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It should not take a head injury

*after personally sustaining a head injury & coma*

to figure this out...









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*(utilizing articles discussing facts)*

By:  Susan MeeLing

After the head injury caused a coma while I learned how to deal with the headaches, migraines, cognitive disorders, memory problems, and other medical conditions I went from College Algebra with Trigonometry & Calculus down to 2nd grade math.  Here is how logic works for someone like me::

~  It took awhile for the doctor's recommendation to use sticky notes, to help remember.

~  It took several months to realize sticky notes moved, let alone to remember to speak with the doctor.

~  After I finally remembered to ask the doctor about the note problem, notebooks were recommended.

~  When I could remember to pick up a notebook, it took a long time to learn similar to sticky notes, notebooks are not always where they were placed.

~  After I was able to organize the notebooks over several months I still had not learned notebooks are not always readily available, at the necessary time.

~  When I remembered to speak with the doctor about the notebook problem the doctor had few other suggestions, to assist memories better.

~  After several events and adding up sticky note and notebook location problems, I realized my skin goes everywhere I do.

~  Wanting my tattoos to only be for me and not for public consumption I started the ink on my legs, able to hide easier.

~  It would not be until many tattoos and several years later I would realize my memory problems were usually not as bad when wearing shorts, capri pants, or a skirt.

~  Between 3-5 years after my first tattoo I had the first tattoo completed on my arms, and my memory has slowly progressed towards an easier memory jolt.



When I say "it should not take a head injury to figure this out" it is partially in humor from personal experiences, towards understanding.


If I can laugh at my mistakes after recognizing and dealing with them, so can you.


You have the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom I lack in order to put everything together to fix the problems seen with abilities I do not have. 


Utilize the information within the blog to find genuine repairs and instead of complaining of the "hurtful" commentary, prevent the issues from reoccurring.


Then again, it should not take a head injury to figure that one out.

Article and Commentary about Medal of Honor recipient SGT John Chapman, the 1st recording of MoH

Today is 14 May 2020 and several #revelations have come forward which have been made known to me of course depending upon your particular spiritual and religious beliefs, which have already been stirring up since being informed in a not-so-specific way of which my “Medal of Honor Art Project” had been tampered with because of those whom I have labeled as ‘cherubim ones’. Yesterday I completed an *(OFFICIAL)* YouTube Channel “Reverend MeeLing” video in reference of when I had watched the first recorded Medal of Honor recipient, and his and his #NavySEALTeams’ actions. You can see my video in the aspect below, which gives my immediate response outside of the facts of other portions which I will get to. In advance thank you for such, and please do not take offense to my own personal issues for what has been dealt with in seeing and hearing such. I know I am not the only one who was affected by such, though each processes that sort of aspect in different ways. This article has different additional points, to the *(OFFICIAL)* YouTube Channel Reverend MeeLing video.

As I watched and listened to the video recording captured by the United States of America’s #CIA (“Central Intelligence Agency”), immediately the various #MedalofHonor recipients’ spirits which have passed over the years had instantly began yelling at me of their upset in reference to the aspects which they have seen and heard over the years well before my Medal of Honor Art Project and all the way throughout the time of working on my Medal of Honor Art Project. As I continued watching and listening to the video as the Medal of Honor recipients’ spirits continued onward, then the best explanation I can give is as follows. Those who have military backgrounds will especially understand my reference points, along with law enforcement and civilians who have paid attention to #militaryhistory.

Depending how you believe things spiritually/religiously after the initial several thousand Medal of Honor recipients spirits began their initial complaints again depending upon what you believe spiritually, the different Medal of Honor recipients then broke into the equivalent of battalions with their individual earned Medals and military commendations in the equivalent of the highest ranking being the different unit commanders. Then the various military members according to their earned commendations had their platoons and squads as per the amount of earned medals and commendations for their specific actions, though because of the spiritual aspect the individual spirits which were affected and impacted in the various cemetery locations were/are intermingled within the ranks as per their own personally earned and accredited actions when they were alive adding to their bones of contention in regards to those individual ones I have labeled as ‘cherubim ones’ who caused problems for my Medal of Honor Art Project while also adding additional commentary in reference to the different things they had seen over the years since they had been buried. That set of individuals spirits with their upset because of what occurred to my Medal of Honor Art Project had added to the headache and migraine pain to another level of which I had not felt previously, despite having had headaches and migraines since waking from the coma from the “Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury”.

