Technology, Morals, Ethics, Religion, Spirituality, MerPeople, and Aliens; oh my!

Before I begin today’s journal blog entry, I am going to begin with a few points of a religious and spiritual nature which will hopefully assist certain aspects of understanding this particular journal blog entry a bit better; despite whatever your spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs are in religion one way or another, though everyone in this era has utilized technology in one way or another.

In many #JudeoChristian faith-based religions and spiritualities there are multiple aspects of which each path in regards of faith have certain commonalities in reference of morals, ethics, personal codes of conduct, and etcetera. Whereas many state the same ideals in many ways though utilizing different words, there are many aspects of which had seemed outdated to some while others saw such rules to be assistive unknowingly in certain ways while others having an idea of; in reference to whether in person, and/or online. Then there is a distinctly unique spirituality in which utilizes both aspects of the religious spiritual background while encompassing aspects of the modern progression of the current era when created as a religion at the time, while keeping in line with the #Constitution of the United States of America; albeit there are some medical aspects of which I cannot give up coffee as I have learned for me and I know others as well need the additional boost of the coffee not for the caffeine, though because of the medicinal properties of the plant itself. Similarly to how some do not react positively to #CBD though respond better the #THC, the similar sort of aspect in reference to the #coffee aspects in which it is not the caffeine which gives additional energy; though the coffee bean grounds assist the pain levels. I know I cannot be the only person who can drink an extra strong cup of coffee with additional espresso shots, and fall asleep calmly with a lower amount of pain levels; or possibly I am, and I had not realized such.

Nonetheless, in reference to such a religious spiritual background and not having been raised within the #LDS or #AngelMoroni’s Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints founded by #Prophet Joseph Smith though having an odd connection to such a background in reference to the ideals of such after having gone to a #Catholic Parochial high school in #NewJersey, growing up with my biological mother as a #Deacon and my biological father as a #Trustee of a #Presbyterian Church, which had been after being baptized in a #Methodist and the Old Tenant Presbyterian churches just before being the first live baby #Jesus for the Drive Thru nativity of Old Tenant Presbyterian Church two years in a row. Obviously all before having earned 26 separate #SCUBA certifications though during the time of my multiple initiation rites before and after my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury in spiritually religious ways, as well as my #Rieki 3 #Teacher/#Master level attunements; admittedly there is an oddity in such a connection in differing ways, in a multifaceted aspect. I began my SCUBA Diving training only after reading a #Jewish/#Hebrew #Medical Journal in reference to what scientists had found to be helpful to people who have chronic headaches and though I had not received a response to my question to those researchers nor the ones from the #British Medical Journals, I had put myself through such to ensure safety precautions and comprehension levels; similarly having done so in reference to when I had been far more active within the #BDSM/#LGBTQP/#Swingers lifestyles in reference to my #Austin/#Dallas #Dominant #Mentor Program classes before my #graduation.

You may be asking yourself as the reader, how does that combine to such? And/or, what is this leading to?

Quite simple, dear reader.

This past weekend I had attempted to set up an account for Bitcoin of which I did successfully do so, after many multiple attempts which I had problems achieving such; though I finally was able to do so, in regards of setting up the account. However when going to pay for the Bitcoins to send to who had requested such, my #bank would not allow the transfer of funds to the #Bitcoin. After multiple discussions with my banking institution and learning the bank does not allow or approve of Bitcoin because of being considered as high risk; an attempt to do so through #PayPal had become a problem within itself, in reference of attempting to send money through the system to do so. All the while I have been attempting to gain access back into my original email account among other accounts of mine to get certain aspects taken care of, however because of my after effects from my #PsalmSunday 2000 head injury; there have been multiple problems associated to doing such, similarly to the way of sending the money through online. I would guesstimate such problems in reference to my issues understanding #technology as well as the additional aftereffects from how I wound up in #Washington state had been an issue, similarly to the aftereffects of my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury.

Without the ability to find online where to speak with another human being to get things verified for my email accounts as well as other social media accounts, the problems which had occurred in reference to the money situation in regards of Bitcoin are some ways I can see certain similarities. Adding to the fact of seeing on my laptop computer which I took a picture of in reference to the updates being from the year of 1968 for the year of 2020 for a laptop manufacturing date for the laptop in 2004 of which I took a picture of and posted on my #Facebook account @L.D.Belle as well as my #Instagram account @reverend_susan_meeling, when thinking about the odd connections there are specific issues which need resolve.

As I spoke with a female and a male at my banking institution about different aspects of the money transferring as well as the technological aspects among other topics while handling the level of headache/migraine pain levels after holding onto an electrified microphone yesterday which I forced myself to do in order to sing the #NationalAnthem of the #StarSpangledBanner and speak briefly in Austin #Texas while at an event with multiple individuals speaking up for the ability to breathe without masks, I had pointed out a few different aspects during those phone calls. First to bring up in this journal blog entry of in regards to the points of the multiple attempts to verify that I am me, and the accounts are mine which I created; I have been doing such over the course of over several months of time to do so. Secondly in reference of the banking aspects despite the one employee completing a preauthorization for the approval, something in the computer system algorithm did not allow the transfer of funds to go through; despite the human being giving the ability to do so, from the banking institution side. Thirdly in reference of tying into the Bitcoin reference of both the prior aspects, without anyone to speak with if there are problems; then what is there to do if something goes awry with a Bitcoin wallet, the way some have had similarly to me in reference of identity theft and the banking situations which occurred because of such.

