from arriving to Cozumel, which technically the SCUBA Diver Instructors should have waited more than one hour before we went SCUBA Diving; was along the shoreline, of which when we checked into the Apple SCUBA Dive shop. There were people getting married at the gazebo down the ramp, though only two of the SCUBA Divers had seen that with me as the other couple and Jeff's girlfriend had gone to the rooms to sleep after the flight. As I had been put in a room with one of the other SCUBA Divers who was the only other single SCUBA Diver on the trip besides myself as he told me and the other SCUBA Divers were couples going on vacation together with the exception of Jeff Walters who was my SCUBA Instructor as I was told, the SCUBA trip I was looking forward to my training was interesting to say minimally. After seeing the wedding at the gazebo and thinking to myself "Ugh, that whole love thing must be nice; but not what I want to see right now" as then Jess came down the ramp and saw and I said "Aren't you glad yours is in the room, and this wasn't going on when we first arrived?"

Left to Right at the Cozumel Airport after we landed and got off of the airplane:

Me: Susan MeeLing SCUBA Diver Extraordoinaire

Sally, Jeff Walter's Girlfriend at the time

Joy, AJ's wife

Left to Right at the area of the hotel in Cozumel before getting the SCUBA gear for the shoreline SCUBA Dive:

Jeff Walters, PADI SCUBA Instructor


Me: Susan MeeLing, SCUBA Diver Extraordoinaire

The Photographer for the Wedding Ceremony

In the Gazebo: the wedding couple before their ceremony

A picture I took when passing by an area in Cozumel in which the coral reef grew similar to the way a cave/cavern looks when viewing outward

A Fish which was following the SCUBA Diving group and I around on that SCUBA Dive in Cozumel. I called that one Silver Tip

The Albino Spotted Moray Eel I found when landing at the bottom of the ocean in Cozumel

The Spotted Stingray I found and took a picture of when the group and I landed at the bottom of the ocean, in Cozumel

Picture on the Left: Me: Susan MeeLing, SCUBA Diver Extraordoinaire when on the boat as we were on the way to the island for a surface interval

Picture I took on the right: Sunrise

Picture I took when on the water: Sunset

The Seahorse I found when the group I was with SCUBA Dove at night

From Left to right at the area of Cozumel where I found the petrified Brain Coral after the picture:

Sally, Jeff Walters' girlfriend

Joy, AJ's wife

Me: Susan MeeLing, SCUBA Diver Extraordoinaire

Picture I took of the area I climbed after I picked up the petrified Brain Coral, the lower cliff is where I grabbed it from

I smiled and chuckled as Sean, Jeff, and I checked out the SCUBA gear from the shop for the shoreline SCUBA dive. After getting into the water of the ocean I saw a squid swimming along and getting closer and I told that squid "Get away, no one wants to get a hug from you right now. Scootch!" and the squid moved along to the coral reef we were passing by, though the Octopi were told the same thing as well as "You might cammo for those guys, but I see you. Stay over there, and don't come over here. No one wants a hug from you either." Going against the current as we SCUBAed along the shoreline I saw quite a few other fish of which were curious and looking at the other two and I, as we went along our way. The Squid and Octopi kept lurking along and following, though keeping at the minimum distance I would allow them to get close. As we returned from the furthest point when the other two realized where their tank levels were, we turned around to return to the ramp we had entered the ocean from. After we returned the gear to Apple SCUBA to take our SCUBA gear to our rooms, Jeff returned to his room with Sally; as Sean and I went to our room.

