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It should not take a head injury

*after personally sustaining a head injury & coma*

to figure this out...









A Satirical Blog

*(utilizing articles discussing facts)*

By:  Susan MeeLing

After the head injury caused a coma while I learned how to deal with the headaches, migraines, cognitive disorders, memory problems, and other medical conditions I went from College Algebra with Trigonometry & Calculus down to 2nd grade math.  Here is how logic works for someone like me::

~  It took awhile for the doctor's recommendation to use sticky notes, to help remember.

~  It took several months to realize sticky notes moved, let alone to remember to speak with the doctor.

~  After I finally remembered to ask the doctor about the note problem, notebooks were recommended.

~  When I could remember to pick up a notebook, it took a long time to learn similar to sticky notes, notebooks are not always where they were placed.

~  After I was able to organize the notebooks over several months I still had not learned notebooks are not always readily available, at the necessary time.

~  When I remembered to speak with the doctor about the notebook problem the doctor had few other suggestions, to assist memories better.

~  After several events and adding up sticky note and notebook location problems, I realized my skin goes everywhere I do.

~  Wanting my tattoos to only be for me and not for public consumption I started the ink on my legs, able to hide easier.

~  It would not be until many tattoos and several years later I would realize my memory problems were usually not as bad when wearing shorts, capri pants, or a skirt.

~  Between 3-5 years after my first tattoo I had the first tattoo completed on my arms, and my memory has slowly progressed towards an easier memory jolt.



When I say "it should not take a head injury to figure this out" it is partially in humor from personal experiences, towards understanding.


If I can laugh at my mistakes after recognizing and dealing with them, so can you.


You have the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom I lack in order to put everything together to fix the problems seen with abilities I do not have. 


Utilize the information within the blog to find genuine repairs and instead of complaining of the "hurtful" commentary, prevent the issues from reoccurring.


Then again, it should not take a head injury to figure that one out.

If there is anyone out there who is actually paying attention to my writings and/or what I do

Since the portions of which the #SCUBADiving had been as such and while I thought was important back in 2009, I suppose at this point from what I have seen and what little has been explained to me by those on land; such can be considered as only important for me to know, understand, and comprehend. I do not doubt there are those who tried to go to the depth levels of as I actually was told by one SCUBA Diver of his groups' try, however that returns to the fact of without me going with personally then there is not going to be the ability for others to go. Without the acknowledgement of what I have already done, I do not feel the need to go with anyone or take them to the #Vandenberg.

As my biological father told my biological mother about a trip to Hawaii when she brought up wanting to go, "I have already been there, seen the area, and had fun." Granted her response was 'I didn't, and I want to go', which if she still has not been to Hawaii and as those who know about how I was raised and the stubbornness of that male; then there you can pretty much take that to the bank, in reference to my need for such acknowledgement in order to consider such.

Without such acknowledgement of what I did as would have been done for any male or any female who was married as I have noticed, then I do not see any reason to push further to go out to the USS/USNS #Vandenberg which in turn would mean not taking anyone down to see such. I have been there, I have taken the pictures I did, I communicated with who I communicated with, and I have continued onward. There was no one who said anything was illegal and no one who said it was not allowed, thus I did nothing wrong however the denial of such recognition is wrong not only to me though to others. It is what, it is.

No one ever approached me about discussing such details in reference to my SCUBA Diving more specifically at the USS/USNS Vandenberg, nor has anyone discussed or asked me about my idea for the Underwater Travel System in a manner which I felt would lead to actually building such. I wonder if there is an actual benefit seen by others as seen by me, though unlike some I am not willing to give such away as that cannot be done without me to begin with.

Why or how could I write or say such? Quite easily, actually.

