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After speaking with my daughter the other day this week and finding out several aspects, I am glad I had been able to see and speak with my daughter first and foremost. As I had been informed of there being other children who needlessly went through certain aspects which my daughter had gone through because of McCoy Elementary School of Carrollton Farmers Branch Independent School District in Carrollton Texas as I knew there were those before my daughter was going through what I was trying to fix and repair for her as well as others, it does sadden me to know the possibilities that the school may be closed not just because of the fact of the #COVID outbreak. Was I arrogant for wanting to prevent such situations from occurring any further not just to my daughter as well as my son, but also those children and parents I had felt had gone through certain similar situations at that school? Was I arrogant or wrong to care so much about my daughter, my son, as well as so many others to want to prevent such problems from furthering?

My biological mother Anna Louise Lally Hom had been infuriated with me because of my concern for my daughter, my son, as well as all of the children who were before, during that time, and what I found out had been after; despite not knowing specifically during the timeframe of when dealing with each aspects I could at the time of what was occurring to my daughter, at that time and my son because of. My biological mother told me to give up back in 2010 as well as 2011, well before the other events which occurred. While I had wondered if I should listen to her after telling her I would not give up on my daughter, nor my son, nor the others; my biological mother despised me even further for my determination and continuing on of such. Listening to my daughter tell me of the responses she had been told about in reference to my biological mother Anna Louise Lally Hom and my biological father Michael Lee Hom had disgusted me of the choices they continued to make even after knowing through their personal understanding of seeing everything I was doing for both of my children, while attempting to do what I could to assist others.

While I was planning on writing more because of several aspects throughout including the pain levels which I am and have been dealing with all day and the additional unnecessary problems on top of that particular aspects in multitudes of ways and forms in many degrees, I will simply leave this particular *(OFFICIAL)* YouTube video for the other points which I had gotten to though not the ones I was going to get to because of the typing issues. However I wonder quite a bit, and hope even more-so.

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