Adding to the many of my failed attempts to tolerate the length of the sides and the back of my hair to regrow in since having not been able to get the sides and back of my head waxed the way I had when in #Washington state while attempting to not cut the top too short to also allow the getting used to the additional weight of my hair, has been an excruciatingly painful process for me. While attempting to try to let the sides grow in where the hair once was waxed, has been a difficult process which the pain levels have been extremely difficult issue for me personally. I thought by now with not getting the top cut as short and when cutting my own hair leaving extra length I would be able to tolerate the growth of my hair has not been going as well for me, as I was wanting and wishing for the time during quarantine thus far. I thought with the amount I have kept on the top when giving myself a haircut would be less painful than it has been, however I have learned otherwise. Thus I have continued to simply shave the sides above my ears to attempt to lessen the pain levels for myself, though my hair is extremely heavy for my headaches and migraines; not forgetting the teeth issues of the dental work I need taken care of, not being helpful at all as additional pain for my headaches and migraines Though I have forced myself in reference of my videos as well, there is only so much one person can deal with realistically.

***As a SIDE NOTE: The sooner my dental work can be taken care of in full, the less my headaches and migraines will be a problem. I doubt there are many medical professionals who would genuinely be able to disagree the fact cavities cause headaches would in turn mean those who have headaches and migraines would have worsened pain, with a single cavity. However I have met dentists who refused to acknowledge that reality of the cavities making headaches and migraines worse, whereas I have met military dentists who have agreed with me in comparison to the civilian ones. I would guesstimate there would be Neurologists and Neurosurgeons who would be able to see an instant correlation and thus, it would be fantastic the sooner I could get that aspect of the dental work needed in full to be squared away to reduce the levels of my headaches and migraines that I have been dealing with since first waking up from my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury; well before ever having a dentist find a single or multiple cavities as prior to being in the United States of America’s Armed Forces Army branch the only dental work I ever had were braces, and I never had one cavity until 2009. In 2012 I asked the dentist if they would pull all of my teeth to put implants in, though each dentist I spoke with at the clinic said they did not believe cavities made headaches worse despite cavities causing headache pain; which to this day still makes very little sense to me.***

With the additional problems of the amount of internet Wi-Fi in the apartment building I am in though realistically the complex because of my own issues when it comes to the after effects of my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury, I admit there are certain peculiarities in reference to the individuals in the apartment next to mine in #736 as well as below mine in their apartment #725. There are *(OFFICIAL)* YouTube Channel Reverend MeeLing videos of mine I guesstimate which pick up the high-pitched sounds from such other apartments as well as the knocking on the wall from #736, which are a different sort of harassment aspect. As I am able to tell of the larger amount of technological pieces of equipment they have in their one bedroom apartments especially in comparison to mine has been a constant problem as since the female and the male in the apartment next to mine in #736 look similar to the female and the male who I saw at the #MontanaVortex in 2018 who attempted to get a selfie when I was simply attempting to calm myself down after the #Iowa trip for my Medal of Honor Art Project, though I doubt I am the only one who has dealt with certain situations similarly though maybe in a different manner. Though the tour guide had ordered everyone else to leave the building knowing I was there for the purposes of recuperating from my Medal of Honor Art Project to assist my headache and migraine pain levels as he and I had spoken several times for a bit of time when I would attend the location as other people who give tours there, that time in the Montana Vortex also had been assistive to me for my own health benefits from the effects of living above the #MasonDixon Line which because of those two people had caused damages for their choice not to leave me alone for the time I needed.

