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The Adventures of Susan MeeLing, SCUBA Diver Extraordinaire By: Reverend Susan MeeLing


One Bid Per Person for one book series set personalized and signed for the series of one each



First come, first serve of the ordering numbers.


The set of book series of signed personalization of The Adventures of Susan MeeLing, SCUBA Diver Extraordinaire By: Reverend Susan MeeLing are set up as follows as the top 50 bids for the series will be personalized, signed, and numbered in a specific color as well as stamped with a specific seal; while those who seek the number one set series bid of the top number will be in a completely different color for the personalization, signature, and seal; just as the number one top bid will be of a different color for that personalization, signature, and seal including an extra for the number one bid price paid. Such is as follows:


$150,000.00 to have your own whole series personalized to you and signed by me, in a specific color and numerical sequence. If you are simply wanting your own copy personalized and signed, this option would be the choice for you. Your bid will include the personalized and signed series, with the numerical sequence of which number your personalized copy is in the first batch of a total of 50 available but from the first 50 of the 50.


Get your bids in early as those who do so first will receive the number closer to 1 of the first available 50 according to the time sequence, and then following suit. The verification process I will add is a self-recorded video on both Periscope and Facebook Live with an additional video on YouTube of the personalization of the process for your personalization and signature as I do so with either your Facebook and/or Twitter hashtag/@ name so you know with certainty, of the validity of the authentic nature of the book series being signed by me.


My makeup and clothing will be appropriate as well as completed live, per individual and I will speak the words I wrote in the personalization to you and signature. The following day of the video and personalization with signature (excluding Sundays), I will send you the tracking number of the USPS First-Class Priority number for the package(s) with the insurance number for extra precaution. These book series personalization with signature and recordings will begin after the week of 12 February 2020, though you will receive emailed updates for the process to keep you informed for when the videoing will be done as well as the mailing of.


To ensure the safety and since the USPS and UPS allow up to a $50,000.00 insurance per package the three books will be sent in three different packages though shipped at the same time, which you will receive the tracking numbers for each.



  • As I know I have to keep such records for the banks (yours and mine as well as the PayPal records) and for the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to ensure the taxes are paid, such additional records for the validity for each of the first sequence as well as each additional sequence as made available will have the additional records provided for The United States of America’s government.

Bronze Series of Personalized & Signed Book Trilogy of S.M.L.S.D.E.

  • After your initial purchase for the Chinese-Auction Style bid make sure to include the additional payment for the personalization and signature with numerical sequence for the entire three part book series for your chance to get the number one spot, for that bid and pay through PayPal including your order number.  The auction ends either when sold out or on the date of 21 February 2020 for the first set of the series available and arrangements for the in personal meeting, video of, and signing will be scheduled for your pick up.


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Brightest blessings to all, for the highest good.