That pesky aspect of what I accomplished back in 2009 of landing at the bottom of the ocean in the Matthias Abyss and surfacing alive, those of the ocean only acknowledge that one person; which of course, is me. There is no imposter aspect, as they know the energetic frequency of. It is not a scent portion, it is the energetic frequency. Thus if taking things I have touched, once were mine though taken from, and/or etcetera; the only thing you are doing is tagging yourself and tattle telling on yourself, for having what is not considered as yours and is considered to those of the oceanic waters as the repetition of patterns of behaviours they have seen and heard before. If there is genuine interest in such, then there has to be the portions which such is acknowledged of who is I. If the mistake was made of using my equipment and/or taking something of me or mine to use when #SCUBA Diving and/or to build the Underwater Travel System, I would be inclined to feel bad for your choice in action though since I know such was done to weasel in the back way as well as to wrongly continue to deny what I had accomplished then there is where the portion of such is not considered as something for me to feel bad for.

If I am accurate such could be considered as halfa$$ing such, and in reference to building something strong enough to withstand in the oceanic waters; there is a lesson or a set of lessons in which some could refer to the Titanic towards for wrongly being arrogant in such ways.

I truly hope such aspects of what I accomplished will be recognized and brought to light much sooner and correctly in comparison, to what has been going on for far too long; especially in reference to the oceanic portions, as those #MerPeople are quite peculiar though not as complex as some might think or assume. However since they have watched and seen the continuous patterns of behaviours continue which has caused them to go further and further away from the surface of the ocean because of the knowledge ahead of time of what different tools have been entered into their homeland such as tags on marine life, drone cameras in the ocean, monitors throughout a variety of ways, and etcetera; they have seen and watched as such has been done in the oceanic waters, and left the areas which are closer to the surface because of knowing better than to have anything to do with human beings after how they have been treated. This is not the first times which has been tried to capture a MerPerson, and they know what happened to the last time one was captured. The fact MerPeople maintain and sustain the oceanic waters for the land to remain above sea level, one would think would be enough for some to be more respectful of the ocean.

Through what has gone on over the years since my 8th grade ocean project which I earned a spot to meet Governor Christine Todd Whitman, my application process to the Marine and Science Technology School with a Naval Academy attached, as well as during my time of SCUBA Diving; just in that short timeframe in the grand overall of 1996 through to present day in 2021, obviously the MerPeople knew to be smarter, in reference to quite a few things. Just as with a few other aspects of which I warned others over the years and repeatedly have been proven correct, I wonder when certain individuals will come around and acknowledge the reality of the truth of such. You know, in the public way which any male would have been acknowledged for accomplishing earning 26 SCUBA Diving certifications from the official dates of March through November in 2009 as well as landing at the bottom of the ocean in 3 different locations though most specifically in the Matthias Abyss within the Bermuda Triangle to surface alive after taking pictures of multiple marine life which had not been seen before including forming underwater volcanoes.

However I wonder...

Was it not considered important back then in 2009, or at any point to even now in 2020? I thought it was important back then, just as I know it is important now. Though I also know of the importance of the ocean decades ago, which can be proven in such in reference to a project I had completed in 8th grade which I was able to go to the Governor's office in the Capitol building in Trenton New Jersey. I find the name Trenton a bit amusing, in reference to tonnage weight.

Though I wonder and have wondered at what point is it considered as important I earned on my own volition and self determination with my own fortitude, 26 SCUBA Diving certifications between the middle of February to be certified as a #NationalGeographic Open Water SCUBA Diver in March of 2009 to my last SCUBA Diving certification of Cavern SCUBA Diving specialty in November of 2009; though the majority of certifications between March 2009 through June 2009. Does the Professional Association of Diving Instructors #PADI consider that as an accomplishment and if so, why is it I have not been informed of such? Does #NOAA consider the fact I landed where I did and surfaced alive after taking pictures of marine life which none other has consider such important and if so, why have I not been contacted about such? If one aspect is in reference to governmental organizations and the different crossover aspects, maybe just maybe it should not be so difficult to get information then.

