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This is in reference to something I had written in one of my books and in case there is a need for clarification in reference to such, shortly before winding up in #Washington state. If those from law enforcement need this clarification and/or to ask me questions in reference to, I am quite unable to cammo in the state of #Texas; but also have stopped by the local offices for law enforcement to give them the report type books apparently; as I realize the first two I wrote as well as The Modern Day Book seem to look similar to reports. Realistically I know I should not know how to create a report in such a way especially if they look extremely similar to actual law enforcement and/or military reports; but I had wanted the information to be easily readable and understandable, as best as I possibly could make such.

Back in 2009 through to 2012 a group of females I known in a group called #ClubFEM who had said they were joking when they told me about what they did to several of their clients, though did not like it when I had said “There is always truth, in every joke”.

I had known a particular group of females in the #DFW area who were professionals who joked about kidnapping some of their clients for them in the professional area of the Lifestyle who were associated with two ex-boyfriends of mine #PaddyKennedy and #BabyPhilly, of which those two males’ former employers I had contacted in regards of other aspects. However if such information from those particular businesses which I had stopped by one location in the #Dallas area for the reference of #PK and had sent the letter/email in reference to but also having reference to #BP in reference to the other banking institution I contacted which also was the same institution of which Dawn had worked at and I had met Ayaz from her work association connection; the information of which is already in the necessary hands for their particular law enforcement and employers, and if there is further clarifications needed for such beyond what I had written to the companies again, I am not capable of cammoing in the state of Texas.

However such points I felt, might be necessary for the clarification. I had told that particular group of females they needed to be careful and not do such because I felt there were laws against such, but the Maitresse had said she made the males sign non-disclosure agreements which kept her safe as she claimed. I told her “Just because you make them sign a non-disclosure agreement does not mean that keeps you safe from the legal ramifications of breaking the law. NDAs are not meant for an open-ended agreement; NDAs are only for a specific one time aspect. If you had them sign an open-ended #NDA agreement, they will have the right to go after you legally because that sort of extortion is not acceptable in the eyes of the law.”

She laughed at me telling me I knew nothing, and some of the other females within the group were Paralegals but when I asked “Is there a difference between a #Paralegal and a #Lawyer?”

That particular female got huffy puffy upset and again tried to tell me of the little I knew though when I informed her “I guesstimate a Paralegal does not make the same amount as a layer and I guesstimate a lawyer who earned their degree hires a Paralegal, not the other way around. Or am I inaccurate, and that no longer occurs? I know there are lawyers who hire other lawyers, but I am unaware of Paralegals hiring lawyers; unless it is for their criminal defense.” (though I am sure there are other reasons as to why a lawyer would hire another lawyer)

If this particular journal blog entry was needed for such as I have written above, this is the brief of such; however if this is needed for those particular clients to understand they did not need to go through such and they do have the legal right to go after that particular group of females for such behavior, I hope those particular clients are able to and are not penalized for the justice they deserve. If the aspects of further testimony for such is needed from me in a court of law, again and not to come across as rude or improper; however the law enforcement I guesstimate, knows exactly where I am at all times at this point, especially after what occurred in reference to how I wound up in Washington state. Though the odd coinky dink in reference of the fact the male named Kevin from #CowboysDanceHall for the #StoneyLaRue concert in March 2013 had said he was a ‘white cajun from #Louisiana’ and that particular Maitresse’s fiancé was from Louisiana, is a bit of an oddity; now that I think about such, at this point.

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