I guesstimate certain aspects might have been noticed by some in certain regards, despite the fact of quarantine during this time. Since the male and the female had seemingly having gained weight since the time I saw them in Montana that time though also as well as when the traffic problem occurred in 2017 when my son and I went from the Montana Vortex to go to the #TibetanBuddhistMonastery though because of the backup traffic the female driver had caused which added another 4-5 hours to the drive because of the lack of capability of her driving the red #Hyundai looking vehicle make, that particular couple also looks similar to the couple who were in “The Lodge at Madrona” Apartment Complex in #N208 during 2018 October through to #May of 2019 when I was finally released from that lease agreement where being near the male and female of the apartment #N208 had gotten to the point of physical illness. I had multiple doctor appointments as well as a trip to the “Emergency Room” in March of 2019 because of the additional problems because of the people in #N208, and since the male of that apartment would randomly be able to be heard walking down the stairs and/or jumping from the bush area to the concrete path towards my apartment; the problems which occurred from the continuous problems of those people stalking/harassing me had added to my medical problems which had been already a deteriorating problem for me from being in Washington state and specifically above the Mason-Dixon Line. Admittedly in certain ways the female in #N208 almost looked similar to Marcy Creamans from McCoy elementary School adult volunteers, in certain ways as well.

***SIDE NOTE: If the females of the adult volunteers had signed Non-Disclosure Agreements with Carrollton Farmers Branch Independent School District for what occurred at the Fort Worth Zoo, I would guesstimate that would include somewhere in the agreement of not being able to discuss certain aspects with a set of penalties, that would also include they would have to never purposefully be anywhere near my children or I and would immediately have to vacate the premises they recognized me at. Thus if Marcie Creamans, Rebecca Shrader, and/or Kim Browne broke such a legal agreement, they would know what the law firm’s paperwork would be for the penalties thereof for breaking their Non-Disclosure Agreement and if not; then I am sure they would be able to find the paperwork to request from the law firm as I had not signed any Non-Disclosure agreement nor accepted any check from the Carrollton Farmers Branch Independent School District for McCoy Elementary School with the exception of 1 Non-Disclosure Agreement about discussing what occurred at one meeting which I have kept to such for that one meeting as well as 1 Non-Disclosure Agreement of a Settled Agreement if an agreement was made, which an agreement was not made; in turn keeping to such.)***

As I have a guesstimation of those in #736 and #725 having their technology devices being a continued issue, I wonder if there are problems when I am speaking with the members of #AngelMoroni’s #ChurchofJesusChristofLatterDaySaints founded by #ProphetJosephSmith and/or when I am completing my *(OFFICIAL)* #YouTube Channel for my videos #ReverendMeeLing because of their refusal to take no as an answer from me; as the male from #N208 had not wanted to accept no for an answer, as well as others I knew prior such as Maitresse Renee and her fiancé at the time in 2011 for not wanting to be a Professional Dominatrix just as Patrick Kennedy had not accepted no for an answer for the same. I guesstimate how his prior girlfriend as even Patrick Kennedy had admitted to having pushed her into getting into the Professional Dominatrix aspect, I guesstimate though his son Aiden had not been raised by him though by his mother; I guesstimate Aiden (the male I think hypothetically is the taller of the two males who was at the #BlueMooseClub in #IowaCity on the stairs of that night club, may have had a similar mindset of not accepting no for an answer.

