Airplanes, ships, and runways for flight

Updated: 3 days ago

A quick additional statement:

For a 747 commercial use airplane which is obviously not a military grade airplane which would need more ground for clearance to take off in reference to the SCUBA Dive involving the USS/USNS Vandenberg is 7,5000 feet and yet the information of the length of the Nimitz Class Naval vessel states 1,092 feet: can anyone explain the aspects for multiple airplanes such as the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels need for a safe takeoff and landing, in reference to the Vandenberg and the required minimum depth for the sinking of that size of a Naval Vessel?

According to and that would mean at minimum the USS/USNS Vandenberg would have been twice or three times as long for the runway space needed for older airplanes would would need more room than more modern airplanes.

Thus the length of the ships stated in my prior journal blog entry and the reference points I made about lying being unhelpful, would be proven in such.

Hypothetically my statements of which such should not be hidden nor fluffified anymore, should be fact and others should know without any further hesitation about what has been done and accomplished by me and myself alone. Realistically the amount of unnecessary stress to some might be alleviated, much quicker if such were to be; at minimum, I think so.

A small wondering Faery-sized thought, of mine.



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