A Master SCUBA Diver needs 5 specialties in conjunction with Open Water SCUBA and Advanced Open Water SCUBA with Search & Rescue SCUBA with a minimum of 50-70 SCUBA Dives for such. I have completed 73 SCUBA Dives to the time of before going to the ocean for my 23rd and 24th SCUBA Diving overall certifications of which by then I had already earned my National Geographic Open Water SCUBA Diver certification of which I am uncertain if the National Geographic additional portion to the Open Water SCUBA Diving certification would be considered as an additional specialty, though also my Advanced Open Water SCUBA Diving certification; in conjunction of helping to assist with the Search & Rescue portion of classes for such other students. Again the term of "pizza, call for pizza" to be used during the water rescues at Clear Springs SCUBA Park in Terrell Texas, is because of how loud I had been when helping to train other SCUBA Divers for their Search & Rescue SCUBA Diving course in 2009 during the month of May or June or July 2009.

What is the saying? Paraphrased, of course.

"When the common individual cannot understand the law and governmental aspects of, then it is time for a reform for the people." When even those in the government organizations and agencies themselves have difficulties explaining such within their own groups and sectors and have confusions thereof, there too is another aspect of which needs reform and clarification.

I have not hidden myself, as realistically I cannot go anywhere and cammo. While I do spend quite a bit of time alone and by myself, then comes a question as to why well before the COVID aspects rightfully so. There is a story of a set of Goddesses which will assist such knowledge and understanding, quite a bit. One day many many moons ago there was a Goddess named Amaterasu of which she had continuously been treated as though she was nothing more than to look at, and nothing more than to comment about. Few ever saw her intelligence, and fewer barely noticed how she had been. Meek, mild, gentle, shy, and yet brilliantly illuminated with intellect beyond what most could ever think of when looking upon her; the constancy and consistency of being yelled at, blamed for what others had done, accused of choices which others made of their own free will, and the continuous portions of which only the horrific portions of what each saw of her had been brought to her attention. As #Amaterasu had continued to push forward there was a point in which she could no longer stand to be around the amount of negativity being thrown at her and ironically one group of troublemakers had noticed such, and took advantage of the situation. Unbeknowst to the larger groups the troublemakers followed Amaterasu back to her abode and then convinced her of the horribleness of herself and took her to lock her away in a cave, leaving her there to ponder all of the atrocities that she was blamed for. At random points in time Amaterasu had forced herself to go outside of the cave, only to be met with different groups with similar aspects; though in a more quiet sort of way, in comparison to the constant yelling at. Due to the fact of Amaterasu's heightened sensitivity and from years and decades of such types of treatment, she simply resigned and kept herself in the cave.

What else was the Goddess to think of herself, and all that had occurred?

Making friends with spirits and entities throughout her lifetime had been a normalcy for her, as her spiritual energy attracted the brightest of spirits which could not believe of the light emanating from within Amaterasu. When kept locked away those bright spirits continued to light the way for Amaterasu in a way like a breadcrumb trail, though too much had been done to cause Amaterasu so much pain. One day a little deva flew out as far as her little wings could take her to inform #Uzume of what had occurred, and Uzume went to find answers because of what did not make sense. Treading carefully knowing of certain portions which many more were not knowing of about Amaterasu, Uzume took the trip to see the cave which Amaterasu had been kept inside of. As in despite of the sight of and finding Amaterasu still keeping her light as bright as ever, Uzume could not understand what occurred beyond the minimal aspects and sought to dive further to understand and going through many rabbit trails Uzume realized of the truth. Amaterasu had always been truthful, though hid so much more than any knew of. It took much more than what meets the eye to have such poise, and those who did not know or understand could not comprehend what was occurring.

At a point Uzume became so enraged with everything which had been uncovered Amaterasu heard a bit of commotion, while in her cave. Peeking out here and there to see what the noises were about, she ho hummed back into her cave not thinking there was much occurring. Uzume grew even more upset seeing the amount of in comparison, and Amaterasu continued going back and forth until one day Uzume grew fed up with the back and forth. Done with the incessantness Uzume decided to create a decoy, which caught the ears of Amaterasu. Uzume foiled a plot at which Amaterasu would have no choice but to step outside fully and upon standing outside of the cave, the group pushed a nearby boulder in front of the cave opening to where Amaterasu would retreat to; as by a certain point, she just considered it to be the same as home.