The 2 males in #725 while one seems to look like a male in the area of the hotel in #Coralville Iowa, the taller male looks similar to a male who I saw moving down the stairs at the Blue Moose Club in Iowa City when he was at the top of the stairs and I was going upward from the bottom. The shorter male in #725 who came to my apartment to tell me not to wear heels in my apartment but to wear slippers instead which I had completed an *(OFFICIAL)* YouTube Channel Reverend MeeLing video about, is the one I recognize from walking around the exterior of the Coralville Iowa hotel; whereas the taller male in #725 looks similar to a male I saw running around a bar in Washington state when speaking with some people about what Amazon show was supposed to be called “Guardian Assholes” though the name was changed later on; though there was not a new contract presented to me, for such a signature. Ironically as the shorter male had told me not to wear heels in my apartment the amount of slamming doors from apartments #736 and #725 while also the aspects of times when #725 has been tapping their ceiling which is my floor, whether or not I have worn heels in my apartment for my *(OFFICIAL)* YouTube videos. Though at that bar near #Seattle Washington near the railroad tracks each person I spoke with had been discussing about the possibilities for the show supposed to be called “Guardian Assholes” and nothing more than such, I just wanted to make sure of the clarity in such a reference. Though I had posted about such on my Facebook account and later was told by Joey, that Amazon had taken down his work for not following the guidelines stated in his agreement for the labeling. I was shown some of the episodes in 2018, however the premise of the show was nothing as what was initially described as there were no points of voice overs nor cartoons as initially told about.

Hypothetically is the female I once knew as Maitresse Renee and her then fiancé Jason though on fetlife as Renees_bitch from the #Dallas/#ForthWorth area had been upset about the fact another individual from the #Austin #Texas area of the #BDSM Lifestyle scene who had informed me to contact the #IRS (Internal Revenue Service) about cash payments, which I had done so from the fax/facsimile machine in the business office of the #Vancouver Washington #CrystalCreek Apartments as per his suggestion; when living off of #Minnehaha in that area, after having found online some public statements of what was being said about me beyond the threats I had been receiving well before winding up in Washington state after being targeted hypothetically at the “Cowboys Dancehall” in March 2013, at the “Stoney LaRue” concert; which had been the only country music concert I could find for that weekend when I looked online at the time, shortly before learning about my identity theft and having to file a #SanAntonioPoliceReport with the only substation I could find online when I typed that into a search engine. If that had to do with unknown hacking/stalking at that time as well, I guesstimate the #NSA (National Surveillance Agency) would be able to look into such and/or find from I think it was the Vizio laptop that was red which I turned into #GeekSquad of #BestBuy.

That particular individual who also knew some of the multiple Professional Dominatrix I also knew and were friends with in the Austin Texas area who were upset about Maitresse Renee attempting to bring her business into their territory when originally getting her base out of the Fort Worth/Dallas area, though she had originally ignored my warnings to her about the title she was wrongly claiming of the Premier Dominatrix in the Dallas area while living in Fort Worth. I had warned her of the problems she was causing in the Fort Worth area of Texas of Professionals I knew as well as her choice to go to Dallas from Fort Worth, to attempt to claim she was the first Professional Dominatrix in the area of Dallas from Fort Worth Texas. I warned her that particular professional has been around since long before she was alive and is one of the oldest professions in existence, though Maitresse Renee refused to heed my warnings before her announcement party in a Dallas #LGBTQ #LGBTQP #LGBT nightclub with her rolled up sign she and her fiancé had printed up.

Had that couple had been upset that particular male Dominant had informed me I could inform the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) about Maitresse Renee’s attempt to hide cash money earned for her business and that was a side attempt to get me into trouble for the fact they chose to do all of that; though also had contracted other female Dominatrix who had been in the professional Dominatrix aspects long before Maitresse Renee had ever thought about making a business of such, I am guesstimating there were a few individuals who would have far more information to give to law enforcement agencies than I ever could have. While also not forgetting she and her then fiancé had ignored the fact I warned them about the way I knew people had businesses of a similar nature in New Jersey and New York had specific requirements and doubted that the Fort Worth/Dallas Texas regions were much different in such a profession while also adding Austin area, Maitresse Renee refused to acknowledge the realities of such in reference to turf. Thus if Maitresse Renee and/or her then fiancé Jason and/or Patrick Kennedy and/or his son Aiden who I think was growing up in #Ohio though was born in #WestVirginia along with their other individuals who had seen me wrongly as a threat to their profession and their clientele because of the fact I was never interested in becoming a Professional Dominatrix, thus their clientele would have actually been more in such a way instead of Maitresse Renee attempting to force me to join her squad to become another Professional Dominatrix. While there are many who have their specialties and I respect their choices to choose which professional they want as a respect towards female empowerment, I personally was not interested in such because of my personal knowledge of myself and my emotions. I had not and do not believe I am the only person who could evaluate themselves to see certain emotional connection aspects, in such a manner back before winding up in Washington state nor after returning to the State of Texas.

