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Just a personal thought in reference to what occurred to my daughter and my son because of the individuals at McCoy Elementary School of Carrollton Farmers Branch Independent School District because of how my daughter was singled out and bullied and thus in tern, my son was impacted, and as their mom I was dealing with everything I could. Back in 2010 after what occurred because of the Fort Worth Zoo in a metaphorical way, maybe hypothetically my first two books gave those females a wake up call; along with the other books thereafter including the book defining terrorism. Boom.

Nona Matthews the lawyer at the time for Carrollton Farmers Branch Independent School District who refused to shake my hand because she thought my tattoos in my skin, would rub and get into her skin. I did not think it took a head injury to figure out the tattoos I had in my skin, were not like temporary tattoos and thus; were not going to rub into her skin. Though I guesstimate there was an understanding of such later one, I also guesstimate the aspects of which in reference to tattoos was learned in a broader way; as well as the reality of what the school employees of Angela Reiter who was the guidance counselor at the time for McCoy Elementary School in 2008 through to 2010 who denied my daughter the Special Needs Education though signed paperwork for my daughter to go through District Therapy; I guesstimate this lawyer as well as the lawfirm associated truly wished the job they should have done had been done correctly. I met with this female in various times and places for meetings in reference to getting the legalities taken care of for my daughter, though I had never settled for any of the non-offers made to me from 2010 through 2012.

From 2008 through 2010 this female the Principal of McCoy Elementary School Dawn Rink had denied the need for my daughter to get help and when I brought up to her the bullying which my daughter was going through, this female said 'Kids will be kids'; though I guesstimate she has since learned it is not just the kids who do so, and saw what the parents had done to cause problems for my daughter and my son. However because as I guesstimate such behaviors she had allowed; there have been certain problems she has been unable to deny any further This female is the female who put her hand on my shoulder at a school play in the cafeteria of which I had later spoken with a member of the CFBISD board staff and told them but specifically him, "I have much more self-control than you realize, as I could have thrown her over my shoulder and across the room." As I have moved vehicles when dancing with my hips as well as have carried quite a few heavy objects up and down the stairs, I guesstimate there is litte doubt of such truths I spoke before. This female was sitting two rows behind me at the May 2010 CFBISD board meeting where the staff chose to say the Our Father's Prayer, instead of the Pledge of Allegiance.

This is Tamara Hatcher the teacher of my daughter in 2009 through 2010 which did not stand up to Angela Reiter when another year I had requested Special Needs Education assistance for my daughter, as well as had been the teacher who had my daughter put into District Therapy; but also denied the need for me to attend the Fort Worth Field Trip which her chosen ones lost my daughter because of their inability to keep track of the children assigned to them.

The female who was the female named Rebecca Shrader who met me at the Seattle Comedy Club on the death week of Robbin Williams, who later wanted to meet and talk with me at Aliki Beach Coffee place. Rebecca Shrader was one of the females in charge of my daughter at the Fort Worth Zoo when my daughter was lost there. I guesstimate the video security cameras both at the location of the comedy club as well as at the beach coffee place, would be able to find images of her sitting with me; as she lied through her teeth to my face as the only truth which came from had been her name. Though I did give her the first two books I wrote and had published through Amazon, which if she among others signed a non-disclosure agreement with CFBISD; I am letting you know that I did hand the books I mailed to the school district to this female and she knowingly chose to accept the books of whatever agreement you signed with her and the others. Thus, there is your legal basis to go after themfor breaking their non-disclosure agreement because she did respond with her thought and opinions of such at the coffee house; if that matters, as well as my Medal of Honor Art Project.

Kim/Sarah Brown(e) who was one of the other volunteers during the field trip to the Fort Worth Zoo which she lost my daughter, and had complained in writing about the lunch I packed; instead of the fact that she and the other two females lost my daughter at the Fort Worth Zoo.

Marcie Creamans (?spelling?) with one of her children, which this particular female complained the most about the fact I packed lunch for my daughter and claimed the timing which she had lied about the time of; as I had verified later with employees of the Fort Worth Zoo, as well as it does not take a head injury to figure out from the bus station area of the parking lot to the bird area as well as to the security station is more than a ten minute walk; as Marcie claimed was only ten minutes my daughter was out of her and the other two females sight at the Fort Worth Zoo in April 2010. My daughter was born in September 2002 and those females lost my daughter at the Fort Worth Zoo in April 2010, does it take a head injury to figure out a child of that age should not be left alone to wander around the Fort Worth Zoo by herself after those three parents had bullied her while encouraging the other children to bully my daughter? I guesstimate there are security cameras at the zoo, which would have captured what those females allowed?

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