The group pulled Amaterasu outward and off of the cliff area which the cave had been, and introduced her into much brighter aspects of life which had not been known to Amaterasu before. She had seen lovely things many times in passing by areas, though never had the ability to have known such for herself. And so on and so forth which could be continued onward as far as other portions thereof, though I will stop the parable at that portion; though it is known Amaterasu went to live in the castle built for the Goddess, and all of that sort of stuff.

Whereas there has been much which has been noticed in some ways, there are the reasons as to why many have appreciated the current #PresidentoftheUnitedStatesofAmerica Donald J. Trump and #VicePresidentoftheUnitedStatesofAmerica Mike Pence and their cabinets. While POTUS is able to speak with people on any level from the most echelon of the elite though also with those who have not had such education in ways to get the knowledge and the understanding available for the betterment of education both through common sense as well as through experience as well as through a vocabulary which could be more easier to be understood by the general masses, #VPOTUS has known how to explain in legal terminology to balance the understanding of why such has not been as well understood among the masses of people to those who are more commonly accustomed to higher levels of education and without that much experience of the average group of people who work with their hands more so than through books. Both are able to be able to show and explain to those who are not more commonly accustomed to being around larger groups of people for whichever purposes whether having to do with upbringing and/or medical aspects and/or experiences and have felt more comfortable behind a desk though wanting more involvement for betterment of, while also being able to speak with those who on the other side of the introvert of the extrovert to have more knowledge in reference of how to communicate as to bring less of a triggering affect to the emotions.

In such the ability to get more involved in knowing of the portions throughout different personality traits of various people, the way to bring forward a movement which genuinely benefits more than one side or the other. Thus bringing forward even the most higher ups of the higher ups into the loop for a clearer view of not only their inner circle and their known world, though the overall in a more extended sort of way and manner. However I am not Amaterasu, I am simply myself. I am simply, just me.

There is a saying, "A group is only as strong, as the weakest link."

I have acknowledged why I should not be able to get into a college through the acceptance courses and if such ever came to be where my arithmetic levels could get an approval to be in such college courses, the entire school system would need to be revamped. I have come to realize that possible that particular statement I made back in 2003, has come to the point of which is quite truthful and the ability to revamp the education system is a possibility. In an ironic twist of there are the portions of which the #COVID portion has given teachers the ability to assess quite a few portions, parents to assess several aspects, school board to look over and reevaluate different portions, as well as so on and so forth. I know in a multitude of ways intellectually, I am the weakest link in such references. Strength of will, strength of determination, strength of endurance, and etcetera are important; though intellectual strength is important as well, which I recognized long ago.

There is a saying, "Those who cannot do, teach."

That is not a derogatory statement by the way as when taking into consideration of Grandparents and Parents and caregivers, how many who have cared and loved while wanting the best for have said "I want you and need you to learn from my mistakes, so you do not have to go through what I endured"?

Thus each person is a teacher in their own way though of course there are the teachers with the education and certifications which allow such and while such are also a communal portion to the education of children and youth, it is up to the parents to also lead by example and teach in such ways as best as possible. I have believed in a triangular effect is the best for children and youth for the betterment of, which I explained to some who simply laughed in my face saying they thought it was cute along with that bless your heart statement I learned what others meant by such. As a clarification when I say and/or write anything of blessings, I actually mean it as such and not as a backhanded sort of way.

I believe the three portions of which a child and youth learns best is through the immediate family, the school system of which taught in, as well as the community within. Of course as with anything what is learned from what is taught, is dependent upon several aspects; though I believe such rings true, in fullness.

Hypothetically, if the SCUBA Diving had been assisted back in 2009 then quite a few aspects would not be to the level they are at this point in time. Does anyone find anything such as SCUBA Diving and landing at the bottom of the #MatthiasAbyss in the #BermudaTriangle to surface alive after taking pictures of #MerPeople consider such to be important and if so, then why have I not been contacted about such? Why has it taken so long for even the slightest bit of...oh wait...I have not been acknowledged for such in the ways which anyone who would have accomplished such would have been.