There had been some Professional Dominatrix who respected my choice and had joked that meant there were more clients for them, whereas Maitresse Renee complained about not getting me to work for her when my heart was not in that. Admittedly while there has never been a denial on my part of if there was a way for me to be a Professional Dominatrix to interrogate terrorists because of the lack of the type of contact in such a manner I would be intrigued as to how I could do such for the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and/or the #FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) and/or #PrivateSecurity companies, I knew and know myself enough to comprehend the Sadistic Dominant aspect of such could never crossover to the point of any form of emotional feelings. Though in a romantic style of relationship yes there can be some Dominance and Sadism, it is not in the same way with the one relationship obviously.

One additional aspect to such is in reference to the fact I was asked various questions over the years when in Washington state which looking back now in 2020 to those times of 2013 through to 2019, no one had ever told me of me being under investigation; nor had anyone told me of any possible investigation being conducted, at any point in time. Though in 2011 Patrick Kennedy’s ex-girlfriend had told me she had been told I was leaking people’s information and outing people, I tried to tell her I was not and would not without any legal purpose; however when I called her back, my phone call went to her voicemail. At the time of 2011 especially, I was dealing with far too much to even think about something like that and had to figure out what that meant similarly to finding out what the term #fandom means.

Though I did at the time of her phone call remember my ex-sister-in-law Mary Evongelina ([Nichols] Osteen saying she had fun messing with people’s lives in such a way when she told me that she and her husband David Osteen were first introduced to the Swingers Lifestyle, it was not until 2012 I learned what the term #Swingers meant; though when Mary Evongelina [Nichols] Osteen had told me she had enjoyed playing that game (her words) with others’ lives I warned her that was not a game to people, and when she told me she was still doing so when in Georgia after the initial discussion of such I told her “I hope there is a day which comes which no one has to be ashamed for their adult choices in what they enjoy in the privacy of their own homes, and if that means consenting adults are able to get the understanding their sexuality is what is it; then I hope I am at the forefront to watch you and people similar to you burn.” I was not able to tell Patrick Kennedy’s ex-girlfriend that, as the voicemail only allowed so much time and I had to get back to a response from a lawyer for the school.

However coming back around to after having watched and listened to the CIA video footage of the first recorded actions of a Medal of Honor recipient, the feelings of which each spirit of being absolutely infuriated because of what others had done to cause problems for my Medal of Honor Art Project while others chose to be disrespectful not just to the locations of the Medal of Honor recipients markers but also their cities and states both where their remains lay as well as where they were from and so on and so forth with respects to other military and religious/spiritual associations; my headaches instantly went into migraines and the pain levels became so horrendous, I could not finish what I had intended to later on after attempting to review certain things.

Then when finding the definition of fandom and what lengths some have gone to cause certain issues in reference to those who had been a part of the original writings/movies/books/etcetera to do the equivalent of what I had learned the hard way at a #RenaissanceFaire during the final year #Excalibur had been going on in #Smithville Texas of #Bastrop county and those males who jumped out of trees to surround me with unsheathed weapons which I had to defend myself, the levels of which certain people such as those I have labeled as ‘cherubim ones’ who cannot separate reality from their choice of genre not in the way of finding inspiration in a good way but in causing problems; I wonder if how much I had said to some was in fact true in regards, of certain individuals not being able to keep emotions separate from certain scenarios. While there are many individuals who have had to learn how to disassociate certain aspects of what occurred when overseas to when in the civilian sector among other situations I have believed before finding the term fandom, what I had done in reference to ensuring the safety and sanctity of the military in whichever area of their life or in the aspects of my Medal of Honor Art Project in the days after their death; had not been because I could not disassociate myself from such, as I never claimed to have earned a Medal of Honor as I do not believe in stealing valor and have kept my own promise I made to myself to not allow such to be in regards of not ever stealing valor.

