Attention to law enforcement and military of the United States of America and the state of Texas

To Law Enforcement and Armed Forces branches and divisions: In reference to this clarification I hope it is known I am willing to assist where I can and though I am guesstimating that is known, I do apologize for not realizing I could have been lied to about the aspects of the people when Matt told me he contacted the Commander of his unit at Lackland Air Force Base. If further information is need, please do contact me and let me know; though I hope you are not mad at me for smoking him per military like Basic Training style but nicer if you take into consideration the way I was smoked during Basic Training just before my Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury.

As there was an individual couple I once knew in #SanAntonio #Texas the female named Ana (succubus on fetlife in 2012) and her boyfriend Matt who was in the #AirForce branch of the #UnitedStatesofAmerica’s #ArmedForces of which I had written about this in my second book “Finding the Silver Lining By: Susan MeeLing” to laugh at the fact I smoked him in ways old school military guys, could appreciate. What occurred was Matt and Ana went from San Antonio to #Dallas Texas to visit the #GalleriaMall and after multiple shopping trips inside of that mall, they continued to put the products into the trunk of their car. When Ana called me to complain about the items being stolen because the car was been broken into, I asked “why did you leave the car in the parking lot or at minimum, why didn’t you move the car? A place like that, there are hundreds of people who pay attention to that sort of stuff when tourists go there.”

Ana AKA Succubus complained about me being mean when she then told me she had lost their #BDSM gear as well, and later in the discussion I learned of the fact Matt had brought one of the Air Force computers off of #LacklandAirForceBase. I had not thought of until a recent pondering of how many times it would take for someone to be okay to do something like that as hypothetically if Matt had been known to have lost a CD, then a chippy thing (I do not know what they care called), then one of those stick techy things, then one of the external hard drives, and whatever else could have been before him taking the laptop computer off of #LacklandAirForceBases’s post; though if such is within his military records, I guesstimate such could be found. I know I yelled at him and chewed him out before he went to the Commander as he told me in San Antonio but when he told me he did not so much as get an Article 15 nor any form of punishment, I did smoke him the following day when Matt and Ana came back over to my apartment.

I was infuriated and demanded Matt inform his Commander of what happened and though he did not want to, I warned him of it being pertinent to do so. I told him by that time I had received many letters from various branches of the United States of America’s Armed Forces about leaked information in reference to my personal information, and I knew I was not the only one. I knew if I had been receiving letters, so too were others and their safety was extremely important to me. When they returned back to my apartment is when Matt told me his Commander did not see a big deal, and he was not punished at Lackland. I could not believe he was not punished at all and thus as I wrote, I smoked him for hours at the Thousand Oaks apartment complex until I was tired of hearing Ana whine and complain about me smoking him. I told her she could tell on me about my choice to smoke Matt as he deserved for losing the computer and I was sure anyone she told if the truth, would agree I had every right to be infuriated.

In such a reference I refer to such being the information and capabilities of such equipment of the Air Force, being a watchful aspect to regards of whatever person had gotten that equipment and thus the aspects of many seeing and recording capabilities. If however Matt and Ana lied and did not tell Matt’s Commander but when I published my books, I do apologize to the government of the United States of America’s Armed Forces as I thought I was being told the truth. I would have contacted #JBSA, #LacklandAirForceBase, and the Senate of the state of Texas had I known he lied to me. I do apologize, for not realizing that could have been a lie to me. The timeframe in specific for the government to find the records would be when I purchased the puppy hood online, about a week or two before then you would be able to find records of Ana and Matt going to the #Dallas #Texas area and hopefully get the video footage from the parking garage for that timeframe.

Though I now comprehend I might not have legally been allowed to smoke him, I did not think about that repercussion honestly as it just seemed though to be the correct thing to do. I was thinking about not just my personal information being leaked out, but all of the different soldiers and veterans who were active overseas and in the United States of America. I suppose some could say it was a feeling similar to what I felt when contacting #USAA in reference to knowing I could not be the only one who would deal with such, and unlike those who were out in the field; I had the ability and the time to go up the Chain of Command there to ensure others were not left in such a circumstance.