After a few hours we met up to go to dinner, before returning to the hotel to go to sleep for the next day. We had discussed the oxygen levels used for our tanks and Sean joked "What are you Susan, a fish?" I said "Nope, a mermaid possibly you could joke." He said "Your SCUBA tank barely used any air" and I said "I have had a lot of practice to ensure my breathing techniques can maximize the amount of time when I am in the ocean and in the lake waters. Don't be jealous because I returned barely making past one line on the gauge and you guys were almost to the red lines on each of your gauges." The other couple Joy and AJ chuckled at the banter as did Sally, though Jeff and Sean kind of grumbled a little bit. By the time we returned to the hotel I had already spoken with my children a few times as I called despite the charges for being in Cozumel, to make sure my son and daughter were doing okay. Before the trip I told Susie Marie Nichols-Lopez I had gone to a lawyer to set up my will which would leave everything to the Nichols family, if I died though obviously I am still alive and never died; but as a just in case. I called after the plane landed in the airport and we were walking through before going out to the car service, I called when we got into the hotel checked in, and I called after the first SCUBA Dive. Susie grew annoyed because of how much I called to make sure my son and my daughter, were doing okay while I was gone; but I did not let that deter me.

The next morning everyone met for breakfast before getting our SCUBA gear to go to the Apple SCUBA Dive shop, to get onto the boat. We completed the first morning SCUBA Dive and though I was able to tell the school of poufy Puffer fish to stay in the area of the current stream they were in, one little baby Puffer fish just did not listen. Though I was able to keep the majority of the group safe as the school of Puffer fish and other fish stayed in the area of that current stream, one little baby poufy Puffer fish made a bee line towards Sean. I thought that Puffer fish would just swim past Sean but instead Sean reached his hands out to catch the baby Puffer fish like a football; and instantly I told that baby poufy Puffer fish "Don't you let one single one of your spikes pierce his hands! You got me?" As Sean caught the fish and as per that fish's nature it pouffed up like a balloon, Sean held onto the Puffer fish for almost a full minute. I told the Puffer fish "Keep it down!" and after Sean finally let the Puffer fish go, the little one returned back to the school as I told it to. When we surfaced later on after reaching the depths of 105 ATMs or 3,465 feet or 1,155 meters, as soon as I got my BCD off of my back and my SCUBA mask off of my face; I demanded to see Sean Leonard's hands.

Hiding his hands behind his back I told him "Let me see them right now!" He looked away and said "No, I don't want to. It's no big deal." I said to Sean "I want to see your hands, right now." Sean asked me "Why?" I said "You caught a poufy Puffer fish and I told him not to pierce your hands, so let me see your hands right now!" When he tried to fiddle with his BCD to try to keep his hands away I grabbed his hands and pulled them close so I could look as though I had seen there was not a blood trail from when he released the Puffer fish, I wanted to make sure after I had already checked his eyes for dilation. After looking at his hands and ensuring the Puffer fish had not pierced Sean's skin as I told the Puffer fish not to I said "Good, that little f****r listened to me." Then I sat down after unzipping my wet-suit, and lit my cigarette. Jeff asked me "Are you kidding me?" I asked "What, now?" He said "How did you barely go through less than one third of your tank, but I went through almost over half of my tank? How many SCUBA Dives do you have?" I said "I have over 80 at this point, why?" He said "That's not fair! I have been SCUBA Diving for years and I can't make air last that long!" I said "Okay, what do you want me to tell you?" He asked "Has anyone else noticed this?" I said "Yes, Jeff Davis did a long time ago. What about it?" He asked "And what did he have to say about this?" I said "There were a few conversations but a few times he asked if I was a Mermaid or a Mermaid Queen and I joked with him saying no honey, I'm a Mermaid Empress. So, what's the big deal?" Jeff said "That's ridiculous! How did you go through such little air? That can't be right."

I said "The gauges of mine were checked and went through maintenance before the trip, and those oxygen testers the ship you have used are working perfectly fine. It's okay, it just is what it is."

Shortly after getting to the island for the surface interval, the group relaxed and ate. Sean stood behind everyone as we sat on the wooden logs and after awhile I got up, and walked over to him asking if he was okay. He nodded and said he "needed time to process what happened" and I said "It is okay, you survived." When I returned to the log I was sitting on and speaking with the three crew members it almost felt though Sean was looking at my wings on my back and/or the way my legs were crossed similar to a mermaid fin. Though the rest of the SCUBA Dives went well and the maximum we had gone to was when we were near where I took a picture of the Albino Eel as well as the Stingrays at 111 ATMs or 3,663 feet or 1,221 meters, but I have always said since beginning my research before going into SCUBA Diving for my first course "I want to make as many safe ascents as I make descents" and of course that included and includes anyone I am SCUBA Diving with; so that was a success.

