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If the purchasing after contacting has not been prearranged with you by contacting Reverend Susan MeeLing, there will not be any books signed or personalized for the general public without such approval by her.  Also there are no longer going to be any copies sent out to any locations or people until such purchasing arrangement begins and none will be signed or personalized in a any setting, without such prior set up arraged through Reverend Susan MeeLing AKA Lady Dori Belle.


Please make sure to contact Reverend Susan MeeLing AKA Lady Dori Belle for such to occur, as soon as possible; without any further hesitations as the writings and painting works were never free and always had been and were intended for purchase from Reverend Susan MeeLing AKA Lady Dori Belle, with the exception of the artwork pieces I donated for my Medal of Honor Art Project.

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After sustaining a head injury to recover from the after effects of the head injury on Psalm Sunday in 2000, the subarachnoid hemmorage in the frontal lobe, and the coma; life experiences shaped the artistic expressions by Reverend Susan MeeLing AKA Lady Dori Belle AKA The Creatrix AKA Susan MeeLing SCUBA Diver Extraordinaire. 


This website is for the uniquely creative author, artist, and her varied types of inspirational mediums. 

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Reverend Susan MeeLing singing The Star Spangled Banner in Seattle Washington

What is normal?

Is normal what society dictates to be as such?

Or is normal what each individual personally needs to feel comfortable, within their skin?

Who is anyone to dictate to another what should feel in order to be considered, as normal?

What are normal, life experiences?


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