If this journal blog entry comes across as my sounding bitter, rightfully so I am quite upset about how long such has taken; as I doubt anyone who could have ever gone through every specific aspect I have endured and survived through, would be nearly as patient as I have been all of these years. However again, no one ever told me who to contact in reference of my SCUBA Diving accomplishments. If that had occurred, that would have made a lot easier for me. However if there is somewhere I have not reached out to personally despite my online website explaining much, then actually giving me the information of who to contact would reduce the amount of continued wasting of time. There is the contact form, as well as a multitude of other ways to contact me to inform me of such details while not forgetting I do not cammo or blend in anywhere.

Is that not considered the normal protocol to follow, to reach out and contact someone about such a SCUBA Dive and about what pictures were taken at the bottom of the ocean in the Matthias Abyss and/or out over an hour on a speedboat from Boca Raton Florida and/or on the other side of the Cozumel island? Is it there are so many people who had been desensitized by graphic effects they could not tell there was not any alterations in any of the pictures, I took when SCUBA Diving? Are there just those who looked at such pictures and did not think about the reality of, or was it the aspects of which how dare a female accomplish what a male never could or would? Is it the fact of others of whichever gender having been involved with SCUBA Diving that instead of being happy of someone achieving such, instead the tearing down of such because of others' jealousy? By the way, you wonder why MerPeople have not contacted you in such ways. There, is one reason. Additionally the aspects thereof are non-transferable in reference to the MerPeople as I guesstimate some have learned, the extremely hard way.

There is and only can be one, and that one is me.

Nonetheless was I arrogant thinking when driving back from Florida with my son, my daughter, and my niece to think the aspects of such a SCUBA Dive would actually be welcomed with open arms? Was I arrogant thinking there would be anyone I knew who would want to discuss the situations in reference to the MerPeople I met and took pictures of, back in 2009? Apparently, I had been and such had been the situation.

There are MerPeople able to be seen sitting in the smaller satellite dish, swimming towards that same dish, as well as coming in from the top left corner

What occurred upon my return to the state of Texas, after that SCUBA Dive? Let me count the ways of what occurred: I was told if I had gone with a different set up I would have had a better SCUBA Dive partner at the USS/USNS Vandenberg, which by the way whomever that could have been still would not have landed at the bottom of the ocean and instead the MerPeople would have torn that individual to shreds literally and not figuratively. I had the relationship I was in end, and the friends and Instructors I had looked at me oddly even more-so than already had been. Those in the community I was a part of outside of SCUBA Diving was a half and half sort of mix, though none cared in reference to the SCUBA diving portions from any discussions. I learned the lack of communication in reference to the shop I had been trained through as I guesstimate the Instructor I had for Cavern SCUBA Diving probably would not have been okay to teach me Cavern SCUBA Diving, at the time of and probably had been why the Assistant though still an Instructor had required extra time in reference to the buoyancy aspects of Cavern SCUBA Diving training because of her job out in the Sonotes.

I learned online dating was a waste of time as either the aspects of lead to someone who was not fully out of the relationship and expected me to fix that for them which I was not willing to, or if such was good enough then the scaring off and out of contact went in the other direction to be the term of what is called apparently being ghosted. Ironically thinking that second one had actually been ironically far more than I expected in an actual positive way, nonetheless went as it had and then disappeared. All the while of such and doing what I could to heal myself since none had contacted me or believed me in reference to that particular SCUBA Dive at the USS/USNS Vandenberg, which as an additional notation for those who have not figured it out yet; when I had gone SCUBA Diving in the oceanic waters yes, we were all being followed by the MerPeople watching to see. MerPeople do not need to see human beings with or without a mask, just so you who could be reading this were to be able to know.

