Personalized and Signed book of Medal of Honor Artwork & Paintings By:  Reverend Susan MeeLing


One Bid Per Person for one book series set personalized and signed each

One Bid Per Person for one book series set personalized and signed each

Option to discuss investing in reference to my idea of The Underwater Travel System 


A portion of the payment will be set up to assist with creating a location for housing for veterans and their spouses, to begin the process for a living center with mdical treatment for those who are veterans of the branches of The United States of America's Armed Forces and the development of the property to assist with reducing veteran homelessness while also getting the resources needed for them.  While the other dual book series is to assist with the various organizations to help the veterans with getting their paperwork squared away and bringing awareness for the associations of, this pareticular bid is for the assistance for the development center for the veterans who need housing and need a safer place to be with those of likemindedness and experiences for their own community to gether together. 


As I guesstimate it is known of the openness to assist The United States of America's government agencies, this particular bid option is to assist with the funding for the construction of for those who are in need of a location which gives them the opportunity to go out into the civilian sector; but gives them a place which feels closer to the comfort in a different way of which they have been used to for their years in The United States of America's Armed Forces and branches/divisions thereof.  My idea of the overall layout had been written about in my first book "Finding A Silver Lining By:  (Reverend) Susan MeeLing which would assist those who are more accustomed to living on a military installation a transitioning place for if they want to later live off of the location or if they prefer to stay, but also arrange field trips; while making sure they receive the medical care properly as needed. 


Also ensuring for those who are a part of reservists and active duty with the change of stations a place to feel comfortable until they find arrangements for on post housing or if the local military base(s) need assistance in such, there is the option for them additionally as well.


Due to the fact there is the offer for the artist signature on each page with artwork of the book (approximately 212), the personalization, my signature, as well as the fact of this being the most limited edition with numerical of signifigance for the limited production of; this particular aspect is of the highest calibur to assist as best as I possibly can.  I hope those who choose this option will be willing to purchase this option as well, as assist with the setting up of the arrangement for the veterans as well if possible.


Only 5 are available in thie fiirst time offer with the vailability for in person signature and personalization, numbered in accorandance to the scheduled arrangement, as well as including my artist signature on each of the pages of the artwork within the book; while including a few pictures with during the time of; in the state of Texas for the meeting and signing of. 20 minutes of vapor dancing in person; music of choice; no touching during the dance as it disrupts the flow of the vapor.


  • As I know I have to keep such records for the banks (yours and mine as well as the PayPal records) and for the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to ensure the taxes are paid, such additional records for the validity for each of the first sequence as well as each additional sequence as made available will have the additional records provided for The United States of America’s government.

Personalized & Signed book of M.o.H.A.& P. By: Reverend Susan MeeLing


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