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Areas where you can purchase items from my stores to be capable to assist with the financial aspects, in a direct way.

The link to purchase directly regarding my books I authored and compiled is the preferred way to be capable to assist to contribute to my works, as per the ways which shows the earned portions thereof to what I have put together on my own as while I am Medically Retired from the Army branch of the United States of America and have and do appreciate the factors of such abilities to have such aspects; the reality of everything within the pages of my books being considered as authorized as to within the guidelines thereof to the UCMJ is applicable for the permissions as to the requirements as to the factors thereof within the Universal Code of Military Justice as per additional income factors as per the legalities which have been reviewed long before I began putting such together as per the aspects of being an author as well as an artist in the conjunction as to my modeling.

The kindle aspects are available for most options of my books, for the profits aspects to directly assist in such factors of my work.

CLICK HERE for the website for the direct link to my Amazon Author Page

Thank you, for your assistance.

Each book has all rights reserved, as per the ways of such prior explanations.

One purchase per book per individual as is intended, each book is not for individual resale.

I am not a Medal of Honor recipient and my tattoos are not Medal of Honor awards, as they were not ever as such to begin with.  Intelligent people would be capable to have common sense as to the facts thereof, and would have such common sense as to the knowledge as to such facts.

Interpretations do not assist anyone, make sure to be clear fully as the 10 Commandments matter at all times.

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