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The majority of pictures I personally took from the years of 2001 onward to around the timeframe of the year of 2008 had been completed with film photography, and since what occurred in reference to Washington state at the Lodge at Madrona Apartment Complex after how I wound up in Washington state to begin with; I have not had the luxury of having been able to digitalize the pictures I was working to do so for myself to have for myself, as to the realities of which has been explained in various areas in reference to my Autobiography books "Finding A Silver Lining  (Written) By:  (Reverend) Susan MeeLing", "Finding The Silver Lining  (Written) By:  (Reverend) Susan MeeLing", and more-so in reference to "The Modern Day Book  (Written) By:  Reverend Susan MeeLing".

Though I had wanted to be able to do so for myself as to the fact I had purchased such to be able to do so with all of my pictures through a online portion, there was not the ability for me to be able to do so for myself as the situations as to the timeframes of the occurrences thereof.  

Though The Ornery PSA my journal blog, has multiple additional aspects as to such situations and details thereof for the clarifications of such aspects.  I had taken the majority of all of the pictures within my photo albums with the exception of the few which were taken at various studios mainly JC Penny, however those were the few which I was ever in the picture as to always having been the one who had taken the pictures of my children and the areas thereof as per having seen such sights of wonder.  In the ways of such were only for myself, my son, and my daughter in the comparisons as to whatever hypotheticals in reference to others' opinions; I had worked for years to build up what my photograph collection was for my memories with my children and the situations thereof, instead of how such had gone in reference to the ways such had been as to the situations after how I wound up in Washington state in the year of 2013 after the Stoney LaRue concert at the Cowboys Dancehall.

While in some ways I can see a reference to being the proverbial Lone Survivor to such a point in time as well as the factors thereof, those pictures I personally took when in the areas thereof have been of importance to me.  Though some do not put much value on sentimental aspects, there are others who find such more important as I have in such references as to the aspects thereof.

After my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury before the end of the year I was pregnant with my son James Michael and the following year in 2001, I delivered him into the world.  Later that year I was pregnant with my daughter Lidia Louise, and I delivered my daughter the following year in 2002. I do not have all of the pictures I took of my children over the years as not all of the pictures I took or had taken were digital nor digitalized, as much as I wish I thought to do so sooner.  The pictures below are the ones I do have of my children at different places, some with other family members, a few locations we went to together, and a few where I am in the picture as usually I was taking the pictures. 

I miss you James Michael and Lidia Louise, so very much. 

I love you and I always have, and I always will. #letters4James #letters4Lidia

Loving you always and forever,
Love always and forever,


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