My dead-ex-husband's funeral, & his spiritual marriages to his sisters & their associates

My legal last name is because of my dead-ex-husband and during the first separation I decided to be known by my first and middle name of Susan MeeLing, however I had registered for my earned Reverend-ship back after the first time of the beginning of that first separation. Though I did not tell my ex-in-laws about that then or since then; it also was none of their business to begin with. What I did tell them when their brother died (and their spiritual husband) is whatever changes to their dead brother's funeral arrangements outside of what The United States of America's Armed Forces would do for them within the normal regulations; was for them to pay but in specific my ex-sister-in-law Susan (she goes by Susie/Suzy when I knew her but her legal birth name is Susan unfortunately) Marie Nichols-Lopez and though the San Antonio Express News did not publish her last name as the hyphenated version of what she said was how she had gone by her last name; I had warned her if she changed anything from what the regulations of acceptance are, she would have to pay.

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