Medal of Honor Artwork Pictures on products you can purchase to help with my Medal of Honor Art Project

As some may find my Medal of Honor Art Project to be different and unique in the process of completing the historical and spiritual rubbings for my Medal of Honor Art Project Artwork, if you are interested in supporting what I do please do look through the different available options to purchase products to assist with the ability for me to complete the works I have been doing.  Each available product design can bring more awareness to not only the different Medal of Honor recipients, though also bring awareness to various aspects in regards of the United States of America's Armed Forces.  As you are able to go visit the different pieces in the locations I took the artwork to, this is a way to have such reminders in your own home of the sacrifices the few had made for the many. 


Check back to my website to see which new collections are added and go purchase each one to collect each design I made, while helping to further the progress to be made!

Tell others where you got the individual products of my Medal of Honor Art Project memorabilia through my website printed through Cafe Press, to spread throughout!

Check back soon, as more designs will be added.