I know I spoke with the President of USAA at one point in time as I had multiple phone calls after bring in the San Antonio branch office and I knew there were people who would not have that ability to be in the office for hours, but especially not available to be on the phone for hours; trying to fix their bank issues because of whatever their jobs entailed. I obviously did not know about my identity theft at that point though I had gotten a #Lifelock account to protect myself, though never received any notifications despite filling out the information as well as at that time not knowing about the online targeting or stalking or hacking. Though because of the stalking and hacking hypothetically occurring before the Lifelock account since the initial accounts I found in reference to my identity theft began the month of my now-dead-ex-husband’s death in January 2008; if that is something which would be up to that company or up to the individuals who stole my identity or both?

At the time of the first account being opened according to the credit report had been during the time with #CactusJack AKA Jeffrey Kuykendall Jr and the individuals I knew at #NineLivesBooks as Michael had said he needed my military identification card for the volunteer records, but before then Mary Evongelina (Nichols) Osteen and her daughters Sondra Marie Osteen and Ariel Marie Osteen had been in my Ford Windstar van on Lackland Air Force Base in 2001 during David’s graduation ceremony when the original military identification card went missing. However Susie AKA Susan Marie (Nichols)-Lopez had already been stealing her children’s identity to be able to get electric and power supplies and had declared bankruptcy a few years before her brother’s death; which was at that time obviously one year before I went SCUBA Diving in Florida after visiting Georgia to see Mary Evangelina (Nichols) Osteen.

I am unaware if Mary Evongelina (Nichols) Osteen had stolen her daughter’s identity as her sister Susie had, but I know Mary had joked about Sondra her eldest daughter having another biological father other than David as Mary joked about cheating on David at the house in #FortWorth Texas on Dorsey in front of Grandma Nichols’ friends as well as the various neighbors. I asked “why would [she] think that was funny as well as if [she] had told David”, and Mary said ‘That’s a need to know, and he doesn’t need to know’ as the children played around in the front yard together. I asked “Who is Sondra’s dad?” and Mary said ‘he’s in prison on death-row for a murder’ as Marissa ran over to us, Susie Marie (Nichols)-Lopez shoed her away after she heard the entire conversation. However as children are, I think Marissa had not been the only one who heard Mary Evongelina (Nichols) Osteen joke about David not being Sondra’s biological father. I do remember when my biological sister Patricia Ann (Hom) Miller had been at Susie’s house in #WhiteSettlement after the threesome she had in our biological parent’s bed in San Antonio, Patricia found what Susie told her about Mary’s eldest daughter Sondra to be a hilarious story.

When I said “I don’t think David or any other male in that situation would find that to be funny or hilarious, and I think you should not be so quick to do stuff like that to them” the two of them looked at me, though I cursed up a storm. I told them “You know, there are ways for males to find out whether or not they are the biological father to a child. You should be careful about joking about that, because that can cause a lot of problems for you if you are unfaithful to your male.”

Patricia and Susie asked me ‘What does it matter, to you?’

I said “I don’t think it is right or fair for a male to have to pay to raise another male’s child, if he is not knowing of it beforehand. If you two agree with what Mary think is funny…” Susie cut me off ‘Mary told David, that Sondra is not his. Don’t worry about that.’ I said “If David knows, that is his thing. If he doesn’t, Mary and females like you two are going to be in for a world of hurt if you don’t start cleaning up yourself.”

Though Ana looked kind of like Sondra in certain ways and Matt looked like Cactus Jack AKA Jeffrey Kuykendall Jr in certain ways, there is nothing I could actually prove of their personal relations. However if there is a connection through the technology methods of research from groups similar to the #NSA to find such, I suppose one could say the joke is on them as I was right; despite how many times those people including my biological mother Anna Louise (Lally) Hom attempted to claim of how stupid I am just because of being able to be born, and not forgetting after the Psalm Sunday 2000 head injury.

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