Remember, you are going into their home when you go SCUBA Diving. Remember, MerPeople have been in the earthly realms long before human beings as homo sapien sapiens. Remember, human beings started problems with MerPeople before anything anyone alive had begun. Remember, everything human beings do to cause additional problems to the ocean is known by MerPeople and also remember, MerPeople are older than human beings' species. There are MerPeople who are older than the age of the United States of America being founded by the Vikings, just so it is known. However, #Vikings respected MerPeople. Look at what ships have been found, and you are able to see where the honor and respect to and of MerPeople had been. It was shortly after the end of the age of the Vikings, when problems arose between MerPeople and human beings.

Blame those people then who grew with greed, do not blame me.

However, there is a multitude of reasons why Vikings got along well with MerPeople. I guesstimate some aspects are fairly easy to figure out, despite the legends and lore. Just a bit of additional points, there was a time when MerPeople worked with human beings and each helped one another. Though you know the saying of "Don't piss of the Faeries", correct? I know the #British, the #Irish, the #Scottish, the #Hindi, and many others know very well of as to why you do not piss off the Faeries or the Devas; though not, the only ones to infuriate.

Have some put into the wrong category of MerPeople into the group with the #Faeries though, nonetheless.

I went through the proper and correct channels to request a meeting well before COVID and the lack of response, shows a lack of concern in various aspects; especially when in reference to the quarantine and lockdowns which have occurred in Texas, since I returned to the state of Texas in 2019.

Why, is that?

I have reached out to multiple legislation writers who have been elected, businesses, and sent multiple aspects of information with requests to meet in person well before the COVID aspect; and yet nothing in response to any of my writings of request to meet with, or return contact thereof.

Why, is that?

Is it the individuals elected are not willing to meet with a female, who looks as I do? Is it a fear of my tattoos, and what I look as? Is it a fear of my hairstyle? What is there to fear if, being honest? Is it because I am not the picture of what is considered as an acceptable human being, comparatively? After all I have endured and been through those are the only excuses I can think of, after all of what I have been called and told by others.

I though the saying is "It is not the clothes that make the person, but the person who makes the clothes."

Is it that others do not consider me to be good enough, as a person? What more is it that has to be done to be considered as good enough, realistically? Is it because I stood up for what I believe in to be true which has been true, and the punishment for doing so is to be treated as such through the ignoring of? Or is it I do not have enough letters after my last name, to be considered?

I have been proud to re-grow up in the state of Texas, though admittedly I am wondering at this point. I admit in 2008 I hung my #NewJersey flag along side equally of my Texas flag outside of my house I purchased in Carrollton Texas with the American flag hanging higher than both, as I had once believed there was a balance of power in such with the American flag above in an overall sort of way. Through my own symbolism of what appreciation I did have, I proudly showed all of my colors and paid respect and homage to where I grew up as well as where I re-grew up in conjunction with the country I had been proud of being a part of the military for despite not having graduated Basic Training. I did not think that needed to be explained as I did not think it took a head injury to figure that out, as I figured there were more intelligent people who could have instantly understood that upon sight. Unlike some people I have known and met I did not try to make the state of Texas like the state I grew up in, in regards of policy. If that mistake was misunderstood by anyone, that is completely your fault for not having the common courtesy to simply ask me. I unlike some people did not do anything to cause problems to the state of Texas after waking up in the state and re-growing up here, however as I have learned if the preference is those similar to my biological parents and my biological sister and such sorts of behaviours in comparison; then they are all yours, and you can enjoy such.

I did not think it took a head injury to figure out hanging both my New Jersey flag and my Texas flag with my #AmericanFlag, was actually a positive thought process including my Freedom of Expression which had been trampled upon by those who had a problem with such.

Then there is what occurred shortly after I hung such on my house that I paid for in regards of my daughter and my son and I beginning in 2009 more fully; which ironically after SCUBA Diving and having landed at the bottom of the ocean in multiple locations though more specifically in the Matthias Abyss to surface alive, I would have thought of all states in the union to be proud of such an accomplishment being done by one of the residents would have been those of the state of Texas. If it was because of being from New Jersey despite re-growing up in Texas, well I suppose thank you for voting in the current President of the United States of America who is from the state above where I grew up though I did grow up walking around the areas of. If you did not know #NewYork is similar to a #bigbrother to New Jersey which is considered the little sister to New York and a cousin to #Pennsylvania, in an overall sort of way.

