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In reference to what I am upset about in a smaller reference to the varying degrees of my books, my Medal of Honor Art Project, and of course my children.

In 2014 through to 2016 and now again in recent times, I have mailed my books to various groups and organizations. I did not send my books to the various locations for them to complete stories of other people, I sent my books for the assistance for myself and my children. Though I knew there were others who were dealing with various degrees of what my children and I had gone through, I also knew there were situations which only I had experienced. Have I ever been contacted for my benefit for my justice, to be taken care of? No, I have not. At least I should write, I have not been told I was being contacted and asked questions in reference to what was needed for myself and my children.

I had sent my first two books out first obviously, since they were the first books published. "Finding a Silver Lining By: Susan MeeLing" and "Finding the Silver Lining By: Susan MeeLing" were sent to various news organizations, of which none had ever contacted me as I knew them to be; in reference to what had occurred within the pages of my books under the pretense of which I should have been informed for such. The various aspects of which I listened to and heard on the news of which I sent, were not of my origins of my story; but were of which I had wrote about. I had sent the books also to various musicians as well as producers in request of assistance, and nothing had occurred where I personally received the credits for what I had sent.

In turn after no contact received from a known aspect for such discussions and since I had heard others publicizing their books on various news channels, I sent my book series to hopefully actually be able to make a profit for the work I had been doing and had done. Again, nothing in reference to such. For anyone who would state I should have known better arrogantly, again I refer to my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury and the issues thereof. For those who would state such and then complete news stories on others while absolutely ignoring the fact of where the reality for them to research initially came from, whether one believes such or not; maybe there is a bit of your climate changes. If I am accurate the news goes to cover stories, after they have been informed of such. Correct? If such is accurate and true, then where was the references in regards to the various aspects I had pointed out?

Not one news organization nor musician nor producer could ever state I had not included my contact information, as I had signed the empty page in the back of each one mailed through the USPS when preparing such to mail back in 2014, 2015, and 2016. What I wrote on a prior page of who the current President of the United States of America is true, as I mailed the books to Trump Tower and he had announced shortly after I had mailed the books to him of his Presidential run for the position of #POTUS. Anyone who had read the books I mailed, would have been able to see from the beginning of how many aspects I had pointed out in my books in his speeches before and after debates; if the research were to be completed and looked at in each angle. I still support President Trump, however anyone who did not see that immediately without my pointing it out; I cannot imagine why not. If you review each aspect of each point, anyone would be able to notice such easily.

In reference to hoping for a publicized interview on a reputable news station for the other books I authored such as "The Curious Children Book Series: Volume One: What is a Family By: Susan MeeLing", "The Curious Children Book Series: Volume Two: What's the Difference? By: Susan MeeLing, (the compilation series put together of The Curious Children Book Series By: Susan MeeLing only available through paperback instead of like the others available through kindle) "Fail-Safe: The Kennedy Curse fused with Science Fiction By: Susan MeeLing", "The Paroxysm of the Lotus Book Series: Volume One: Complicated Simplicity By: Susan MeeLing", "The Paroxysm of the Lotus Book Series: Volume Two: Portraits of Partnerships By: Susan MeeLing", and "The Paroxysm of the Lotus Book Series: Volume Three: Celestial Chastiesement By: Susan MeeLing"; I had not been informed nor told of, any possible interview for such. Though I had been involved with a show originally called "Guardian Assholes" but never received any check for the show royalties as I was told I would if Amazon had picked it up and done more with it; when I met with Joey the producer he had said the money had already been spent and the #Amazon company removed his content from the website because he had not done something correctly.

While I do comprehend now and figured out in November or December of 2018 after the issues from my Medal of Honor Art Project in #Iowa in 2018 especially but also in #Montana during 2016, I have had to write more books after initially contacting various branches of The United States of America's law enforcement and military branches because of what I realized in my book "Finding the Silver Lining By: Susan MeeLing" as well as what occurred on my Medal of Honor Art Project in 2016 in specific; there were legalities which The United States of America's Houses of Congress and Senate might have needed certain aspects of recommendations. I am not attempting to come across as mad at them or anyone realistically, I am infuriated with an array of aspects in an overall sort of way. Again, I never thought I would ever have had to worry about anyone being stupid enough to cause problems for my Medal of Honor Art Project but those 'people' in the red Hyundai as well as others if you wanted to declare war on my Medal of Honor Art Project and thus in turn declare war on The United States of America's Homeland through the attacks to the various branches of The United States of America's Armed Forces various branches and divisions along with each individual state thereof; you got yourself what you wanted.

You 'cherubim ones' want to declare war on my Medal of Honor Art Project, "Let's roll". Since you decided you wanted to step into the metaphorical ring 'cherubim ones'; who do you think is going to bet, which way? I guesstimate the bets were already placed and the bell, has been rung.

You declared war most likely on me and not being smart enough to realize in your attacks to my Medal of Honor Art Project, you declared war upon the varying branches and divisions throughout each state and including to each country and religions/spirituality/non alike in the world because of the way war occurs. If hypothetically writing someone like 'Cactus Jack' AKA Jeffrey Kuykendall Jr ever said "This, is Sparta" when doing certain things in reference to my Medal of Honor Art Project while also similar statements; he had once told me that was his "code for declaring war from something [he] saw" somewhere I cannot remember.

