#FastEddies #PoolLeague 2006 #tournament match involving my #VWBug t-shirt vs. #CactusJack's t-shirt

First before I begin I want to state there are no hard feelings to the individual in this reference, especially if there was a misconception of the time when being near the individual who is someone I did not want to date to begin with and was forced to be involved with at the time. Thought I can laugh at the situation it is not in a way of which offense was taken ever; with the exception of being called a hippy. That in the whole aspect had been the only aspect which had upset me, but in the overall the rest was funny because of the combination.

One evening I had gone with #CactusJack AKA Jeffrey Kuykendall Jr to #FastEddies on Bitters and 281 to attend a pool league tournament, which his little brother Jeremy Kuykendall’s fiancé Leslie was not able to attend. I was the substitute when asked since they had no one else to take over the spot, and neither one of the two had wanted to forfeit the match; irony of ironies, in the reference. #CactusJack AKA Jeffery Kuykendall Jr was wearing his ‘#151roadwarriors’ t-shirt that night and I was informed the team would be playing against the best team in the league, which did not mean much to me mainly because I was not having a proverbial dog in the fight against the best team.

When #CactusJack AKA Jeffrey Kuykendall Jr was playing against one of the males and Jeremy Kuykendall was playing against one of the other males on the team, I was watching both matches and just when the other team’s player was about to miss the shot I had seen which way the match would have gone; if that male did not pick up the cue ball and throw the cue ball in anger because of the missed shot. He was going to win because of the fact #CactusJack AKA Jeffrey Kuykendall Jr was going to miss the next shot he had, but since the male on the best pool team had thrown the cue ball I said “You just forfeited the game, why did you do that?”

He ran after the cue ball and put it back on the table saying it was okay and I said “No, the cue ball did not stop where it was going to, and because of that you gave up when you were going to win.”

That male got in my face and pointed at me while yelling as I looked up at him smiling, and not saying what was in my thoughts. Then he told me “In the game of golf when a player missed the green, there is leniency which is given.”

I said “This is not the game of golf, this is the game of pool. Do you see the green velvet is different than the color of green grass, when playing a game of golf? Those are pool sticks, those are pool balls, and that is a pool cue; and you don’t see those on a golf course.”

The male got angry and started yelling at me while #CactusJack AKA Jeffrey Kuykendall Jr and his little brother Jeremy Kuykendall stared and stood together, while the players on the best team looked at their one player yelling at me saying nothing; nor stopping him, from yelling at me. I listened to his points about golf and then reminded him that we were in a pool hall and not on a golf course, but he did not like the fact I pointed out if he wanted to play golf there was a mini put-put course in a close range to the parking lot. As the male continued and I looked at him wondering why he kept bringing up the game of golf’s rules in the pool league tournament, he then pointed to my shirt and called me a hippy. At that point #CactusJack AKA Jeffrey Kuykendall Jr and his brother Jeremy Kuykendall took steps away from the area as the other team took a step closer to their teammate and watched, listening closely.

I pointed to my shirt and said “Yeah, so what? I have a VW Bug on my shirt, painted in the American Flag with glitter. What’s your point? How does the American Flag, make me a hippy? You should take that back, if you knew me you would know how offensive that is to me. I signed the mother f*****g dotted line, my ex-husband’s dad served in the Army and I am proud of his service. I think you need to take a step back, and check yourself. You might want to back off, and recognize.”

He started ranting on and on before going to walk away, and grabbed a male to speak with me. The male sat in the corner drinking a glass of whiskey as he said the other male bought him the drink to come speak with me, and the male pointed out the one who had a whiskey’s military service in The #UnitedStatesofAmerica’s #ArmedForces #AirForce branch. I thanked him for his service and asked the other male who brought him over “What does that have to do, with the fact you forfeited the game?”

The male threw a tantrum about calling me a hippy some more and the male with the whiskey did not understand why he was brought over, though he and I spoke about his time in the #Vietnam War and his service; which annoyed the male from the best team. I explained to the one with the whiskey why the other male was throwing (pun intended) a tantrum as well as telling him I had gotten my t-shirt for the 4th of July at the store as #CactusJack AKA Jeffrey Kuykendall Jr and his brother Jeremy Kuykendall ignored what was going on at the time, and did nothing to even attempt to assist or help me in the situation. As that male kept yelling at me about the game of golf in reference to the pool match he forfeited, the male with the whiskey understood what was occurring and scooted the male from the best team away from me.

Later the referee of the league came to get me and asked me to go with her and the other male to the kitchen, to understand what happened. He told her his side and then she asked me what happened, and I told her. She looked at the male saying “You know better, Paul.” Then she told me I could leave the kitchen, and return to the table. When leaving the pool hall for the night then the male yelled out at me “You’re a bitch!”

I turned around saying “Yes, I was born in the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Dog. Thank you, for noticing.”

He threw his pool stick on the table exclaiming “Oh, my God!”

I turned around, and walked out of the pool hall. A few weeks went by and randomly that male tried to heckle anytime a shot was taken which started to annoy me. After almost a month of that occurring I then walked up behind him to give him a taste of his own medicine and right when he was about to take a shot he was going to miss anyway I simply whispered “Boo.”

He jumped, missed the shot he was going to miss anyway but actually lined the balls up for the next shot in a better way, which I guesstimate he did not realize at the time; but I figured I would be nice, since he recognized who I was despite him heckling the way he had as it lined up the next shot for the other team he was playing to be blocked in their shot and he was able to get two balls in on his next shot and then another one to set himself up to win that game. Though I guesstimate he was a bit testy at the time, until he won. Though after that night, he no longer heckled and he just watched which way I walked in the pool hall whispering to other individuals thinking I did not know.

Though #CactusJack AKA Jeffrey Kuykendall Jr and Jeremy Kuykendall said that male was starting trouble because of me and did not want to listen to me when I warned them “No, that male started stuff because of what I said; and I was accurate. However I have a feeling the only reason in the beginning he started stuff with me, was because of your stupid t-shirt. If he actually knew who I am, he probably would have had a different view in the beginning. However, I know after he figured out who I am he realized it was you who are the problem. You really should not wear that 151 road warrior t-shirt in the city of San Antonio or in the state of #Texas. There are plenty who know much more than I about that, and while at this moment I might be blamed for something I was not a part of; the truth will come out, and you better brace yourself for when it does. When the truth comes out, those guys are going to go harder at you than what occurred in that pool hall to me.”

#CactusJack AKA Jeffrey Kuykendall Jr said ‘You don’t know that. Those guys think, I’m so cool.’

I said, “Nope, those guys are seeing which way the wind is going to blow and when the truth comes out; you best be ready.”

He said ‘You don’t know that.’

I said “You stood and did nothing as that male yelled at me and the others watched how you did nothing, assessing how you would be in the situation. They saw what is your pattern of behavior, and they will know how to use that to their advantage when the time comes. You know they are the best team in the league as you told me, and with being the best team in the league they know how to look at various points. You on the other hand, have no idea what you’re in for.”

He said ‘You don’t know that, they are like me.’

I said “No, they play pool better than you do which means they know much more. You think they’re on your side, but they are not. You are going to be schooled and by the time you are schooled, you will wish you paid attention when I said it is better to have me as your best friend rather than your worst enemy. You might, want to start cleaning up your act rather than focusing on cleaning up on the pool table.”


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