Preparing for my trip

Updated: 3 days ago

After finalizing a few things in reference to the time going throughout various areas in regards of my Medal of Honor pick up trip to give myself a little bit of extra time just in case I want to spend a little more time in a few locations or need a bit of extra time when traveling through, I am excited to pick up the two largest pieces I had completed of my "Medal of Honor Art Project" in this upcoming week.

While I obviously am going to go out to pick up the pieces of my Medal of Honor Art Project the question is do I go to pick up the pieces first, or do I go to the Montana Vortex first?

In my *(OFFICIAL)* "YouTube Channel Reverend MeeLing" video I made a challenge to a particular individual @mchooyah AKA "Rob O'Neill" of which when I get to the #MontanaVortex in Columbia Falls #Montana if he is not busy and if he is up to the challenge, I have a few ideas in regards of the House of Mystery. I think it would be a lot of fun, then again what he thinks of fun might be slightly different in some ways.

If I go to pick up the pieces from my Medal of Honor Art Project first then I will go as I go before going to the Montana Vortex, and then go on my way to drop of the artwork pieces from my Medal of Honor Art Project. However if I go to the Montana Vortex first if my challenge is accepted which of course I would need to be informed officially of such, then if that particular individual would like to go with me to some of the locations before I go to drop off my Medal of Honor Art Project pieces; then that would change the driving plans, of course by a Faery-sized bit in some ways.

While if he is not too busy and if he is up for a different type of challenge and if he wants to try something new and different and if his wife allows and if he is up to the challenge; then I invite him to let me know, if he would like to try something fun, which I think he could have a different view of certain aspects from. However I would need to know whether to proceed forward towards Montana first, or towards Washington state first; otherwise I will simply go to complete the pick up first, and then go to the ways I choose.

The *(OFFICIAL)* YouTube Channel video from my YouTube Channel Reverend MeeLing states my challenge, though please do subscribe to my channel now.


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