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It should not take a head injury

*after personally sustaining a head injury & coma*

to figure this out...









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By:  Susan MeeLing

After the head injury caused a coma while I learned how to deal with the headaches, migraines, cognitive disorders, memory problems, and other medical conditions I went from College Algebra with Trigonometry & Calculus down to 2nd grade math.  Here is how logic works for someone like me::

~  It took awhile for the doctor's recommendation to use sticky notes, to help remember.

~  It took several months to realize sticky notes moved, let alone to remember to speak with the doctor.

~  After I finally remembered to ask the doctor about the note problem, notebooks were recommended.

~  When I could remember to pick up a notebook, it took a long time to learn similar to sticky notes, notebooks are not always where they were placed.

~  After I was able to organize the notebooks over several months I still had not learned notebooks are not always readily available, at the necessary time.

~  When I remembered to speak with the doctor about the notebook problem the doctor had few other suggestions, to assist memories better.

~  After several events and adding up sticky note and notebook location problems, I realized my skin goes everywhere I do.

~  Wanting my tattoos to only be for me and not for public consumption I started the ink on my legs, able to hide easier.

~  It would not be until many tattoos and several years later I would realize my memory problems were usually not as bad when wearing shorts, capri pants, or a skirt.

~  Between 3-5 years after my first tattoo I had the first tattoo completed on my arms, and my memory has slowly progressed towards an easier memory jolt.



When I say "it should not take a head injury to figure this out" it is partially in humor from personal experiences, towards understanding.


If I can laugh at my mistakes after recognizing and dealing with them, so can you.


You have the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom I lack in order to put everything together to fix the problems seen with abilities I do not have. 

Utilize the information within the blog to find genuine repairs and instead of complaining of the "hurtful" commentary, prevent the issues from reoccurring.

Then again, it should not take a head injury to figure that one out.

Do make sure to link my journal blog entry articles to yours if you refer to my works for any of your research in the slightest, for proper credit.  Thank you in advance, as I do as I request.

Does it take a head injury to figure this out about the timing of sinkhole increases, and my SCUBA?

How much longer does it have to take to acknowledge the fact I #SCUBA Dove to the level I had successfully in August 2009 to be recognized correctly I had done so and survived, going to the bottom of the ocean in the area of the #MatthiasAbyss to surface alive and safely from going to the USS/USNS General Hoyt S. #Vandenberg? Can that be squared away correctly, already?

All that takes is literally people who are well known to speak the truth that they know I had done so in a public arena, and point to the evidence of the pictures I took and did not edit or photoshop; though I did add the text to point out a few things, but the date is imprinted in the picture because of how I set up my camera. How long they knew I had done so, and what proof of research no one else had ever accomplished what I had from then in August 2009 to the current point now. Is it really that difficult, or is it just ego causing others to live in denial of such? Get over your ego, already.

So many problems could have been avoided if that had been done by those who made such a choice in #WashingtonDC as well as #Florida as well as #Texas years ago as well as throughout the #SCUBADiving community who I once knew back then, as my daughter and my son would not have had to go through what occurred if that was done back then just as I would not have had to go through what I did had those I once knew had stood up and stood for me stating the truth. Yet SCUBA Divers want to go into the waters whether in the ocean, in lakes, in rivers, in springs, in #aquariums; all of which contain water with animals and species of which are from the water, yet ignore the facts of which such would not be allowed without the water provided for such.

Those who have not taken underwater photography classes are able to look up the color levels per depth to see the difference in regards of those who have had pictures and videos taken when in an aquarium for the depth level for and/or additional colors added because of the lighting systems above the aquarium to show such vivid colors compared to actually being in the ocean, to take such pictures as I had. Also those SCUBA divers who tried to get to the depth level and failed specifically the ones who were injured because of the facts other SCUBA Divers did not share were because of such individuals choosing not to tell the truth as I had and while SCUBA diving is an at your own risk sort of situation, that does not change the facts of which could have assisted more long ago if that had been acknowledged sooner. Not forgetting the fact in the pictures I took of #MerPeople and the continuous disrespect to those who maintain and sustain the water which human beings are allowed to drink because of them, as they maintain the coral reefs which keep land above the water. much land has been eroding quicker after the one year point from that SCUBA Dive? Do you want that land mass to move faster, into the ocean? It can. Landslides and sinkholes can occur fairly quickly and without any warning, as some know. Hey, how many landslides and sinkholes "magickally" popped up from the time after my SCUBA Dive in August 2009? It might be time to make that public statement through the radio airwaves of speaking the truth about my SCUBA Dive so the others can hear and know that it has been acknowledged instead of them hearing more about the covering up wrongly of such, from the signals sent through whatever air waves whether through wifi/cellphones/landlines/radio frequencies/morse code/etcetera

