My Medal of Honor Art Project & the fact there is only one female Medal of Honor Recipient

Though I have tweeted through my Twitter account which you can follow me through @MeelingSusan about such as well as I have written a handful of pages in reference to books recently, the reality of the fact which there is only on female Medal of Honor recipient in the entire history of The United States of America astounds me. There are plenty of the females who were in World War One and World War Two in the group Batallion of The W.A.V.E. while also the Postal Batallion of the 6888th, not forgetting there have been since then many females who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in which their male counterparts in the field might also agree of their courage and valour, which deserves recognition. Though some have been awared as high as the Silver Star, there are some I would guesstimate who would agree those females had done morein the field of combat which would earn them the award of the highest honor of the military branches of service for The United States of America's Armed Forces. As when going through the various areas of Washington state and finding at the Medal of Honor recipient Jesse Barrick of his wife being reckognized for her service during the Civil War as a nurse, such to occur is not of a small feat from those days to be acknowledged for such.

While there are many females who have done monumentous works of which assisted the soldiers throughout the various branches of The United States of America's Armed Forces, I wonder when such will be more well known and reckognized for their monumentous actions of bravery.

Dr. Mary Edwards Walker currently is the only female Medal of Honor recipient. She faced various aspects of hardships beyond the events during the Civil War itself as after she had earned the Medal of Honor, later it was recinded before being re-awarded back to her. Thankfully such was made right, however for all of the females who stand for equal rights I wonder where have you been in reference to the females who have served in the various branches and divisions of The United States of America's Armed Forces?

Have you fought for their equal rights, or have you only paid attention to your own? Have you stood equally for all females, or have you only chosen one side of the female rights movement? Have you chosen in your thoughts, words, and actions only civilians are deserving of equal rights or have you ever thought about the females who have put their lives on the line for The United States of America and the Constitutional Bill of Rights for all; and not just some, of the females?

Have you treated the females of the various branches and divisions as equally as you have treated females in the civilian sector, or have you ignored them and their sacrifices? Have you blamed those females for what they went through and survived only because they were willing to sign the dotted line to serve the country of The United States of America and if so, why would you blame them for their choice? Or is it your belief to support a female's choice is only as far as in reference to the choice of abortion, and not the choice of their job? If you support a female's right to choice for an abortion why would you deny the aspects of a female's choice, to serve in the United States of America's Armed Forces of whatever branch or division?

I have been asked many times by civilian females why I chose not to file any lawsuit, after what occurred to me in basic training for when I had my head injury on Psalm Sunday in 2000 and I honestly answered; which should have given you a big clue as to what other females have endured during their times in The United States of America's Armed Forces. I chose not to say anything beyond my doctor appointments because I was told "Shut up, and stop asking questions."

What did you think, that meant? If you need that literally translated that means I as well as other females who have been in The United States of America's Armed Forces were told "Shut up, and stop asking questions." It is that blunt, and that simple. I already was thrown into the metal part of the bunk during Basic Training and if I continued to pry into that situation, what do you think would have been the outcome for those females who I was in Basic Training with? Do you think their training, would have been easier or more difficult? It should not take a head injury, to figure that out.

Though males have obviously gone through similar aspects in training for the reference of female rights and female equality, how many females before myself do you think that occurred to? Do you think arrogantly I was the only female, who had been injured because of a temper unable to be controlled by another soldier in The United States of America's Armed Forces of whatever branch or division? As long as The United States of America has had females in the service of whatever branch or division the answer is, no. Unfortunately.

Unlike in the civilian sector of which it is fairly simple to go to a higher up to get some form of help despite some backlash, unlike in the civilian sector a female soldier has signed a contract for a minimum of however many years. What do you think, that translates to? That means unlike in the civilian sector which the female can get another job or go to another location, a female in The United States of America's Armed Forces has to remain in the same job for however long it takes to finish her contract. For all of you female rights activists, where are you in regards to protecting those females? While not denying the reality of males who have been assaulted in The United States of America's Armed Forces either, how much easier do you think it is for a male to be reassigned to outrun the issues in comparison to a female?

And some of you female equal rights activists, dare to call yourselves female rights activists? Yet you ignore what goes on within those regions of which there are females who have willingly chosen to fight for the rights of all people, for The United States of America and The Constitutional Bill of Rights, why?

When I have brought up such points before, I was told "You don't know what you're talking about." I guesstimate there are plenty of females and males who can attest to the realities, thereof.

So for all of the female rights activists I challenge you this: If you truly are for female equal rights, respectfully contact your elected officials and see which females have earned the Medal of Honor by the standards stated. Maybe not all of the females will be awarded because maybe there are certain requirements they may not have qualified, but if the female had earned a minimum of a Silver Star for her actions in the field; I challenge you to fight for her to get the award under review, for her. I cannot be the only one who believes, it is time.


Thank you for taking the time to look through this website and please, enjoy your day.

Brightest blessings to all, for the highest good.