The Curious Children Series Compilation By:  (Reverend) Susan MeeLing




A limited reading of the book as well as a personalized and signed with numerical sequencing of the book in person of the whole book compilation of the wirintgs with me, after talking with is available in the most limited of ways.  Video and pictures with are available as well as a talk, if wanted.  If each purchase has more than one child within the group for the reading of and the personalization is reqeusted as well, the same price for each involved if personalization and signature is wanted too.  If a single child then the scheduling can occure after 12 February 2020 but if I need to order extra copies for, then in accordance with the schedule of.  The numerical sequencing will be for the purchase of in reference to the 4 allotted and those within the group will have a sequencing with along with a letter iin accordance of signatures and personalixzations of.  Recording allowed, and the name(s) of the child(ren) at the reading would be said in the named areas for the recording.


For example if wanting the reading for a birthday party, then the birthday child would recieve a different color of ink for the signature and personalization for the significgance and the lettering within the sequencing for those in attendance of would be included within for their personalization and signature. 


For the adults (and if the adults are okay with the children seeing and being around), 10 minutes in person of vapor dancing if one book puechase but if multiple up to 3 incriments of 15 minutes of vapor dancing, no touching during the dance as it disturbs the flow of the vapor.


  • As I know I have to keep such records for the banks (yours and mine as well as the PayPal records) and for the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to ensure the taxes are paid, such additional records for the validity for each of the first sequence as well as each additional sequence as made available will have the additional records provided for The United States of America’s government.

Personalization & Signature w/Reading of The Curious Children Series Compilation


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