Maybe I was arrogant thinking when driving back to the state of Texas from the state of Florida there would have been a celebration to honor my accomplishing such, however to this day no one has successfully done what I have accomplished more specifically in that SCUBA Dive though in other ways as well. It is not that difficult to speak the truth when it is the truth especially back then when no one would have had any problems from saying the truth, though now that it is a cover up since so many have denied the truth; what more is required for you to take your heads out of your proverbial behinds to get that squared away?

What? Have I not suffered enough because of your egos and your arrogance? How about you get over yourselves as obviously it has been proven you cannot accomplish what I have and instead of living in denial constantly, you could simply say the truth about my SCUBA Diving now. Without such acknowledgement then there is a pause to what needs to be worked on and you are losing time for what needs to be done for you own survival at this point, thus it is not difficult in the slightest.

Though I am sure there will be more who prefer their egos in comparison right? How long does it take until those egos are completely squashed and destroyed, then? If that is the requirement further, then that can be accomplished though get out of my way from accomplishing such. It is not my fault my proverbial penis is larger than any strap on that can be made, including space ships for a size comparison.

Nonetheless the article below shows how from 2006-2009 there was only 1.5% of sinkholes which the following articles show how the massive increase of sinkholes in the state of Florida have occurred with each passing year from my SCUBA Dive which I landed at the bottom of the ocean to survive the depth level as well as surface safely to survive even to this day of 5 February 2021, which no other SCUBA Diver has accomplished.

#SouthFloridaSunSentinel article: What's behind the rise in sinkhole claims? - South Florida Sun Sentinel - South Florida Sun-Sentinel (

#BullDogAdjusters article: 7 Most Likely Sinkhole Areas In Florida | Bulldog Adjusters

#USGS article: Sinkholes ( Isn't it ironic of the areas with the most amount of evaporite rock and Karst carbonite rock are state locations with heavy political involvements in reference to those who knew and know better in reference to my SCUBA Dive and the typical effects for the normal individual and how those areas have creeped into the areas throughout the United States of America in conjunction to the timing of the #KeystonePipeline?

#DavidBrown of #FloridaSinkholeRegions writes of different areas of how to fix and repair as well as what to look for in reference to in the article: Florida Sinkhole Regions and Where They Are a Threat (

#DeniseHassanzadeAjiri of #ChristianScienceMonitor writes and article in reference to the increasing number of sinkholes in 2015 which such has increased more since: Massive Florida sinkhole reopens. Why does Sunshine State have so many? -

#ChrisBodenner of #SmithsonianMag #SmithsonianMagazine writes of the larger amount of sinkholes which have developed in the state of #Florida: The Science Behind Florida’s Sinkhole Epidemic | Science | Smithsonian Magazine

Now all could just be a Faery-sized coinky dink hypothetically of the fact that my SCUBA Dive when I landed at the bottom of the ocean when going to see the USS/USNS General Hoyt S. #Vandenberg ship within the area of the #BermudaTriangle limits of the outer waves for the energetic pulses wherein the area of the #MatthiasAbyss rate of frequencies occur, happened in August 2009. Of which the ironic coinky dink of since then the increasing number of sinkholes as well as other ground shifting has occurred in conjunction with coral reefs having situations which have lead to landslides and the crumbling of the land above sea level dropping into the oceanic waters, hypothetically. Though since I took pictures of #MerPeople in the region who are the ones who maintain the health and development of the coral reefs as well as what occurs within the oceanic waters which flow through the crevices and caverns along the sides of the continental shelving, to flow underneath the land people walk upon; hypothetically others might want to take into consideration those portions in reference to such situations, if the preference for most to to stay on land and not have their property or themselves fall into a sinkhole.

2009 August the 6/7 was the SCUBA Dive I took pictures of: notice the coloration for the depth level

It should not take a head injury to figure out the fact the colors in the pictures I took when I went SCUBA Diving are unphotoshopped because of the colorations which normally would have been seen above the water, are not the same as where I was below the water.

It should not take a head injury to figure out I am the only one who had SCUBA Dove to the depth levels I had and have earned the credit which should have been acknowledged years ago properly by multiple others, and still commands such to be done so.

