Just walking on top of the quicksand and the ocean, just another day at the beach right?

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I learned I was able to walk on top of water back around the year of 2006 when in Tyler Texas after finding a small concrete with stained glass church in a hidden grove comparatively, to what church I grew up going to in Tenant New Jersey. There was an upside down bathtub with claw feet sticking kind of out of the water, which one entire foot and only half of the other foot of the shorter distance had been sticking out of the darker colored water, and I found a stick to assist me to turn the clawfoot bathtub over to see what was underneath the bathtub. Though I succeeded in doing so, there had been nothing which came out from being underneath the bathtub that I was told about by any of the local officials. I had gotten in trouble as my then soon-to-be the second and final time of separation before his death a little over a year after that where I had not seen him nor spoke with him in two days and there were many miles between; both literally and figuratively, in so many ways. While in Tyler Texas and just before going to get four different smaller tattoos from one of the local tattoo shops, I had told the male tattoo artist about what I had found and I had done. My now-dead-ex-husband made fun of me to the artist though unlike when in San Antonio Texas, as the statement he made was "What would anyone from a small town remember you (meaning me) for? No one will care what was said, as there is no worry about seeing them again."

Though I was questioning that statement in reference to the treatment of me, I knew not to push such questioning further. I knew how that would be if I did, and I knew how that would not assist the situation at all in the slightest. Thus as he complained about the location and more, I simply dealt with the situation. So many times it had been literally and figuratively beaten into me, who would believe me? With the after effects of my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury and then at that point I had started getting my hair-styled the way it is now with the hair-color shades of red; and the little I had seen and experienced, I knew better than to push forward in that regard because of the possibilities as I had seen how easy it was for him to explain to others of my inadequacies and get everyone for many different situations and for the most part to believe his lies over my truth. I had seen and listened as he explained to people known when they watched him backhand me in front of them, and convince them of what I did was the actual aspect that was wrong; in comparison to the fact he backhanded me, for simply asking a question. However delving into those aspects are not the point of this journal blog entry, the point of this journal blog entry as to do with a greater aspect of.

Today 10 June 2020 I arrived back in Washington state to arrange the pick up of the biggest pieces of artwork from my Medal of Honor Art Project and despite the way the treatment had been of my now-ex-boyfriend and in more specific the way of the end of that relationship in September 2018 of which I was forced to move out and was only able to grab some of my belongings; thankfully, the landlord had kept those two pieces for me to be able to pick up, to take the artwork to where they need to go to continue on. The amount of gratefulness and appreciation of the landlord keeping those two pieces of artwork I completed so I could pick the two biggest pieces up to deliver where they need to go, I greatly appreciate. Those two particular Medal of Honor Artwork pieces of my Medal of Honor Art Project, have been far beyond the previous Medal of Honor Artwork pieces for a few reasons.

One of the Artwork pieces of my Medal of Honor Art Project had been one of the artwork pieces I had began during the first set of the rubbing pick ups, which had also been the first Medal of Honor recipient I had found the location of in Calvary Cemetery in Tacoma Washington. The other piece of my Medal of Honor Art Project had been one which when I was getting the rubbing for that artwork piece the rainstorm was in the process of beginning, and similarly to when at the Dolphin Excursion in the Florida Keys; I told the storm to wait until I was done with the rubbing, as I had told the hurricane to go back out to the ocean to calm down until the Angel Charters boat my son, my daughter, the Captain of the ship, her Golden Retriever, and I were able to get back to the port. Though her boat was not the only boat which needed a bit of extra time to return to land that day, that particular storm also needed to calm down because of the unnecessary damages the strength of the storm had already built up to that point in time. Instead of being a hurricane, it was simply just a Tropical Storm. Both being the largest Artwork pieces from my Medal of Honor Art Project, the specific requirements of transporting are also important.

In such back in 2019 around March, I had walked onto some quicksand and ran around a bit on top of the ocean. I had continued doing so a few other times while also speaking with the sea lions at the Port of Tacoma at random times getting the (as I call them seal-poopie-dogggies) to talk a bunch, and different discussions about a few things had occurred. They are quite sweet little ones, though at the same time they are quite vicious obviously. Though the irony of the United States Navy special forces team, being named SEALs; as I would guesstimate so long as an ally, there can be certain similarities seen in such. Cute, sweet, fun loving, and social; yet absolutely fiercely protective and some sharp bits available times as they swim around in the ocean, jump around on land, and breathe the air when going on their expeditions. In such, I had walked and ran around on top of the quicksand in a few locations in Washington state in different areas of the Puget Sound.

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