A few quick notations about my idea for The Underwater Travel System

Since the amount of study time as well as what would be considered as laboratory time for the individual SCUBA Dives for my education, one could joke how I have earned at minimum a PhD as the inclusion of a PhD is producing a few journals for professionals to be able to review and assess the validity of each finding. One could also joke because of each book series I wrote, each could almost be considered at the similar levels of; depending which works of mine one is reviewing. Since I have written the "Finding" series "The Curious Children's Series", the book "Fail-Safe the Kennedy curse fused with Science Fiction", the "Paroxysm of the Lotus" series, "The Modern Day Book" to go along with the Finding series", and the "SCUBA Diving Adventure" series; does that in total equal around as I type jokingly, I have the equivalent of 5 PhDs?

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