I have never said I had graduated Basic Training, thus I never thought it was possible for me to earn such a prestigious award for military service to the United States of America’s Armed Forces. My intent to begin my Medal of Honor Art Project though not in the exact same way as it went though nonetheless I had thought of before I had joined the United States of America’s Army Branch of the Armed Forces had been for after I retired, the aspect of beginning such after winding up in Washington state had been to create an art project for those who had been in different situations to be able to find an art therapy for even those who did not have the ability to go SCUBA Diving nor horseback riding nor on expeditions; though I wanted that to be a surprise and those who took that away from me without my consent before I personally was ready to step forward, is something the recipients of the Medal of Honor comprehend. Thus watching and listening to the spirits of each as they yelled in a metaphorical way just before clicking on the YouTube video as well as while watching and listening and thereafter though I had not already been dealing with enough as some might arrogantly think, I did not need any additional discomfort to know as far as I feel at this point; I have failed in the manner of which I had intended to bring my Medal of Honor Art Project forward, in the time I wanted to. I know there are a lot of websites throughout the internet and I never thought my website would ever stand out, but could be a record for anyone who had questions when I had gone to certain locations so the individuals knew I was being respectful. I had never thought my website would have to be used for law enforcement agencies of the United States of America in such a way, as it has seemingly when having to contact various branches and divisions about those who I have labeled as ‘cherubim ones’ and the stalking and harassing hypothetically.

Many years ago I had written a journal blog entry which I felt because of multiple circumstances in reference to:

· what occurred in various ways in reference to my children’s biological father and what I needed to do for them as well as other soldiers and their families awareness

· what occurred to my daughter and my son because of “McCoy Elementary School” of Carrollton Texas of “Carrollton Farmers Branch Independent School District” and the medical after-effects of

· because I had never received any positive response in regards to being able to get legal assistance for my children and I due to that aspect as each lawyer I spoke with either said the case was too much for them or not what they dealt with or too big for their britches or etcetera

· because no one in the area I was had ever said they recognized me from anywhere and I felt nameless and faceless among the crowds looked over and passed on by when in Washington state and #Oregon state events for the adult lifestyle and even though I thought I recognized some people, none had ever said they knew me to my face by the name they knew me as online on #fetlife

· because despite having initially began modeling to get accustomed to how I look and after what occurred at an event in San Antonio Texas to face my fears I did not know I had about being in front of people in a crowd, though no one contacting me for a professional role which the finances could have assisted my children and I to stay together as a family longer if not absolutely preventing what occurred because of the #FortWorthZoo

· because of not hearing back from anyone I sent my books to in reference to being picked up for mass publishing for becoming a worlds best selling author as well as discussing the various points throughout my books, though I was hoping the whole time

· because of the #SCUBA Dive which at the time of the people I knew, few believed me and thought I of all people could lie when they knew I could not tell a lie while ignoring the proof of the pictures similarly to the denial of acknowledging the truth when it came to what occurred in reference of the “Chief Warrant Officer” 3 at my dead-ex-husband’s funeral as well as people in the lifestyle not believing me about how extremely abusive that male was towards my children and I

