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Remember, since I was either six or seven years old I have been giving warnings as to the best of my ability as to the visions I had which began when I was in second grade of Elementary school.  The first warning I gave officially as to my nightmare vision compared to my dream vision was in the year of 1988 or 1989, compared to the online writings and my books as well as my journal blog entries year timeline for the information.

If anyone is upset please direct your upset towards those who had made the choices to constantly needlessly block my warnings and/or try to explain otherwise as to their trying to curb their responsibilities, in comparison to the responsible and respectful choices as best as I could possibly do so as a child starting as to such information at the age of when I was six in 1988 or seven years old in 1989.

I made every attempt to inform as best as I possibly could, though hopefully the clarifications throughout my various books and writings as well as journal blog entries compared to the amount of people in multiple areas which I had spoken with about in person from the years of 1988 or 1989 through to 2012 more continuously before 2013. 

In the year of 2019 is when I began reviewing such details and onward through the years since 2019 more officially, however I made the attempts to give the warnings and what others' choices have been as to whatever proof thereof to who you should be speaking with as to what they told you in comparison as to the upset and anger with in comparison.

How many assistances I have made attempt towards betterment as to the clarifications from the year of 1988 or 1989 onward did it truly have to take for each to genuinely pay attention, as I have been making the best attempts to assist for the best possibilities how?

After sustaining a head injury to recover from the after effects of the head injury on Psalm Sunday in 2000, the subarachnoid hemorrhage in the frontal lobe, and the coma; life experiences shaped in my opinion the artistic expressions by Reverend Susan MeeLing AKA Lady Dori Belle AKA The Creatrix AKA Susan MeeLing SCUBA Diver Extraordinaire. 


This website is for the uniquely creative author, artist, and there are the varied types of inspirational mediums. 

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Also if interested to complete an interview and/or to complete an article on information discussed for profit, please contact through the website messaging system; for such availability however if for law enforcement aspects of what I have written, please do contact me informing me of what in reference to.  Either way the truth, is the only thing I can speak of and write about.  Though I have written fiction books, they have been labeled as such by me.  However there have been times I also understand sometimes the truth, is far more than fiction.

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A bit of a unique one I guesstimate some might say, about me.

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