Though as I labeled them as 'cherubim ones' may have thought only affecting the commendations of the Medal of Honor recipients would affect and impact me; I guesstimate you did not think about the people who would be receiving them. I guesstimate you did not think about the various branches of The United States which would know the actualities of the commendations earned and would have known I would have done my best to verify each commendation in each way I could and if you who caused problems for my Medal of Honor Art Project had manipulated the internet searches knowing I would not be able to see that at the time, did you ever think about the #NSA (National Surveillance Agency) as well as the various technology companies being able to track that sort of thing?

In reference to the red #Hyundai in the state of Montana in 2016, did you 'people' think about all of the people in that state you affected or were you just so hell bent on messing with my Medal of Honor Art Project; you could have cared less about all of those people? I suppose that could be considered as a metaphorical questions as well as rhetorical, because if those 'people' had cared about anyone other than themselves; they would not have driven 35 to 40 miles per hour in speed zones of 70 miles per hour up to 85 miles per hour. Obviously the reality of the amount of technology in each cellphone, vehicle, cellphone tower, and etcetera may not have crossed your minds as tiny as they seem to be; in my opinion, though I doubt I would be the only one. I will break this down so maybe it is better understood by those without direct military and/or law enforcement involvement, of the various branches and divisions.

My #MedalofHonorArtProjectByReverendSusanMeeLing has to do with the top military award for The United States of America's Armed Forces which in turn means, each branch whether their particular member's commendation had been messed with or not; would automatically be aggravated for their brothers/sisters of The United States of America's Armed Forces. Since I went to different locations throughout the United States of America as well as researched everything I could online in turn that would mean you 'cherubim ones' would have annoyed each law maker of each of those areas, as well as each of the law enforcement branches and divisions of each of those states. Due to the fact one earns the Medal of Honor award when involved with a war in turn that means other countries' involvement as some wars occurred overseas and thus while automatically because on the homeland of The United States of America the #FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) would be involved with paying attention to that, but because of the overseas involvement that would in turn mean you 'cherubim ones' got the attention of the #CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). Then taking into consideration of the varying 9-1-1 phone calls I made to get the information for fires and collisions I saw needed help, then you 'cherubim ones' would have annoyed all of those local officials, as well as the civilians in the areas of.

Finally as an in brief sort of way of regards to the aspects of my Medal of Honor Art Project, you 'cherubim ones' would have pissed off each spirit of each area of each cemetery as well as the ones I traveled through along the way to get to each Medal of Honor recipients' marker. Thus you 'cherubim ones' angered both the living and the dead, in your (I doubt I am the only one who believes as such) treasonous choices. Thus, my more recent book which I sent to various levels of government for The United States of America "The Modern Day Book By: Reverend Susan MeeLing" had to be written because if The United States of America's House of Congress and House of Senate were so caught up and blwon away by the atrocities of you 'cherubim ones' they were needing as unbiased though through examples given to explain certain aspects; that has been sent. I do have additional copies of which I will be giving to certain local locations in person as there are specific ones, who might know and/or need a bit more to prepare themselves and/or what they knew but needed to speak with in person of such.

Now if because of the problems with technology and the points of which I had sent my books to the various news organizations and etcetera had been a problem because of the hacking/stalking/etcetera issues unknown to me before 2018 in November when informed minutely about; then you 'cherubim ones' also angered the news media as well as the various others types of media organizations on top of all of those others which I already wrote and ones associated with. In addition to such those who SCUBA Dive and/or have to do with varying levels of such but also in reference to airplane and space flight needed to speak with me about not just my Underwater Travel System but the various points in my books "Adventures of Susan MeeLing, SCUBA Diver Extraordinaire Volume One: 1 through 4 By: Reverend Susan MeeLing", "Adventures of Susan MeeLing, SCUBA Diver Extraordinaire: Volume Two: 5 through 9 By: Reverend Susan MeeLing", and "Adventures of Susan MeeLing, SCUBA Diver Extraordinaire Volume Three: 10 through 20 By: Reverend Susan MeeLing"; there are aspects of which could have been assisted in those areas well before the publishing and mailing of my books. While I still have to get the books to a few locations in order to inform #NOAA (National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration) as well as those associated with and of for The United States of America, I personally would blame anyone who prevented the ability for me to get those people the information necessary in regards to when I landed at the bottom of the ocean and surfaced to live; if people who I had #SCUBA Dove with could have been assisted as well as the others throughout who could have been helped with varying levels of.

I do not think it takes a head injury to figure out you 'cherubim ones' pissed off a lot of people, throughout each area and location. I also do not think it takes a head injury to figure out you 'cherubim ones' pissed off people with religious/spiritual beliefs, as well as those who do not and consider themselves as athiests.


Thank you for taking the time to look through this website and please, enjoy your day.

Brightest blessings to all, for the highest good.