Whataburger stole my idea for the Dr. Pepper milkshake or someone sold it to them without my consent

In my first two books I wrote or authored depending which word you prefer which all 8 of my books are registered through The Library of Congress and just as in the case of #Marvel and/or #DCComics and that lawsuit in reference to the creators of, I have never given up my rights to my intellectual nor given up the rights to my creative property rights; nor have I given up nor sold such to anyone to utilize without my consent, nor have I received any offers or payments in regards to such uses.

In July of 2019 I had begun contacting and alerting the #Whataburger company of their #DrPepperMilkshake being of my creation, my idea, and my intellectual and creative property rights beginning on Periscope but not limited to. I contacted the company of

What-a-burger through their website as well as through their contact phone numbers, of which no one has returned my calls or emails. I have contacted the Whataburger company in reference to my idea, my recipe, and my intellectual property rights of the Dr. Pepper milkshake which I came up with and created in 2003.

Though I also requested mediation through the Bexar county court system after having sent multiple attempts of correspondence including a handwritten letter I mailed to their corporate office after the phone calls and was denied of such; this is a public statement after more than five separate attempts to get the company of #Whataburger to pay attention to what they stole from me; the stole from a disabled veteran whose Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury disabilities have caused multiple issues of which are well documented and well known by many.

If Whataburger purchased the recipe from someone else who may have known me at some point in time, I have already informed the company of the registration through The Library of Congress in my name and never having allowed such to be transferred; nor have my actions shown of such over the years, nor would I allow. Again, refer to the comic book company Marvel and/or DC Comics and the original owners thereof in reference to someone claiming rights to my property of which I did not allow nor sell nor transfer, nor was I asked for such; nor was I given any form of an offer for such to me. In my letters and correspondences with attempts to reach a resolution with the Whataburger company I have clearly stated if someone else had sold such an idea and/or recipe yet my first two books "Finding a Silver Lining By: Susan MeeLing" and "Finding the silver Lining By: Susan MeeLing" were registered in 2014 as well as 2015; thus several years before "The New" Dr. Pepper milkshake being put onto the market in #SanAntonio of the state of #Texas; a known military location for The United States of America. I also stated I would be helpful in assisting with the prosecution of such thefts and illegal selling to Whataburger, without my consent as the company would know who took my idea and gave it to their company without my consent. If the Whataburger company had an employee of which had read my books and then sold the idea without my permission to the Whataburger company, the same applies.

However if there is another reason such as an attempt for some other reason to excuse such behavior to get me to return to the state of Texas instead of just being honest and speaking with me about such (for example the "151 Road Warrior" issue), until an agreement is made and with as many contact attempts as I have made the Whataburger company can consider this statement a cease and desist order publicly made by me; the Creator/Creatrix of the original Dr. Pepper milkshake in 2003 and registered through The Library of Congress in 2014 and 2015.

I will add until such agreements are finalized to my approval I insist people #boycottWhataburger as the #CodeofVets to not be disrupted by corporate choices when taking advantage of such situations, as I am now a #VeteranAgainstWhataburger and request #VeteransAgainstWhataburger to take off until such remedies and repairs are made to me.


Thank you for taking the time to look through this website and please, enjoy your day.

Brightest blessings to all, for the highest good.