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To the various individuals in #mysa of #SanAntonio #Texas who are able to go to #TheGiftChapel at #FortSamHouston of #JBSA in a peaceful and balanced manner:

Just so you know there are several copies of my first two books available for you to read through the pages of "Finding A Silver Lining By: (Reverend) Susan MeeLing" and "Finding The Silver Lining By: (Reverend) Susan MeeLing" available in the library area, for you to look through. Though quite a bit of information in both combined, there might be ways for you to feel a bit better while looking through the pages to find something which can give you a different perspective to assist your time in the military for the #UnitedStatesofAmerica's #ArmedForces for whichever branch and division you are a part of; while also giving you points to look out for to prepare for other aspects of the civilian sector too. Though some might upset, there are also aspects which can get you to smile; in my thoughts, at least.

Though I am unaware of what time the chapel is open for you to go to the library but also have a little bit of peace and quite, I know outside of the chapel are the times available for the different services; depending upon which faith you follow or are interested in. The whole building of The Gift Chapel is quite historical and if you go down to the basement, there are several pictures with historical information for you to look through. The first floor has many flags from throughout the United States of America among the religious and spiritual items, but there is also a large organ on the top floor; though when looking up through the center to see the circular shape of the dome; you may see some peaceful imagery from the lighting as well. Though I know #LacklandAirForceBase has the #GatewayChapel, I am unsure if there is a library there as well or if it is a shared library at The Gift Chapel.

I think many would enjoy should you choose to take my advice as I think many should definitely go to look through The Gift Chapel, as the building is quite lovely.

To the Drill Sergeants and Instructors of the training areas, as well as the Command throughout the #JBSA areas:

Is there a way to ensure the various soldiers in the training area who are wanting to go to services; are ensured the vehicle transportation? Last Friday for the Hebrew services there were several soldiers who had to walk back to the barracks and though they were smart enough to take the initiative to see different ways to get back to the barracks and the housing locations; is there a way to ensure their ability to go to services and return back, in a quicker and safer manner? Though I understand when in certain locations such is not always available, but when it is available is there a way to ensure the option for them Is not something they have to worry about? Yes they had their reflective sashes and yes it is wonderful to have seen the numbers of attendees slowly grow, but while I comprehend there will be times when going to services is not always readily available; when the options are readily available, is it a good and better thing to give the soldiers the tools to be able to focus if they choose to want to be a part of the religious and spiritual services of whatever services are available?

I comprehend not all people who are alive are heavily involved with various aspects of and though each has the right to choose which path they follow, since there are the aspects of which the military branches and divisions have as a part of their job descriptions I ask these questions for your consideration.

In reference to those who have either had an extremely religious/spiritual background who were taught ways to calm themselves and then went out to the field to complete their missions compared to those who may have had some or who may have had minimal or those who had no background of such; which ones were able to better cope with the various situations they faced individually and as a collective group, in such? While knowing no one can be forced to believe one way or another, if soldiers who would like the opportunity or were raised with such are able to do and be better when having such available each week for their own wellbeing and knowing not every location or every time wanted the availability to go to a specific religious/spiritual service because of time/missions/etcetera, I think it is a good thing for the availability for the soldiers if they want/need/choose to go to services are given such an option for their won betterment during each week as well as whenever they have whatever assignments for whatever their particular jobs are.

Also with the history of the military within that particular building in comparison to the other areas of, would that be a good idea for the soldiers to be able to learn more about the bases? Maybe a field trip to the Quadrangle as well, might teach them a few different things; and then learning from the historical points would give them inspiration to do better when in different situations for the betterment of their service in the United States of America's Armed Forces, while also giving you in your Drill Sergeant/Teaching/Command a bit of a break as well from the different aspects of your own jobs? Maybe a change of scenery while still within the location of the base, will assist in certain references? Though I am sure some of the higher ranking individuals may have already been out to such, maybe those who are working their way up in ranks and/or those who have different deployments in their futures could be inspired by certain aspects; which would give them ideas when specific situations occur, to keep those who they are with safer?

Just a few suggestions which might assist the current and future soldiers to do and be better, from learning through the history of the past generations of; in the most respectful ways as possible, of course.

Brightest of Blessings.

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Brightest blessings to all, for the highest good.