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This I had posted on #cafemom after putting through #DropBox though some who I once knew never believed me and said they wanted proof of how I had been treated, here is the PDF.

Since the female Rebecca Shrader showed up hypothetically at the Comedy Club in #Seattle possibly thinking it would be a funny joke to play on me after her, Marcie Creamans, and Sarah Browne had chosen to be irresponsible parents and irresponsible adult volunteer chaperones during the field trip to the #FortWorthZoo in the PDF includes their statements to #CFBISD. I legally have and had the right to publish such information because of being my children's mom and legal guardian at the time and though there are points which state 'if received by mistake'; I was purposefully given the documents despite the law firm and the #CFBISD taking more than 6 months to get me to documents from my first request and thus, it is my choice legally to be able to publish as such. Here is the PDF link for those who would like to read, with my permission.



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