Fourth in reference of Artificial Intelligence and the fact so many aspects of history has had problems because of others changing the past to better suit one side over the other instead of paying attention to the truth, thus the computer intelligence being started off of falsified information; then what does that do to a computer system algorithm in reference to when corrections need to be made, and yet there is no person to speak with to make sure of such? Fifth in reference of #religious #spirituality aspects and admittedly this is a wondering of mine personally, since I have never been able to tell a lie despite having been lied to before and after my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury and after effects; I remember a few people more recently from 2018 and 2019 who had told me there was a point in either late 2000 or early 2001 which there had been an enigma which the computer system algorithms found, just a few months before the events of #11September2001. I do not remember what that particular aspect was that was explained to me, though possibly someone else can explain such. In that fifth portion, then come into the aspects of the morals and ethics standards.

Tying all together in a proverbial little bow my questions are as follows:

· If there is no person to speak with to repair a situation in reference to technological aspects whether through email, social media accounts, banking, etcetera; is it better to bring all of those connection points together for the ease of people to be able to fix and repair situations, instead of continuously attempting to speak with a human being who can actually help and assist? Then more people can work together and genuinely assist and overcome major obstacles, if possible?

· If there are minimal ways to assist such aspects in reference of the Artificial Intelligence in which instead of having to reprogram and start from scratch though better than a simple patch to attempt to repair a backdoor entrance and thus instead of ripping off the band aid to put another one on, cauterizing the wound and allowing such to fully repair and heal for a genuine resolution to such; is actually better or worse to continue to perpetuate lies, or reveal the truth in full? How does one truly learn from history without as many facts, as possible?

· If people had been truthful all along instead of manipulative, would life be easier for more individuals?

Though I could go one with proverbial questions of such, I believe readers are able to understand the points in which I am referencing. There are two quotes which I had heard when I was much younger which had stuck with me for quite some time up to now and goes on throughout, as it makes quite a bit of sense to me though I cannot remember who said it first. “Judge someone not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” as well as “A person is like a tree as the tree is who the individual is, though the shadow is what others perceive as such”; and I would guesstimate many could see and understand how important those particular statements are; especially in this era, though throughout all of time.

While many had not believed me over the years from my youth growing up in New Jersey all the way into my adult years whether in reference to when I told them technology allowed in the general public was outdated compared to what the government has by a minimum of 25 years and the picture I posted on my Facebook account and Instagram accounts prove such; whether in reference to certain nightmare aspects which later turned into ideal dreams; whether in reference of in regards of what my daughter #letters4lidia and my son #letters4james were experiencing as well as myself as their #Mom in regards of not being the only one with such in various situations; whether in reference to my noticing of how active duty/national guard/reservists/veterans of the United States of America’s #ArmedForces various branches and divisions throughout the government had been treated wrongly by misunderstanding civilians albeit not all though many I had encountered specifically from 2003 through to 2012; whether in reference of warning my ex-in-laws not to disrespect the Holy Roman Catholic Church when their relative had been taken to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in regards of putting religious/spiritual items known the Holy Roman Catholic Church would not approve of and thankfully that particular Priest had listened to my warning despite angering my ex-in-laws; whether in reference of the Solar Eclipse in 2017; whether in regards of SCUBA Diving before and after my SCUBA Dive in 2009 during August at the USS/USNS #Vandenberg; whether in regards of the genuinely truthful meanings and intentions in reference of each one of my tattoos as well as my hairstyle; and/or multiple combinations thereof here as I write this particular journal blog entry on the patio outside of my apartment complex area, I wonder what it was I had said that was so difficult at the various times to genuinely understand for more.

Thus in closing the aspects which those of the LDS or Angel Moroni’s Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints founded by Prophet Joseph Smith had been quite the closest in certain references of religious spirituality as it had rules which grew with the growing times quicker though with the acceptance and approval of beliefs from prior religious and spiritual groups and organizations over the aeons; the culmination of the aspects in which telling the truth is of extreme importance not just for interpersonal meetings, though also in reference of utilizing technology. While some might not want to accept certain aspects, there are truths to such teachings; and possibly if more individuals had a good experience with genuinity in a more positive manner, possibly such would be able to assist with genuinely making the world a better place.

Outside of that particular aspect though in addition to, those who are truthfully wanting to meet other life forms outside of the earthly realm in reference to whether in regards of #MerPeople or #alien lifeforms in studying #ufology then I ask these questions: If you genuinely want to meet either those in the oceanic areas known as MerPeople and/or if you want to meet those in what is called outer space in reference of what human beings call aliens; how do you think either side would review your choices and actions, do you think they would feel comfortable meeting with you and why? In reference of those who want to meet MerPeople from the ocean, what have they seen and heard? What have they experienced, because of others? If looking towards the situations in Seattle and Minneapolis for civilians, MerPeople understand and comprehend while feeling much for those with specific types of backgrounds as the MerPeople were caught in the middle as certain wars went on; not forgetting what was experienced, when some had been captured. In reference to alien life forms, how do you think they have looked at various choices and actions? Similarly to MerPeople, what have they seen, heard, and experienced? Can you see why more of both those within the ocean as well as those out in space have more compassion for individuals with certain backgrounds, rather than those who complain for no reason and/or purposefully and wrongly cause problems needlessly for others? Can you see now what certain individuals have gone through in which both the MerPeople and those you call alien life forms can sympathize with those of certain backgrounds a bit more-so, than others?

When taking into consideration morals, ethics, and tenants of religious and spiritual aspects; are you able to see where the aspects and teachings thereof could actually assist in a more beneficial manner in reference to communicating with either side of those portions?

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