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Susan MeeLing has a very strong connection with the military. She believes that it is her civic duty to support the military in a number of different ways – and this is done by becoming a military artist and blogger.


You have the opportunity to explore some of the artwork that she creates as a creative painter. Additionally, you can read the military blog, where she talks about a variety of political events, military actions taken, and much more. Sometimes the blog is satirical while other times it takes a more serious note.


One thing that you might not realize about Susan MeeLing is that she was a soldier. She suffered a head injury in basic training. Her active duty service taught her to love her country and support her military – and writing a military blog was a great way to do that since she could not serve in her originally intended way.


As a military artist, she pays a beautiful tribute to Medal of Honor recipients by creating a piece of art for the family. For those with no family, she donates it to a veterans memorial. Throughout the blog, she talks heavily about the art and the recipients as a way to honor them in the highest way.


Some of the blog matter will focus heavily on what’s happening on the military while other matter will focus on those who made the ultimate sacrifice. The topics change based on what’s happening in the world and in Susan’s life.


Whether you are a veteran or simply a proud American, you can enjoy following this military blog. With new posts going live on a regular basis, it can provide you with new reading material while being able to develop a stronger appreciation for those who are actively serving.

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