I will not go into additional details I have already wrote about in reference to the amount of people in the state of Texas who had negative comments and statements in reference to the events of 11 September 2001, and how such individuals could not careless of what occurred during that time.

As long as it has taken to acknowledge such in the ways of if I was a male and/or if I had some famous last name and/or if I was married to someone who was considered as special in comparison to the only person who landed at the bottom of the ocean and survived after swimming with the marine life I had survived tangling with, I now currently wonder if the only purpose as to why that had not been is because I am a woman/female.

That seems quite a bit sexist, now does it not?

I should not have to have a famous last name to be given credit for what I earned on my own, just because of a marriage. I should not have to be married to receive the credit I earned on my own, as there was no one beside me when I earned my rights on my own and no MerPerson would ever accept any type of any transfer thereof including to my own son and daughter by the way. That is not something passed on in genetics nor through the similarities of military aspects, as that is not passed on in any way except how it was given to me through how I earned such. I worked on that well before ever going through to earn my SCUBA Diving certifications, if some did not know. I on my own cultivated those relationships with the MerPeople and choosing to disavow the way my biological mother and biological sister had, makes such no different in comparison. My Grandfather, my Bok Gung, and my Bok Pu would be disgusted if they were alive as to how such has been; of which I am glad they do not have to see what has gone on, in such references in person.

If those of the state of Texas prefer those more closely similar to my biological sister and biological parents, then you can have and keep them instead and I hope so much; though you also get to keep a specific individual who cannot be moved without my consent, which those specific and particulars of the remains can stay there as I do not have to allow such removal legally or in any other way as the only Executrix. I did not think it took a head injury to figure that one out, either.

It has been 11 years since I landed at the bottom of the ocean hundreds of Atmospheric Measurements below the surface of the ocean and instead of ever being congratulated by anyone at all, instead I dealt with a large amount of trash similar to a garbage collector in the state of New Jersey. My son did not need those problems, my daughter did not need those problems, and I definitely did not need those problems. I suppose it was wrong of me to think of all states in the United States of America the state of Texas whose motto is God Bless Texas, is a bit backwards.

My mistake and my misunderstanding, I will rectify that.

Those guys have been such an inspiration to me and I had hoped they would be of more importance which since I deal with constant pain every individual day and as my feelings since so many in this era care more about feelings than reality, I have had my feelings hurt for the last time. I thought my feelings were hurt when I dealt with certain aspects of when growing up just as I thought my feelings were hurt when dealing with what I had during and after my time in the Army, while thinking my feelings were hurt when dealing with the situations in reference to my children and yet again thinking my feeling were hurt in reference to being ignored about the SCUBA Diving; however this in reference to my Medal of Honor Art Project, that is the ultimate aspect of where my feelings have been hurt beyond any words I can fully express. Before any ask what my Grandfather, my Bok Gung, and/or my Bok Pu would think or say to me; I will tell you, though it is not as though I have been asked such in person now has it.

All three would at this point ask me in conjunction with those who have knowledge of Zippy, "What took you, so long? You have been the slowest to anger, and you are the slowest to realize what has been done. You are the slowest to realize the lack of appreciation in reference to, as you are the slowest to acknowledge. Such has taken you so long to realize, and what is it that took you so long to?" ...ironically...

The way I was raised as well as re-raised when re-growing up in the state of Texas I know when I am not wanted nor needed, I have acknowledged the unspoken pun intended in reference to the mask hint as it seems. Since I have explained a multitude of aspects in regards of how I wound up in the state of Washington from the state of Texas and what has not occurred since, am I incorrect to believe from what I have been shown of the continued lack of concern in reference to the SCUBA Diving aspects?

By the way, there is not any law which prohibits the disclosure of my SCUBA Dive at the Matthias Abyss and surfacing safely to be publicly discussed by elected officials nor by any government organization as that is and has been a choice wrongly made; though in other ways I suppose that in portion, is in a way as to why Irving contact had occurred.

