In reference to POTUS, FLOTUS, & Senator Ted Cruz

Today is 12 December 2019 and as I had predicted then in 2016 Mr. Donald J. Trump became our current President of the United States of America of which I am still ecstatic he was able to earn the votes throughout the USA to become our President and while I have been doing my Medal of Honor Art Project for the past several years from 2014 through to current times in various ways, I have continued to keep unwavering support for POTUS Trump, his First Lady Mrs. Melania Trump, and the First Family of the United States of America; Donald Jr., Mrs. Ivanka Trump-Kushner, Eric, Ms. Tiffany, and Baron. I still believe the now POTUS Trump is the ideal candidate for the 2020 election to earn and win the Presidential race of just as I believe #FFLOTUS , Mrs. Melania Trump has been doing everything she possibly can and could for herself, for her marriage, and most importantly for her son.

Though many people might think the only job for a FLOTUS is to do whatever their thought process is of such a title, I believe all #FLOTUS of each President of the United States of America has done and has had to do everything to ensure the best and safety for their children. Since Ms. Melania is a step-mom to four children as well as a mom to her son; I believe because of the ease of access to technology availability makes it seem though her job(s) are only what the public view thinks of. Give her a break, please!

Think of it this way:

* Ms. Melania is a step mom to 4 adult children because she is married to the President of the United States of America, who was married before being married to Ms. Melania and though I have no experience being married to someone who has had children from a prior marriage; I am sure there are some people who know exactly the difficulties of such. Can her critics give her a break for that, please?

* Ms. Melania and #POTUS Trump had a child of their own together, Barron. Though I do not have such an experience, I am sure there are people who can relate to such a combined situation of balancing the family life to ensure each child feels they are cared for and loved equally while being acknowledged for their differences in a positive way, and being taught of aspects in a manner of which assists their personality best. Can the critics of Ms. Melania give her some credit for such she does daily, please?

* Ms. Melania not only has those aspects but being the current wife of POTUS Trump, she also has to be involved with the four children's biological moms; and be as respectful as possible. Again though I do not have that experience in such a setting, I am sure there are people who can relate to making sure the ex-spouse (whether wife or husband) are able to feel they are respected in a truthful manner and not as an obligation to keep the peace, because of emotions involved with such. Can her critics look into their own lives to judge themselves before throwing stones at Ms. Melania, please?

* Ms. Melania did not run for Presidency, President Donald J. Trump ran for that position; and Ms. Melania is from a different area of the world and the way that set of politics goes is probably much different than the way the United States of America's public aspects of the political spectrum are. Can anyone see how prior First Ladies of the United States of America have been respectful for Ms. Melania's roles, so can the general public critics give her a break please?

* Ms. Melania was a Super Model before being First Lady of the United States of America in which the images are still and do not move, so life in the constant spotlight whenever she goes anywhere is much different than the life she is accustomed to. Is there anyone who can feel a certain aspect of understanding for her other than I, and give her a break from all of the negative critiques please?

* Within the last point Ms. Melania as First Lady of the United States of America is a Super Model, she was not brought up in the manner some former FLOTUS have with the background grooming to ensure specifics in each manner. Do you think after seeing what her husband, her step children, her child Baron, and all of the other elected officials who are in the public forum deal with on a daily basis she feels comfortable in the same way from her prior life experiences, or do you think she might be a bit more shy and timid because of how she has watched many aspects go on throughout these past few years? Can anyone other than myself relate to such in this era, and can people be truthfully honest in their personal evaluations please?

My points are I think people need to be nicer and more respectful to her job position as First Lady of the United States of America, as a step-mom to four grown children from her husband's prior marriages, as well as a good mom for her son, as well as all that goes with being the First Lady of the United States of America.

Though admittedly because of what I was doing in reference to my Medal of Honor Art Project as well as the pain level spikes from when I was in Washington state due to the amount of electrical surges which caused my headache pains and migraines to hurt me much more than the normal daily pains I deal with, the support I have and choice to stand with the Republican Party while respecting the Democrats' views along with the Libertarians/Independents/Green/etcetera political parties throughout the United States of America remains. Later I will post of certain aspects in reference to my experiences with such however I wanted to make a specific statement here.

Though I do not believe and did not believe Senator Ted Cruz was the ideal candidate to earn and win the 2016 Presidential bid for the election, I have stated many times over of how I personally believe he would make a wonderful Supreme Court Justice for the United States of America. What I feel are his personal and political views for The Constitution and the Bill of Rights and Amendments along with what I feel he truly believes in his heart of hearts was not able to be trusted for the overall POTUS position because I felt his emotions would have gotten in the way at the moments in time he would have needed to be more reliant upon the aspects of which were more thoughts and legal precedences and/or setting legal precedence in certain regards, instead of feelings and emotions when certain situations have occurred since the 2016 election.

Back in 2015 and 2016 during the election time just as in 2000 I felt there were certain aspects of which who would become President of the United States of America would need to have a certain aire about them and their personal experiences of which the attacks of 11 September 2001 proved such for POTUS George W. Bush and whom he ran against in the 2000 elections, of which he and his staff did everything they could during the initial phases of the aftermath from the attacks on the World Trade Center as well as The Pentagon and the (thankfully thwarted) intended target for Flight 93. I believe there have been situations which if Senator Ted Cruz had been POTUS instead of remaining as a Senator for the time being since 2016 POTUS election of which his feelings would have outpaced his thoughts and he could not trust such of himself, if he were to evaluate and be honest with himself.

However I also believe as I had back in that time that there would be a day and a setting of which #SenatorTedCruz would be able to step forward into the light in a manner of which would set precedence in his field of legalities which would give himself a boost within his already intensely strong morals compass but in a way that could allow him to feel the truest to himself that he ever could; and in a way becoming POTUS would have never allowed him to feel or be for himself.

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