· while not forgetting the threats I received online in messages where when I clicked on the subject line a pop up window appeared with the threats, those with videos disappeared immediately after the threat whereas those with writing remained until I clicked the X to close the window and even though I showed some people those threats for whatever excuse they thought somehow I was good at technology, despite I could not figure out how to do quite a few things and Geek Squad from Best Buy would know extremely well of my problems in full; not that my biological mother and biological sister did not know, and same goes for Phillip Omstead/Patrick Kennedy/Joey and Meg Estes in reference to specific relationships I had been in though PV3 Choleva and PV2 Sybert who were stationed in Medical Hold Unit after leaving South Korea had seen and heard from the male soldiers of Medical Hold Unit of my technology issues as did SPC McCoy who had admitted to stealing my checkbook from my wall locker (in front of CPL Watson)

· because of feeling there was something off in regards to the way my now ex-boyfriend Jesse Leroy Hoover Jr and how that situation with Kevin at the Stoney LaRue concert at the Cowboys Dancehall felt odd but I could not figure out what was the specific issue that was wrong

· because I felt I lost a part of myself when having to give up my legal parental rights to my daughter against what I wanted to do but because I had to in order to keep both of my children safe as best as I could and not one person from my biological family nor my children’s other side of their biological father’s family being willing to do anything helpful of which yes the YouTube video through my Gmail account I have been unable to figure out how to reset the password of to get back into because of what I have written in the previous “The Ornery PSA” journal blog entry post of the changing of cellphone numbers being an issue, as well as the other YouTube video I had done trying to do political commentary (ONE: as much as I hate to admit I did cry in the video because I could not hold back my tears from the pain in my heart as a mom, and TWO: a video which I was wearing a black corset with silver hood clasps with an #AmericanFlag hung on the wall behind with a print out of people I thought would be fun to work with in such a setting)

Though there are many other reasons as to why I felt when writing my journal blog titled as The Unwanted Artist in reference to that specific timeframe of my life, now I truly feel certain aspects of as how many have I attempted to reach out to in order to fix and repair what others had done in regards of my Medal of Honor Art Project? Who can truthfully say they would not feel the exact same way with or without the aspects of the spirits of the Medal of Honor recipients and those who passed away coming forward through the veil, in the fullest similar circumstances? Am I or was I not allowed to feel as such, or is that allowance of feeling only allowed for those who are not in support of the United States of America’s Armed Forces and #ConstitutionalRights? Did there happen to be a section in The Constitution where “All men are created equal” only meant males and not in the manner of which in language in regards of multiple genders being in a groups, or was it there are chauvinistic males who did not want to give a female credit where credit is due on her own volition and accord? I thought in this era, the latter had not been an issue any further. Or is it as the #FoundingMothers had known to be true in prophetic means for when the future became the present after the turn of the millennium as stated in various #holyscriptures?

In such of the four examples of females, which would parents prefer? A female who chooses to force others to do as she does to criminally be negligible, with the support of the male to propel such forward and being disrespectful to law enforcement and military? A female who chooses in her own rights to become a Professional in such however she chooses to do so without putting down other Professionals though keeps herself, her feelings, and her business in check the way I noticed many different singers and musicians who have in their musical workings? A female who does not pay attention to gender/ethnicity/spiritual background/etcetera though supports their freewill choice to choose one way and then progress further in another way however she chooses to be best for herself, as I have noticed various different types of entertainers do as such? A female who remains modest no matter what the situation as best as she can despite the adversities to rise above the stereotypes while giving credit where credit is due to each aspect, though knows herself enough when to back off and when to step up; with or without a relationship partner in the traditional sort of way, for the betterment of society as a whole?

In the same aspect, which examples of males would parents prefer? A male similar to my dead-ex-husband who berated females and males alike, though particularly goes after females who are independent when necessary and when willing to work with others as needed for an unbiased way? A male who pretends to know more than he does to attempt to force a female against her will similarly to the male SCUBA Diver Joe had, because of certain inadequacies within himself hypothetically? A male who prefers to ride someone else’s coattails similar to Renees_Bitch Jason instead of working by his own merit to stand out in a positive way where he can though acknowledge when needing help and assistance, hypothetically? A male in the good ways similar to the “President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump” has including his wife Ms. Melania and also in reference to the “Vice President of the United States of America Mike Pence” and his wife, #Congress, #Senate, “the Pentagon”, and also among others?

