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(Corset) Modeling

Corset Modeling Only if Certain Requirements of Mine are per the requirements I have

It’s important to think outside of the box periodically. When you are looking for a model for photoshoot purposes, you may want to choose a nontraditional model. This is when you can take advantage of all that Susan MeeLing has to offer.


Susan is vibrant and mysterious. As a photography model, she is extremely comfortable in front of the camera. She has a gorgeous smile and knows how to create the necessary attitude based on the reason for modeling.


Additionally, she has done a lot of corset modeling. Having a model in a corset can be a great way to market for a number of different industries. It can set the tone to be male-focused, sexy, or even as a steampunk genre. Whether you are from an advertising firm or simply the marketing department for a specific company, you can inquire about Susan MeeLing and her availability to be a model for photoshoot purposes.


Corset modeling is great when you are promoting a renaissance festival, your own line of corsets, or something that is a bit romantic. With the experience that Susan MeeLing has on corset tying, too, you can ensure that she’s the right person for the job. She’s held countless classes on tying. This can give you the confidence to know that she will have her corset on properly and be ready to go for any photo shoot that you schedule.


Of course, corsets are only a small part of what this photography model does. She is happy to change into as many outfits as necessary based on the job.


There are countless reasons as to why you might need a model girl in a photo. You can promote a special event, have a model to showcase the clothing that you have to offer, or even to have a live runway event.


Susan MeeLing has participated in a number of creative photo shoots and events. While you might need a model girl in a photo because of promoting something online or printing something in a catalogue, there may be reasons why you need a live model for a few hours.


She has helped corset makers understand shape by modeling for hours on end. She has also walked the runway on more than one occasion to show others the various products that are available from a designer.


You can have some fun with the modeling that you need – and Susan MeeLing has a reputation for being fun while being professional at the same time. She can take guidance from you or guide you along the way. She’s simply happy to be able to participate in the fun events that you have planned.


There’s nothing quite like placing a model in a corset. It’s an attention-getter because it’s not the clothing of today. It’s from yesteryear, and it’s a bit sexier than what you might see in today’s fashions. This means that it’s going to turn heads – and you want a model who feels confident in a corset to ensure that you get the desired effect.


Susan MeeLing may have spent more time in corsets than out of them. She loves the designs, the overall feeling in them, and the confidence that it brings. It’s why she considers herself to be a corset model as opposed to just any model. Although she’ll model almost anything, corsets are certainly her favorite type of clothing – and that can work to your benefit.


When you want to talk to Susan MeeLing about corset modelling for an event, a magazine spread, or for any other purpose, simply contact her through the website.

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