The second SCUBA Dive for that day had gone well as the first, though this time there had not been any issues of Sean trying to catch any Puffer fish. Then again I ordered all of the poisonous fish to stay away from our SCUBA Diving group because of that one incident, as I did not want to deal with another scare like that again. I admit I may have been a bit selfish however I wanted to ensure the enjoyment of the SCUBA Dive trip as it had been my first time going to similar depth levels but with SCUBA gear, since having grown up in the state of New Jersey. The rest of that day we were there, the group had relaxed after returning back to the hotel after the second SCUBA Dive. The following day we went SCUBA Diving just before the sunset and I was able to capture several pictures of the sunrise of that day before going out to SCUBA Dive at night of which I had wanted to get a picture of a tiny Faery sized fish as Patti from International SCUBA said she enjoyed the smaller fish, whereas I wanted to swim with the Whale Sharks and other larger fish of the ocean. Just as we dropped down I saw a little Seahorse using its tail to hold onto a small piece of marine life at the bottom of the ocean, of which I took a few pictures of. That particular set of SCUBA Dives we had reached a maximum depth of 110 ATMs or 3,630 feet or 1,210 meters, of which I was able to also find a small group of fish which were around the coral reefs we had passed by.

The following day Jeff and Sean said we could not go SCUBA Diving because the next day we would be flying on an airplane and I asked "Why was it okay to SCUBA Dive after having flown into Cozumel according to you two, but its not okay to SCUBA Dive before flying out?" Neither answered my question and when I tried to redefine what I had already brought up as a concern in reference to when we first arrived and then went on the shore SCUBA Dive, they told me not to worry as we went out of the hotel area to explore a bit after they rented a Jeep Wrangler. As everyone enjoyed the scenery and had a drink from the little bar along the beach, I saw something out on one of the boulders as the ocean waves crashed amongst them. I walked over to the area as the group conversed with one another, and crawled on top of the boulders to get closer to see what I saw and found. As I jumped across one area to the next after playing with the waves but before making the waves bigger as they crashed among the boulders, I found a small little rock with lines on it.

Though I thought I had not been noticed when walking off to the shoreline when I returned, Sean was walking back from the bar to the picnic table. He asked me when I sat down "What did you do?" I shrugged my shoulders as he then asked "Did you go somewhere you weren't supposed to?"

I said "I can go wherever I want to in the ocean, thank you very much." He asked "What's in your hands?" and I closed my grip on the three inch little rock and said "I found what is mine, and mine alone." He laughed and said "Okay, what did you find?" as the others continued their conversation. I brought the rock closer to my chest and said "I found what is mine, it is mine okay?" He tried to get me to open my hands but I pulled away from him and said "Mine, its mine. I can show you, but its mine." He put his beer down and said "Okay, Susan it's yours. I just want to see what you found." I said "You know its mine, right?" He said "You are even bigger of a brat, than I am." I laughed and said "You have no idea how big of a brat I can be, but its mine." He smiled and aid "Okay, let me see what is yours please." I smiled as I opened my hands and said "You said the magic words." He went to pick it out of my hands and I quickly closed my hands and said "You said you wanted to see which means you see with your eyes, not with your hands."

He looked down at me having been much taller than I as he said, "Can I hold what you found please?" of which I smiled and asked "Don't you mean may I, not can I?" He grumbled and I opened my hands to place in his hands saying "Don't forget, its mine." He laughed and said "You found a Brain Coral" and I joked "Isn't that funny, I had a head injury in Psalm Sunday in 2000, you could joke I found my other half of my brain." He laughed handing back the petrified Brain Coral and said "If you only had a brain" and I said "I've always had a brain, goober. I just found an extra one, I guess." After returning to the Jeep Wrangler later on to go drive a little bit more around the island, we returned to the hotel. Sean and I packed up our gear individually as then I took a shower and he asked "What type of depth gauge do you have?" and I said as the water ran "I bought it from International SCUBA and Anthony said the gear was sold to the shop by a guy who SCUBA dove in the UK, which means it has measurements in Atmospheric Measurements and not feet or meters. Why?" There was silence until after I got out of the shower and got dressed, and he was packing his gear silently. I asked "are you okay?" He said "What was that thing you said when we were in the DFW Airport?" I asked "Which thing? We talked a bunch before getting on the plane, which comment are you referencing?"