There is a saying, "there is no way through to except through me."

Is it not considered as ironic my middle name is MEeLing?

I have not only been injured in a multitude of ways, though I also have been insulted repeatedly. Yet without my ability to control as I had when SCUBA Diving, the entire earth would have been destroyed instantly and each individual would have died a painful death. You are welcome, I suppose. If such comes across as a bit salty, well the ocean has a little bit of salt now does it not?

Thus I suppose it does take a head injury to figure out that some would prefer to keep themselves covered up with a mask though unlike in SCUBA Diving where the mask is worn over the eyes to be able to see clearly underwater, there are those who prefer to wear a mask to cover up how they speak and what about. That masking by the way does not change the facts and if the state of Texas prefers not to be the one who actually acknowledges what I earned on my own as has been proven repeatedly throughout the years, I guess such has taken a head injury to figure out that point.

Though the other saying is wrong as it should actually say, "Don't mess with the ocean." There are companies who have done so based out of the state of Texas, correct? Maybe the clarification should actually be "Don't mess with the ocean, Texas." Especially as many oil companies are based out from the state of Texas and have oil rigs running as well as the ones that have been abandoned by such companies, then to begin fracking and using water among other portions while drilling through areas both above and below where water is. Remember the ocean filters through the land to create springs, lakes, and rivers.

Which such is quite true especially when looking at underground topographic maps and the amount of springs naturally found throughout the state of Texas, correct? So much hollow ground that water freely flows through, yes?

Though such are words and while words have meaning, I also know from the after effects of my Psalm Sunday in 2000 sometimes the meanings of words are not the same for everyone. I kind of knew that before my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury when taking Latin classes as the words with certain sub or root or prefixes of Latin and Greek origin, different throughout the 5 romantic language and even further in reference to each of those 5 languages through their secs and so on. For example falda in Spanish for one rea means one thing whereas falda in another region means something else, though both are of Spanish aspects. Thus I was unable to understand the portions of which in reference to those who preferred words only in comparison to actions only and/or a conjunction of words with actions to prove a point, though I suppose in some ways I still do not understand such for a different set of reasons and aspects thereof.

Nonetheless in reference to the SCUBA Diving aspects despite being out in Washington DC area for the upcoming #WildProtest on #6January at the #NationalMall, I have been going around as I have and plan to in regards to being in the area. I suppose at this point, where else could I go which someone who possibly could speak with about such to actually get things taken care of properly in reference to the ocean? Realistically, there is quite a bit of oceanfront and waterfront property nearby. Maybe just maybe, someone will actually speak with me in person about the realities of such. As I am quite tired of constantly reaching out and wonder at certain times, why I ever bothered. Though such could be from the additional pain because of my teeth situation on top of the electrical aspects and the fact Washington state and Washington DC have a common denominator in name which adds a different triggering aspect continuously, however how much longer does it take for someone to have such recognized the way it should have been over a decade ago? No one assisted me to heal from that and then there is the mask garbage which not only in reference to my headaches and migraines being caused more problems, then there is the portion in reference to the breathing aspect which from that particular SCUBA Diver such only perpetuates such sorts of unnecessary problems.

I did not think it took a head injury to figure that out, there is more than just one or two situations in reference to the mask situation being a problem.

So a long list of quite a few things that should have been properly taken care of awhile ago and the longer such takes to properly take care of, the more problems increase. When is it that there are those who realize the sooner to take care of situations in full, the better? Or, is that just a common sense thing I have?

I doubt I am the only one in that, particular regard.

The ultimate measure of an individual is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where they stand at the time of challenge and controversy.

We must reject the idea that everytime a law is broken society is guity, rather than the law breaker. 

Freedom is never-more than one generation away, from exinction.  We do not pass freedom on through our blood stream because freedom must be fought for, protected, and handed on for the next generation to do the same.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

It should not take a head injury to figure this out, because you are smarter.

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