It should not take a head injury to figure out there are #MarineBiologists, #Naval and #Maritime experts, SCUBA Divers, and etcetera who have tried diligently to prove otherwise and only have had to come to the truthful conclusion I am the one who had accomplished such with the proof and such credits should be given immediately to me for what I have done.

It should not take a head injury to figure out the pictures I took prove the difference in multiple picture and video references to the color portions of depth levels for pictures taken, to show the realities of the depth levels I SCUBA Dove compared to those others have; of which it does not take a head injury to figure out, I went the deepest.

It should not take a head injury to figure out the fact such has been ignored wrongfully for so long from 2009, how much others have been lied to about so many other aspects by the individuals in front who are more well known in interviews and political discussions.

It does not take a head injury to figure out, there is more out in the earth as well as the galaxy in conjunction with the universe the general public has wrongly been kept hidden from and should be looking out for to pay attention to.

Though what do I know, correct? I only have the genuine experiences to prove such additionally, correct?

Now knowing how I had been treated, I wonder why I saluted the America Flag before taking this picture. How hard was a simple acknowledgment?

To know how much I did to keep the world safe, I truly wonder if it was worth it. I am guessing at some point there will be those who will actually be bold enough to stand up and actually speak what truth of what I did to actually see and hear of such in a public setting, though I learned when I returned to the state of Texas to not hold my breath for such back in 2009.

Prove me wrong, oh wait...even now in 2021 after my return back to Texas from after how I wound up in Washington state, another set of failures from such individuals in the public sector. I guess #ArleeErmy's character was correct in the statement in #FullMetalJacket during the Basic Training scene, from what I have seen. Irony of my Basic Training situations additionally, in conjunction with that commentary.

Though of course I personally do not see any problems with the #LGBTQP community, though in my opinion the transitioning should occur in the biological adult timeframe comparatively to teenager and younger for safety aspects and longevity. As a side note I have wondered if there has been a push for the transgender aspects to reduce such in the world population knowing of the psychological situations when doing such at an earlier age, though I would guesstimate some would know of such details better than I. Just as I began my studies officially for SCUBA Diving because of reading and further researching information learned from a #JewishMedicalJournal, I learned how to walk in heels because of an individual in the #LGBTQ+ community at an event in 2007. I have not hidden nor denied such, just as I have not hidden nor denied my concern for the overall wellbeing in the short and the long term of well before learning how to walk in heels.

Though I could be wrong, and all of a sudden there will be those who are willing to be otherwise to the commentary made by Arlee Emery's character during that scene in Full Metal Jacket who will prove to be the way Texans portray themselves through saying the actual truth about my SCUBA Diving. I still know, not to hold my breath though.

It did not take a head injury to figure that out before, just as it did not take SCUBA Diving training to know not to hold my breath.

As I finish up this particular journal blog entry I find it ironic a thunder storm with rain began, shortly after typing the words for the last picture in this journal blog entry as an additional coinky dink. Though a point to ponder for the next elections, if anyone who was in any elected office for the timeframe of when I went SCUBA Diving through to now and forward who had not declared such truth to the next election knowing of such truth; do they deserve to continue to remain in any elected official position, following this journal blog entry posting? Ask yourselves such truthfully, and think about whether or not you are willing to allow such individuals to continue to be reelected for hiding such a simple and miniscule truth compared to the larger overall; and check each connection point, to each official elected to know whether or not you want such to continue forward in elected governmental organizations. Whatever level, they might be.

Of course such would be a different tone if there are those who are willing to come forward and say the truth about such, which then some might consider such as trustworthy enough to continue forward in such electoral aspects.

It should not take a head injury to figure this out because I know, you are smarter.

If there are those who find such interesting enough to research further to bring forward more information in reference to the forefront for more detailed information, as usual I request the courtesy of the same which I do in reference to how I refer to articles for reference points when writing my journal blog entries; for each one used for reference starting points, to research.


That is common sense, good etiquette, and good karma; whilst lifting others upward, in positive ways.

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Freedom is never-more than one generation away, from extinction.  We do not pass freedom on through our blood stream because freedom must be fought for, protected, and handed on for the next generation to do the same.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.  Though best to be able to share in person with who matters, until that time occurs being able to see what is possible through such is a feat to notice.  One must be happy within oneself prior to being happy with another, though such can be enjoyed if living in one's own truth is as such.

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