He said "That thing about dives, and safety." I laughed and said "Oh that? I always want to make safe descents and safe ascents, is that what you mean? Do you mean how that includes anyone I am SCUBA Diving with because of not wanting to have to deal with problems after surfacing?" He nodded and said "Yes, that." I said "well that's what I said before you told me you were going to make me see and pet a Sea Cucumber and I told you don't touch anything in the ocean, because you don't know what can happen." He stopped packing his gear and looked at me, to give me a hug. I looked at him "What's wrong with you, why are you being all weird?" He said "I'm glad we went SCUBA Diving together." I joked and said "Yeah if it wasn't for me, that poufy Puffer fish would have bit you if it came along the way it did when you were SCUBA Diving." He said "Yeah, about that." I asked "What about that?" He said "That was a bit weird how it didn't puncture my skin" and I said "I told you, I told that poufy Puffer fish not to." as I went back to packing before our last dinner, before returning to the airport to fly out of Cozumel to return to The United States of America.

Emergency First Responder CPR/AED/First Aid Adult SCUBA Diver Certification : 8 July 2009 Certification Granduation

Ho W. Lee was the class instructor in the room near the store area of International SCUBA before going out to Clear Springs SCUBA Park for certain other aspects of the course, though mainly for fun dives with the other people who were in the class with me. We worked with a few different objects beyond the AED to know how to properly defibrillate, some first aid, and proper CPR resuscitation though instead of only practicing such for an adult my class also learned how to properly do such for a child as well as an infant; though I already knew how to do that because of the books I had studied after my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury, but also before my head injury because of the books my biological father had for his RN courses. However if reading my first two books "Finding A Silver Lining By: Susan MeeLing and "Finding The Silver Lining By: Susan MeeLing" you can see several examples of which well before SCUBA Diving and this course of my inner knowing, of what to do for first aid and the medical care of. For example, the reference of Nine Lives Books among several others; and yes I would still like to meet that individual's dad knowing who he is. The majority of the class was extremely informative and quite imperative for my own survival in other ways, and the questions raised were additionally helpful.

Specialty SCUBA Diver: Underwater Photographer Film Level 1 : 26 July 2009 Certification Graduation & Specialty SCUBA Diver : 26 July 2009 Certification Graduation

Both of the courses were taught to me by Jeff M. Davis of which for the Film Photographer class he asked me "Why are you wanting this course, when you already have finished and completed the digital course? Over achiever, much?" I smiled saying "If wanting to make sure I take the best pictures possible with film or with digital and applying certain aspects of both for better pictures overall is considered to be overachieving, then I guess so." Though the majority of the film photography course was similar to the digital photography course, other than the film and digital differences; there were quite a few other differences of which I learned about from Jeff. In reference to the videography course I admit, I was a teeny bit bratty when I found out I had to make a film instead of filming as people just did SCUBA Diving in the lake at Clear Springs.

Jeff said to me after the coursework "Okay Susan, you have homework. You have to make a video with a theme, and a plot." I said "What? Jeff, I could have used some warning to prepare a plan for that." He said "Yes, but I have work to do and you have homework and that is your homework." I stomped my foot pouting and said "I don't want to do homework!" He said "You have the assignment, so come up with a plan theme and plot for your movie. That's your homework." I asked "Are you kidding me? You don't think you could have told me before the weekend, I would have to do homework?" He smiled, "I'm sure you will learn much more during the process" and I interrupted him brattily "I think you'll learn something about the process as I can't believe you're assigning me homework, at the lake! You should have warned me and I could have planned before I got here, for that." He said "You have homework, go make a video movie." I crossed my arms and stomped my foot saying "Okay, Jeff. I'm going to make a movie. I'll do my homework but I am warning you." He stood up looking down at me "Warning me, of what?'

