The Kennedy Curse Fused with Science Fiction By:  (Reverend) Susan MeeLing


One Bid Per Person for one book series set personalized and signed each

Option to discuss investing in reference to my idea of The Underwater Travel System


Personalized and signed copies of the one of the few books on its own that I never signed no matter how many copies I sent to publicize my writings, is available for the first time to be personalized and signed in person with a numerical sequncing in person; with 1.5 hours to talk about the topics within the pages of and answer questions in reference to for assistance if requested.  If wanting pictures with and/or video of the event as well is available in the state of Texas, after 12 February 2020.  The first available gets the first number of the sequence as will be in the personalization, and following suit afterwards.  15 minutes of vapor dancing in person, music of choice; no touching during the dance as it disturbs the flow of the vapor.


  • As I know I have to keep such records for the banks (yours and mine as well as the PayPal records) and for the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to ensure the taxes are paid, such additional records for the validity for each of the first sequence as well as each additional sequence as made available will have the additional records provided for The United States of America’s government.

Personalized and Signed The K.C.F.W.S.F.


    Thank you for taking the time to look through this website and please, enjoy your day.

    Brightest blessings to all, for the highest good.