#TattooedRepublican #TattooedTrumpSupporter #ProudTattooedTrumpSupporter

I have been a #Republican since I could first vote and unlike some people, I knew #POTUS45 was going to earn the Presidency from the moment I heard #FOXNews make the announcement he had a speech to make as he and #MsMelania were going down the escalator stairs in the location then Mr. Donald J. #Trump was going to state he was going to run for the Presidential election. Unbeknownst to me of what the term campaigning means until 2019, apparently I had been campaigning for him to earn and win the Presidency well before I ever knew that was a thing. Honestly I thought campaigning meant going to specific locations which were known to be a campaign site and not what I was doing, at the time. Honestly, I had very little understanding of what that was as I had not ever known at a specific time until recently meeting with #MarthaDoss and #WesleyDoss as well as #CarrieIsaac; and only after thinking about such had I ever realized the different connecting links of. I know that might come across as weird or add, but I am weird and I am odd.

As it is known of my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury as well as the various reasons within a varying degree, it is known why my haircut and hair-color is as such; just as it is known about my multiple tattoos and the purposes to assist with my medical after effects from the Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury and disabilities thereof. As it is known I am medically retired from the #Army for The #UnitedStatesofAmerica but also known I was born and raised in the state of #NewJersey and moved to #Illinois as a teenager which both states are extremely blue in the #Democratic #DNC Party, I personally have been a #Conservative and considered myself as a #GOP #Republican for many years before I could vote. Upon being able to vote, my first votes were cast for many Republicans as I had established myself as a Republican in 2000 for the first election I could vote in.

With the way time has gone on and as my life has been, my beliefs of such have strengthened despite the fact I do not look like the typical Republican. I do not have the stereotypical views of what some might think of a Republican to be, nor do I have the stereotypical speech of a Republican when discussing politics. However despite my many tattoos and types of, despite my haircut, despite my hair-color, despite my modeling clothing style, despite my upbringing, despite being a #pansexual, despite being #polyamorous, and despite many other aspects; I did vote for who is President Donald J. Trump during the #PrimaryElection as well as during the #2016PresidentialElection.

One of the biggest things people I knew over the years when in the state of #Texas as well as recently in 2013-2019 in the state of #Washington, many had difficulties looking at me and believing I had been a Republican or thoughts in beliefs with the #GOP party lines; more-so than the #DNC #Democrats. While I have certain aspects which I agree with the Democratic Party, the majority of my beliefs fall into the category of the Republican viewpoints. I have never denied as such, and I have had many times where the debating between the other people and myself had been vastly #outnumbered of their views in the group to mine. I cannot count the amount of times I had more than 2 or 3 people discussing various political points with me, and my ability to defend my stance while being respectful of theirs. Though some have looked at me and have only seen one aspect to who I am, I know there are others who have been able to see beyond just the physical attributed of what I look like to understand why and how my views are.

With such I am announcing a new idea for that hashtag trending thing, and yes I comprehend that probably does not come across that I understand the techy techy stuff; but I have never denied that to anyone. You can ask the #GeekSquad guys at #BestBuy who have been nice enough to explain stuff to me, despite my issues understanding the techy techy stuff along with anyone who has ever known me and heard me talk about techy techy stuff. I guesstimate the #NSA guys have giggled a bit, with how little I can attempt when in reference to trying to explain techy techy stuff to them. Then again, they know I do not try to come across bigger than they when in reference to techy techy stuff; as they are the ones who know that far better than I.

Whether you have one tattoo or 29 tattoos as I do, or in-between or more; I think this is a good idea because I know I am not the only one. Thus those who are a #TattooedRepublican and are #TattooedRepublicans and like me a #ProudandTattooedTrumpSupporter with a group of #ProudandTattooedTrumpSupporters or #TR and #PTTS for short, let’s work together to get that hashtag trending thing going! I have been a #TattooedTrumpSupporter for awhile, and I know I am not the only one who has tattoos and is a #ProudTrumpSupporter! #Trump2020


Thank you for taking the time to look through this website and please, enjoy your day.

Brightest blessings to all, for the highest good.