I kept my arms crossed looking up at him and said "I'm warning you I'm going to make the best movie you've ever seen with SCUBA Diving stuff, and you're going to be the pouty one." He got his nose closer to mine and said "Oh, yeah?" I said "Yeah, and you're going to like it so much you're going to be all pouty." He said "Susan, I've seen a lot of movies." I interrupted him "I don't care how many movies you've seen, you will never see a movie like mine as good, and you haven't seen one like mine before." He got a little closer "That's a little presumptuous don't you think, Susan?" I stomped my foot "No, its the truth! I'm going to make a movie you're going to be all pouty about, and you're not going to know until you see it." He chuckled leaning back a little and said "You're right, I haven't seen it yet. Go do your homeowkr." I stepped closer and said "Fine, I will. I'll go do my homework, but I'm warning you. You are never going to be able to un-see what I made, and you're going to be pouty because you didn't see it coming from me, of all people."

Stomping away I went to SCUBuddah and asked him if he would be a Priest in my movie, I found a couple who drove a Matrix hatchback car to the lake to be the wedding couple, I found a female to be a flower girl, and I found a few to be witnesses. I explained the plot, I wrote on the whiteboard the order, and we got out SCUBA gear to go into the lake. First the Priest and the groom were SCUBA Diving next to one another as the witnesses were nearby and I filmed them as then the flower girl was filmed with a vine pulling one leaf off at a time as she SCUBA dove closer to the Priest and the groom, while I filmed. Then I filmed the bride SCUBA Diving closer to the Priest, the groom, the flower girl, and the witnesses and as I had instructed SCUBuddah waved his hands side to side making bubbles, then the bride nodded her head before the groom nodded his head, and as I instructed they took out their regulators to intertwine and put into each other's mouth to bump regulators for a kiss before swimming to the surface. I made the clouds move in the sky just enough for the perfect amount of glimmer from the sunlight in the water before filming the rest. Once done and everybody surfaced we watched the video before I stomped over to Jeff and said "I'm done."

He looked up at me still wearing my SCUBA gear except my SCUBA mask and head cover saying "You were only gone for less than twenty minutes, you can't be done. You still have to do the editing." I shook my head and said "No I don't have to edit s***. I did my homework, and you're going to get all girly and feelings and whatnot." He looked at me, pulled his video camera into his hands and arms, pulled the footage up to watch, and said nothing. I waited a few minutes before I crossed my arms over my BCD and asked "So Mr. Smartypants, what do you think? Huh? I did my homework, so what's my grade?" He remained silent for a few more minutes before he whispered "Okay, Susan. You passed." I got closer to him with one hand near my one ear and asked "What was that, Jeff?" He started putting the equipment away as he said "You passed, okay Susan? You passed."

I asked "You're being all girly feeling and stuff, aren't you." Jeff shook his head saying "Oh my God, you are you." I said "Of course I am me, Jeff. Duh. Who else would I be?" He finished putting the camera away before packing up his computer, and walked his stuff to his truck. I asked "Where are you going?" He said "I need to take care of a few things, and call a few people. The cellphone service out here is crap, and I need to go." I asked "Are you going to give me a hug, before you go?" as he put the last bags into his truck. He said "Oh my God, you are kidding me." I said "No, you usually give me a hug when you've seen me. Why not now? Are you that mad at me, for doing my homework?" He shook his head side to side signaling no as he said "I'm just busy, and I've got to go."

He patted me on the shoulder, got into the driver's seat, and left; but I passed my class.

ICE SCUBA Diving & Tri-Mix SCUBA Diving

Though the rest of the time between the last set of courses and after I returned from Florida I had wanted to learn both of these classes information, however I had to pull myself out of the courses once realizing it would not be safe for me to continue with the courses at the time. I knew and know my limitations, and with reading through the material I did not feel it was suitable for me to continue through with the classes.


It should not take a head injury to figure this out, because you are smarter.

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