In either aspect of gender would parents prefer their children to be more openminded and accepting of others’ views while respecting themselves and their rights, in whichever aspect possible? Whether in religious ways of peaceful balance, spiritual ways of contemplation, physical ways of taking care of oneself and maintaining as necessary, opinions through thought provoked thinking, emotionally balanced through self-evaluation, sexually responsible for general well-being and health; as responsibly and in moderation as best as possible, for the overall highest good possible; while being respectful in reference to others’ needs, wants, and desires?

Nonetheless the aspects of which I personally had been affected in such, I cannot express fully how much I personally feel I have failed those particular spirits as well as those of the living; in reference to my stuff I have done including my Medal of Honor Art Project. I have had various aspects of which spirituality and religion have been a major influence in my life and my choices and actions, though at this point in time I simply wonder so very much. I thought I was doing the right thing despite so many circumstances and wonder, as while I guesstimate there would be those who would be intrigued by the ability to speak with the spirits of those who passed of the compassionate/honorable/righteous ones, I doubt anyone would want to deal with being yelled at by them when they are mad and upset as it is mandatory to be able to deal with both sides of the coin for such an ability; and I am just pointing out when spirits are mad there are no filters to their words ever, just as there are no physical limitations.

My personal opinion and recommendation, do not piss those guys off.

The ultimate measure of an individual is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where they stand at the time of challenge and controversy.

We must reject the idea that everytime a law is broken society is guity, rather than the law breaker. 

Freedom is never-more than one generation away, from exinction.  We do not pass freedom on through our blood stream because freedom must be fought for, protected, and handed on for the next generation to do the same.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

It should not take a head injury to figure this out, because you are smarter.

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Reverend MeeLing

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Brightest blessings to all, for the highest good.

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If you are interested in using any of the information, videos, pictures, and etcetera of mine which I have put on my website please contact me through the To Contact form to present the details requested and we can discuss the details of and my terms and conditions if granted.  In reference of what I personally have created and am the only owner of such copyrights, of course the articles referenced with the photo-journailsm is of you to contact them for their ownership rights; though I simply post the links with my commentary of my opinions and thoughts thereof for the overall view.  I do hope those particular journalists and photo-journailsts have been able to get more work, for such within the pages; as I hope to be hired for my own.

The modeling pictures are of me and while I have images of other aspects in my journal blog entries as well as links to articles, those are those journalists' work and I have given them credit for such without taking any credits from their writings/photography/etcetera.  Hence why I posted their names, the companies the journalsts worked for at the time, and so on. 


While I did not state the photography of such were mine; again in reference of the links to the direct articles in my journal blog, being fully available to be seen as to not take credit away, from each of the photo-journalists and writers thereof. 


The same is in reference of my first book "Finding A Silver Lining By:  Susan MeeLing", in reference to credits due to each individual writing within that specifically are for legal purposes of references and for examples; in comparison to my own writings, of which are the majority of within those pages.

If you are interested in using my journal blog entries for your news station, radio broadcast, pictures, videos, artwork, and etcetera including the possibility complete an interview and/or set of, please use the To Contact form to let me know of the detailed request.  The same is in reference to the name of my journal blog The Ornery PSA if you are interested in purchasing the rights to use the name, as well as a show thereof.

My pictures from when I had modeled had been under the understanding if there were profits made from the selling of my pictures, I would receive the profits thereof.  As I have not been informed of such images being sold for profit, I thus far have not received profits from thus far. 


Though my multiple types of painting artwork is available to see on my website, any designs thereof have not been given permission to anyone to utilize nor profit from the designs I made for businesses; as that contact to me and the contracts of set profit margins to me, would need to be discussed.  That includes the paintings of mine, which includes the painted areas around each of my Medal of Honor Artwork pieces that I created by myself with my own paint.  If interested in using such, please use the To Contact page with the details thereof for possibility of approval depending upon my choice.

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